Pavitra Rishta 8th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 8th February 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 8th February 2013 Written Update

Part 1:

Episode begins with in deshmukh house onir sees arjun & asks you are here?? arjun says yes.. ovi’s check up na. onir says yes.. now 7th month started. onir & arjun leaves togehter. In car arjun & onir both are talking about godbhari. onir says do you know ovi & purvi both are excited for godhbhari… arjun says ok.. then he asks any tension bcoz he saw purvi in party so tensed.. means he thought some problems are there so just i asked you & she has sold her necklace. onir tells nothing.. he needed money so she had sold her necklace. arjun says ok.. no i thought she had any problem but now i m fine.

In deshmukh house archu is talking on phone with sulochana. manav comes. archu cut the call. archu tells manav that aai wants to do godhbhari

ceremony in karanjkar house. manav agree & then he says onir has come in purv’s life & he changed ovi life totally… he says onir is very good.. archu says yes manav ovi pregnancy stage is 7th month & purvi’s prgnancy started 7th month.. i m so happy for both manav.

In karanjkar house purvi asks onir about ovi’s check up… he says yes he did ovi’s check up. onir gives money to purvi he says you sold your necklace na i was taken that money & now i m returning to you. purvi. onir explains to purvi. then purvi phone rings & purvi pick up the call. it’s blackmailer’s phone. blackmailer says you forgot me purvi. you haven’t given money to me in party & 2day you didn’t pick up my call. purvi informs him that she has managed to collect money. blackmailer tells purvi that he will come in her godh bhari ceremony & she will give money & if she does not give money to him he will tell truth to her whole family. he tells i want to u give money alone. when he get money he will leave from her life. purvi says ok.. blackmailer cuts the call. purvi says it’s blackmailer’s call. she informs him that blackmailer 2mrrow come in godh bhari ceremony. she want to close this chapter & he promise her when he get money he will stay away from her life. onir says ok. purvi says i don’t know who he is.. he knows everything about me.

Part 2:

In khandesi house snehalat is taking with her sister. teju comes & asks to snehalat for permission. she want to go in purvi & ovi’s godh bhari. snehalata says but i was thinking you will go in shop.. teju says me.. she says i won’t be able to run shop. snehalata tells you will ready na. teju says ok.. i will also challenged you. she says do you know how to start taxi. she tells will you able to run taxi. snehalata tells me.. no ways. teju says i was taxi driver.. i love taxi . snehalata tells no i challenged you na so you complete first. teju says you run the shop but i can’t able to run shop. snehalata sister says yes.. teju is right. jignesh comes & advice to her mother that now i will give 15 days to learn all things to teju. snehalata & her sister agree for jignesh’s idea. snehalata says wow.. jignesh it’s superb idea. i m agree with you. she leaves for shop along with her. teju says thank you jignesh.. jignesh says you have only 15 days for proving your self. so all the best.

Part 3:

In khandesi shop jignesh mausi is telling about some samples to give to customers. sunny calls jignesh. jignesh pick up thr call. he moves phone near to teju. sunny hear teju’s voice. teju is doing work in shop. jignesh says on phone to sunny that mother told teju to work in shop. sunny tells teju should present here na 2day is her sister’s godh bhari ceremony na. jignesh says i will do something. he calls snehalata & informs her about teju’s sister’s godh bhari ceremony. teju must be present in that event. snehalat says yes.. you are rite. she says teju will go when she finish her work in shop.

In karanjkar house onir is holding one card. it’s valentine party card. he tells purvi that some unknown person came & give this invitations. purvi says he may be blackmailer. purvi reads the invitation card. that event on 9th Feb. onir says we will go in this event.

Episode Ends

No precap

Update Credit to: NArESh

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