Pavitra Rishta, (ehmmbh) episode 1


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The episode starts with jeevika and manvi going to college. This is their final year. Viren and virat goes to the same college as Manvi and Jeevika. It’s also their final year in college.

Jeevika is going to her class when she collides with Viren. It was their first time seeing each other. Everything just stopped. Jeevika’s heart was beating fast while Viren was mesmerized by her beauty. Yet they didn’t utter a word. They go their respective class smiling.

On the other hand Virat is flirting with girls, just then Manvi comes and hits him on his head gently. Manvi: what are you doing with this girls? Virat: manvi…i…actually…uhhh. Manvi: I’m your girlfriend and you are flirting with other girls in front of me!!!!

vadera’s house.
Ankita: ma… I’m going for job interview. Give me best wishes
Durga devi: beta. Best of luck…
Shiv: my princess, make me proud like always

Ankita leaves for her interview. After 1 hour she gets there, but she was late. She had to wait for 5 hours. Finally her name got called. The boss didn’t hire her.
Ankita to herself: again! They didn’t hire me. Don’t know what I’ll tell my parents. She suddenly sees on the news paper, that there is a big concert at 6pm.
With big words it was written “MANAV VADERA”

Guys how was the episode? I have already thought how the story will go, but I didn’t knew how to start. It’s little boring now, but trust me i will try my best. There is lots of twist and turns ahead. I hope you guys liked my fan fiction and please! Do leave a comment. And one more, I know that I still haven’t introduced Manav, but I promise that I will in tomorrow’s episode.

PRECAP: ankita&manav encounter
Manvi and virats fight
Jeevika realizes her love for Viren

Credit to: Yamuna

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  1. Sorry for the mistake guys. Its Sharma’s house not Vadera’s where Ankita says give me best wishes.

  2. Medhavi thakkar

    Hey dear the storyline is insteresting…though u haven’t followed properly any of these couples on screen but I still knew them and admired them…and through your story I will be able to experience their jodis…great going…

  3. Medhavi thakkar

    Though I* haven’t followed them

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