Pavitra Rishta 7th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Pavitra Rishta 7th October 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 7th October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with the reporters asking Shirish about his new strategy and his tie up with Kirloskar’s. Shirish tells him all is good and lets wait and watch. Some reporter asks him whether he feels he is responsible for the building collapsing. So many people have died. His wife says that case is going on in court and we are not responsible. We will help the effected people. Reporter says that the evidence are against you. She says it is all false. Then the reporters asks Shirish and his wife, whether they knew Dk. Shirish says no, they just met recently and praises him. Rushali tells some reporter brijesh to use his intelligence for her. She asks him to write good for her and asks him to write false report. Rushali tries to bribe him. Brijesh is in thoughts and says he will

tell her. She asks him to get the cheque from the office. Shirish comes to Rushali and says he is asking him questions to expose him. Rushaali says it is about problem solving and very soon he will write for them like a servant. Manav applauded them for their cheap plan and asks them whether she reached here after adapting these cheap plans. Shirish tells Rushali about Manav. Manav and Rushaali argues about principles. Rushali says she appreciates him as he reached the position from being the mechanic. She says I guess your thinking might be progressive. Manav says my ethics and principles is my wealth and I am sure DK sir will share my opinion. Shirish and Rushali are tensed.

DK welcomes everyone to the party and says he invited as his company will be entering into partnership. He introduces Shirish and Rushali karmakar. He says their project is gharcool and some business projects. He invites them on stage. Manav is shocked and goes on the stage. He tells DK that he needs to talk to him something important. Dk says he will talk after sometime. Manav insists. DK agrees. Manav tells DK, that he is against the partnership with Shirish. Manav shouts and says they are not like them. Dk asks him to keep his voice down. Manav tells him that they tried to bribe some journalist. Their ethics and principles are not like us. Shirish and Rushali hears him. Arjun says sorry and says it is a family matter. Shirish asks him to take care of Manav and leaves. Manav says that they didn’t do any projects which they are claiming they have done. DK says it is a business strategy. Manav says if you don’t like him then it doesn’t mean he is bad. Manav asks him to chose between him and Shirish. Purvi and Arjun comes there now. DK says I won’t tolerate your mood swingings and tantrums. you can’t blackmail me. Manav says if our thinking is not important for each other then we shall not move forward. Archana comes. DK says are you sure? Manav says yes. DK says ok, then our way is seperated. Archana, Purvi and Arjun are shocked.

Damodar tells Manav that you have broken the partnership with DK sir. Manav says yes, I should have done it before but I was mad. He is brainwashed by shirish and his wife. What is the use of partnership, when there is no trust. Archana asks him to calm down. Manav tells Sachin that he won’t be working for DK company and he will work for his company. He says, now we will not have any connection with his companies or him. Archana asks him to rest.

Purvi recalls the happenings and gets tensed. Arjun is tensed too. She tells Arjun that she can’t believed that their partnership have broken. Arjun says he saw their friendship since his childhood. They were good friend. Purvi says everything is ruined because of the third person. She says Manav baba was right because Shirish and Rushali tried to bribe the reporter. She says we have to get the hold of the reporter and have to bring out the truth. Arjun says baba’s mental condition isn’t good. Purvi gets angry and says she won’t listen about her baba. Arjun says he too won’t listen about her dad. Arjun says I don’t understand that why you are taking only baba’s side and not Dad. Purvi says ofcourse he is my Dad. Arjun says Dad always took everything positively but today he is broken. Purvi says she understand. Arjun tells her that if she thinks she is the bahu of the house then she have to support his Dad instead of her baba. Purvi is shocked. Manav and Archana are on the bed and Manav is silent.

Soham asks Balan to get him out of the jail as he came to know about Gauri’s wedding. Mayi told him about the marriage. Balan says are you mad? I want you to get rotten in Jail but I can’t see you here as I am your baba. He says he will get him out from the jail but he have to promise him that he will go to Patna after coming out of Jail and will forget Gauri. Soham agrees. Balan says, very soon I will get you out from here.

Archana calls Ovi and asks, how is she? Ovi says she is fine. Archana says she has some work and you have to do. She asks about Green city hospital in Canada? Ovi is tensed and wonders why Aai is asking about this hospital. Ovi says it is a good hospital. Archana asks her to get appointment for Manav as they will come there after Sachin’s wedding. She says she will asks Sachin to email Manav’s report. Then she asks her to come as Sachin wedding is coming nearer. Ovi says she will come soon. Archana asks her about the project. Ovi says ok and disconnects the call.

Constable gives food to Soham. Soham says he won’t eat. Constable teases him and says you are believing the goon and dreaming to get outside. He says he heard that goon speaking with his aide that he will not help him to come out. Soham gets ready and thinks everyone uses and throws him. He gets angry and breaks the water pot.

Ovi tells her friend that she had to go to India leaving behind her child. She says she won’t anywhere leaving her kid. But Aai is coming here with Baba for his treatment. She says she didn’t tell them about her baby. What she will tell them. Her friend says they will find some solution.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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