Pavitra Rishta 9th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Pavitra Rishta 9th October 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 9th October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Archana and Manav coming to DK house. Arjun greets them and asks them to come in. Archana tells DK that they have to think about Pari, by keeping the difference seperately. DK asks what about Pari? Archana tells him that tomorrow is Pari’s birthday. DK asks Purvi and Arjun and feels happy that Pari will be 1 year old now. Manav says being her grand parents, we have to think about her. Our professional differences shouldn’t effect her. And says he held a hawan and after that a small party. DK asks when is the puja? Manav says at 9 pm, DK replies, we all will come.

At the puja, DK asks Teju about Ovi. Teju says she is fine. Someone calls DK and says he have to see some urgent notice. DK asks him to come to Manav’s home. Teju tells Archana that she will

do the work and asks Panditji, what he wants? Archana welcomes Sulochana and says she is seeing Manav and DK together after so many days. Sulochana gives the credit to Bappa. People starts gossipying about Manav and DK fight and says how he is here now.

Arjun tells Panditji that he wants the puja rituals to be completed by Pari’s grandparents. Panditji says ok call them. Arjun calls Archana, Manav and DK to sit for Puja. Pandit ji recites some mantras and blesses her. He then gives the prasad. DK gets a call from Mr. Sahu, he comes out and meets him. He asks about the notice, Sahu shows him something. DK asks whether this notice is sent by Manav.

Manav tells the family members that he had sent the notice to DK sir. Archana says you said that you are ready to restart the relation with DK. Manav says he said about family relations and not professional relations. He says he shake his hand being his samdhi. He says it doesn’t mean I want to be his partner. I am firm on my decision. Arjun asks him to rethink on his decision. Manav says his decision is final. He has broken the professional relation with him in the party itself. Manav says business is puja for him and he does business by heart. So now he won’t work with DK sir, who works with mind. Arjun says, we shall talk about it. Archana asks him to go as there is no use of talking to him. Manav asks the lawyer to get the signatures of DK sir on the papers. Purvi is about to say, but Manav asks her not to make him understand anything rather make DK sir sign the papers.

Ovi looks at her baby who is in glass incubator. Shikha comes and asks her not to get worried about her baba as the doctors here are very experienced. Ovi says she is not tensed about it.

Ovi says she is tensed about where to hide her baby after her parents arrive in Canada. She says she was waiting to take the baby home and now this problem arised. Shikha suggests her to tell everything to her parents. Ovi says it isn’t that easy and says she will take care of her daughter alone but say anything to anyone. She looks at the baby with hopeful eyes.

Manav calls Kulkarni and says he wants to discuss about his current company position and wants to discuss about its strategies. Kulkarni says he will help him. Manav thanks him and asks him about his projects and its details. He shows him the project details. Manav is shocked to see the project update and says they have to speed up the projects. Manav asks him to operate from the old office. He then asks Kulkarni, why he marked the project with red color. Kulkarni says these projects were started by purvi and I didn’t know whether she will continue it or not. Manav says she will continue it. He asks him to come for the meeting with Purvi as well. Manav thanks him and Kulkarni leaves. Archana hears everything from the kitchen window.

Gauri come to Purvi’s house. Purvi says she can’t tell to anyone about her problems with Arjun. Gauri says she knows and asks her to share her problems. She says baba has started working from home. Purvi asks what does she means? Gauri says baba called his manager home and tells everything. Purvi feels bad that aayi and baba didn’t tell her anything. Gauri says they don’t want you to have any problems. She asks her to take care of her unborn kid. She says she is there for them.

Arjun is talking with someone and says it is true that the partnership between Manav deshmukh and them are broken. He says we have sign the tender of Shirish. He says we can’t make everyone understand, our share holders panicked and we have to sacrifice our shares. Arjun says he is leaving for Canada now and will sort out everything. He asks Gopi kaka to get his back. He asks Purvi, where she is going? Purvi says she is going for the meeting. Arjun says he will call Mr. Mehra and inform him that she can’t come. Purvi says it will be a problem for Baba to handle the project alone. Arjun says so you want to do the project for Baba. He asks her to stay away from the project. Purvi says she can’t left the project now. Arjun says you can’t disrespect my father. Purvi says she isn’t respecting his Dad.

Arjun makes it clear that she is Purvi’s kirloskar and not Purvi Deshmukh and his family should be her priority. Purvi says she is doing it and says you are baba’s son in law and asks him, why he is taking her family for granted. She says very soon Sachin dada marriage is there. Arjun says he will try to come, and if he don’t go then they will lose crores of rupees. Purvi says your priorities has changed and not mine. She says monetary loss will be covered soon and says she have to think about her family as family matters to her a lot. Arjun says fine, I will not asks you to do anything and will do what I want. Purvi cries after Arjun leaves.

Manav asks Archana to inform Purvi that he will pick her from her house for the meeting. Archana asks him to rethink about his decision as Purvi is now Purvi Kirloskar.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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