Pavitra Rishta 9th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Pavitra Rishta 9th January 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 9th January 2013 Written Update

Part one:
Episode begins with in at Mr malik house malik is welcoming punni… he says yes.. I know u will come here. he says u didn’t like necklace.. he says may u wear this necklace with my hands.. punni says no.. I don’t want to u send this gifts to me.. she says after few days my engagement will happen.. she says my fiance will take my responsibility. She says now u don’t try to meet me.. she leaves..
At jail balan is screaming at soham for that soham does not want to meet him. Soham says to jailer that I don’t want to meet balan. He says I f he come to meet me he says u don’t inform me. Balan asks why aren’t want to meet me?? Soham says u don’t care about me.. he sees archu… he says that lady was coming to meet me from 6 months she always brought tiffin box for me. He says why were you not come to meet me?? Balan says to soham that u don’t says u are not my son. He says u don’t compare with me to archu. He says archu stayed in Mumbai but I stayed outside of Mumbai so I couldn’t came to meet u.. then he starts scolding archu.. some constable came & take balan with them & they are leaves..
Archu says to soham that I feels good to see you.. she says I didn’t bring launch for you but now I brought Prasad for u. she says I was not here.. so I couldn’t came to met u. jailer says to archu that u few minutes are left u can meet him. Archu says no.. I met him.. she leaves & her eyes filled with some tears & she looking at soham.. then she leaves.

Part 2:
At jail archu is standing.. jailer says soham has eaten Prasad. He says to archu that now change soham. He didn’t want to meet you but you always tired now u get result na.. he says soham not want to talked me & now he understood. Now he does not want to meet balan. He says u are hardwork works.. archu says yes.. i wish he talked with me soon.

At karanjkar house punni’s in laws came & talking with manju.. manju says I told u na punni’s aai has gone threet yatra. She says we will may be post pond engagement date. Punni’s MIL agrees & says I have no problem.. manju praises about pradeep. Manju says thanks to pradeep for expensive gifts i.e necklace.. punni looks worried & pradeep & his mother looks confused..
At d’house manav asks to archu why she was not inform him that she came here.. manav says u left aai in this condition.. she is fine na.. archu informs that when aai know about ovi.. she told me to go mumbai. Archu says I went to meet soham in jail. Archu says to manav that our soham has now changed.. she says that he will change. Manav says I don’t trust you but I don’t want to soham give betrayed to you.. archu says that ok.. she tells that now our soham is changing slowly.. she tells that now our soham want to be good person.. manav says I don’t want to break u r trust. Archu says I have faith soham will change one day.
Atkaranjkar house pradeep aai asks pradeep u aren’t inform me about necklace.pradeep says I also don’t know. Punni interrupts & says that my office boss give me to see my work.. manju says yes.. I also forgot.. then manju says to pradeep’s aai that u sent one saree na that was so beautiful.. pradeep’s aai tells they have no capacity to purchase expensive necklace.
At d’house manav tells to archu about ovi-purvi. he says when u leave from here purvi got one wine bottle in ovi’s suitcase. Archu gets angry to hear this. Archu says ovi had promised me that she will never used wine but now it’s toally out of control. She want to meet ovi but manav stops her & says now situation is well. He tells he had talked with ovi.. now ovi understood.

Part three:
At d’house manav says to u think about u r two daughters.. he says what about teju..?? archu says oh. I also forgot.. manav says I met to sunny. He is good boy.. archu says ok.. but our teju is different from 10 core ppl.. after all she is my daughter na.. manav informs that sunny is Khandesi’s son.. archu says what about aai..?? manav tells first we should meet to sunny’s family. Archu says ok.. manav says then it will be easy for to convince aai.
Inside the deshmukh house savita & damodar are sitting in hall. Savita says I liked sunny & he is perfect for teju. Savita tells I will go at sunny’s house to meet sunny’s family. Damodar says ok.. but u have problem with gujarati family na.. savita says no but I have problem with seta-geeta.. savita informs to damodar that she has now decided that she will go at sunny’s house. Damodar says after a long time u will do one good thing… he says I m with you now.
outside of D’house manav says i know sunny will always keep happy teju. but we want to handle this matter carefully..

Episode ends.

Precap: onir asks to ovi that in between anything happen in between u & purvi.. Means u stayed together na.. ovi looks confused. Ovi says means purvi not told you… arjun is also present there..

Update Credit to: NArESh

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