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Pavitra Rishta 9th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ankita going somewhere. Naren comes and sits beside her. He asks her, where are you going alone. You promised to be with me for seven births. Ankita asks, you are here? Naren goes. It was just her imagination. One old man asks her whether he is not in this world. Ankita says, he is alive and happy, but not with me. She gets tears in her eyes. Pari and Naren take Manav and Archana’s blessings.

Archana gets emotional and hugs Pari. Mansi tells Shashank that Ankita is not looking around. Shashank says, I will go and see. Mansi feels pain in her stomach. Shashank says, we will go home. Then I will go and search for Ankita. Manav asks Pari to remember his and Archana’s teachings and values. Pari throws the rice as a part of rituals before leaving. Babul Chali

Chod Babul Ka Desh plays…………………….Ovi gets emotional and tells Pari that she feels as if she is with her since childhood. She says, I will miss you. She says, I know you are missing Purvi and gives her blessings. Teju too tells some emotional dialogues and says she is happy for her. You deserve this happiness. She hugs Pari.

Then comes Pushti, who says she will miss her. Pari says, give me a call. I will come home. Pari then takes Savita and Sulochana’s blessings. Manav folds his hands. Naren says, I should fold my hands and say thank you for giving my Pari to me. Thanks for giving me my life and promises to keep her happy. Pari and Naren leaves with their family. Archana looks sad.

Savita asks Archana, why you are sad. Sulochana says, whatever happened today was seen by all. I can say that Ankita is not at fault. Savita says, Ankita is your reflection. Archana continues to cry. Sulochana says, I know you have sacrificed one relation today.

Kinnari welcomes Pari and congrats her for getting married to Naren and also for closing Manhoos/ inauspicious Ankita chapter. Rushaali asks Pari to forget everything and start new life happily. Pari smiles. Rushaali says, we welcome you. Pari kicks the kalash and steps inside. Naren welcomes Pari into his life. He asks her to close her eyes and takes her in his arms. Everyone smiles.

Ankita thinks of Soham’s words and gets sad. Bus driver asks everyone to come as bus is leaving. Ankita again imagines Naren. He takes her till the bus. She gets disappointed again to see him gone. She cries.

Manav asks Archana, why she is sad? He says, Pari got married. You should be married. Are you thinking about Ankita and worried about her. He asks her not to worry and says shares your thoughts with me. Archana is still upset. Manav asks her not to get upset. He says, Ankita doesn’t love Naren and was carrying someone else child. Archana says, we did a mistake. We have done injustice with her. Manav asks, why you are saying this. Archana says, we were wrong. Ankita loves Naren and loved him much. She didn’t marry him for money. I saw the cheque torn by her. Ankita said me that she loves Naren.

Manav asks, then why she didn’t tell us. He says, I understand that she is like you. She sacrificed her happiness for others. Archana cries and says I did a mistake. I knew something was wrong. I couldn’t do anything for her. Prashant overhears them and asks where Ankita went. Manav says, she went to be alone for sometime. Sachin comes and shouts for Ankita and Manav. He says, Soham is doing drama infront of our house being drunk. Neighbours badmouths about Soham and Ankita. Soham is hurt to hear that.

Archana goes to them and says my grand daughter didn’t do anything wrong. She is carrying Naren’s child and not anybody’s else. Soham gets up hearing that and asks her why you got Pari and Naren married then. He asks, where is my daughter. Everyone get shocked. Archana says, I tried to stop her, but she didn’t stop. She didn’t want to live with Naren forcibly. Soham goes. Prashant follows him. Archana gets unconscious. Manav takes her inside.

Kinnari comes to Pari and Naren’s room and says I know you are waiting for Naren. She asks her to give milk to Naren. She thinks something and says I will get blanket for you. She takes out Ankita and Naren’s photo and blames servants for not cleaning the room properly. Pari gets upset.

Kinnari smirks. Pari picks Naren and Ankita’s pic and gets even more upset.

Soham birngs police to Karmarkar’s house. Inspector asks Naren to come to the police station for enquiry.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I think Soham did the right thing…

  2. The name of this serial should be the opposite of pavitra rishta, same story repeats itself. B creative plz.

    1. tamasha rishta !

  3. Rubbish drama

  4. i am getting really tired of this series on a continuous loop over and over again its time to end it or come up with a new story line

  5. I cannot get it. It is very convenient for Naren to forget all what happened with Ankita. Has he a brain problem. I understand the first time but why did he loose his memory and feelings at the second time. Sorry if I messed it as I have not watched for a while.

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