Pavitra Rishta 9th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Pavitra Rishta 9th May 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 9th May 2013 Written Update

Ovi complains Manav about Arjun, Purvi, and Pari being together. She says, I was between them since these many years.. he’s very happy with her. Manav tries to explain to her, but she says, don’t need to explain me anything. I have decided to give him divorce. I don’t know what will happen to me, but at least he will stay happy. Manav says, there is no need to rush.. we will try to solve this issue first.. we will see what’s truth first. If he’s betraying you, then I will support you in giving him divorce. Please don’t take any decision in hurry, and promise me.. until this issue doesn’t solve, you won’t take any wrong step. Ovi promises and disconnects.

Everyone asks Manav what she said. Manav tells everyone how Ovi saw Purvi and Pari in his room while chatting with him.

Savita gets furious and says, I will teach Purvi a good lesson. Manav says, there is no point talking to Purvi.. I will go and talk with Arjun.

Manav enters Arjun’s office in anger. Arjun asks him to sit down. Manav says, i didn’t come to sit here.. I want to talk to you. I warned before you too, why are you playing with Ovi’s emotions again and again? Arjun says, what did I do? Manav says, you’re asking me? Why are you hurting her again and again? Arjun says, can you tell me what happened? Manav asks him if Purvi was at his home yesterday. Arjun says, she was, but what that has to do with all this? Manav says, I told you so many times.. but you still meet her. It’s just waste of time to tell you all this.. you do whatever you want.. not in public, so in private. Ovi told me otherwise I wouldn’t even find out. read full updates daily with pictures only at Arjun realizes why she went offline all of a sudden. Manav says, you don’t respect this relationship and just don’t want to save this relationship. Arjun says, Purvi was at my home, but dad dropped her there. He tells him how Dk picked her up from the bus stop and driver then dropped her to her house. He says, if u don’t trust me, then I don’t have anything else to prove myself. Manav says, but you still made mistake.. if she chatted with you, then she wants to save this relationship. Arjun says, I found out now so I will explain her again.. I want this rishta to work. Manav says, but now I can’t do anything. Arjun says, I will do everything. manav says, give her some time first.

Gauri is cooking. Her brother comes and asks her to teach her how to solve a math problem. Gauri says to him practice every day and then you will get it. Her brother asks if there is no easy way to become doctor or engineer. She says, give less time to TV and study more, then it will be easy. Gauri then asks her mother why she washed her clothes. Her mother says, you work till late and leave early.. where you will get time. She shows her dress which had tea stain.. Gauri says, don’t remind me of that and tells her parents about a goon dropping tea on dress. Her parents so you argued with him? She says, If something is wrong, then I cant stop myself from fighting against it. She leaves in rush.

Manav is leaving a project. Dk asks him, are you sure? You worked on it for so long.. you’re mixing your personal and business life. Dk says, fine.. then I have a new deal.. I will remove Arjun from this project. Manav asks how can you do this? He worked so hard. Dk says, you know everyone associated to this project and I am taking this decision for project’s success. And we will talk with Arjun about it. He calls secretary to send Arjun in. Secretary says he left for Canada last night. Dk tells Manav. Manav asks how he can take such decision without telling you. Dk says, I don’t know what’s going on with him. Manav says, i am sure he went to meet Ovi. I told him no, but still. Whenever Ovi asks for some time, it’s important to give her some time. I am afraid now that him going there may take Ovi away from us for forever.

Gauri is talking on the phone. Purvi comes and smiles at her. Gauri asks her if she knows her? Purvi tells her they were in same college. Both are happy to see each other. Purvi asks so you became doctor huh. Gauri says you also got married. how’s everything. Purvi says, I have a daughter too. they then gossip about their families. In that Archu’s topic comes out. Gauri says, I am handling her case only.. she is my patient. Purvi says, that’s great and I feel something good is going to happen. Gauri says, good is happening already. And how come you don’t know anything about your mother? Purvi asks if everything is okay. Gauri tells her, your mother’s body reacted and gave good signs yesterday. I called her family and told everyone, but you weren’t there. Purvi says, I went out because of some work. Gauri leaves for the hospital.

Some girls to come to Ovi and say, it’s pleasure to see you as showstopper. Arjun comes there and says, I loved the show. Ovi gets surprised. Arjun says, I know you weren’t expecting me here, but I thought to give you surprise. Ovi takes him on a side and asks why you came here after me saying no. Arjun says, relax.. can we sit down and talk? Ovi says, no one knows here that I am married. Arjun says, you didn’t tell anyone that you’re not married? How could you do this? Ovi leaves from there telling him to go home and wait for her.

Onir drops Purvi and Pari at hospital. Purvi asks him, aren’t you coming? Onir says, I have some work.. it’s new job so I have to go there. If I get free in the evening, then we will go together. After Purvi leaves, he gets off the rickshaw and calls someone. He says, i am outside hospital.. and don’t worry about Purvi. I just dropped her and she won’t come out that fast.

Episode ends.

Precap: Argument between Onir and Purvi. Onir asks Purvi, what has happened to you? whenever I get any call, you start doubting on me. Purvi says, I am only asking why she disconnects every time I receive the call? I am your wife.. I have rights to you ask you this. Onir says, with the confidence that you’re asking this.. show some faith too with same confidence.

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