Pavitra Rishta 7th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Pavitra Rishta 7th May 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 7th May 2013 Written Update

Episodes starts with soham at a tea stall enjoying his tea.Suddenly his friend comes and accuses him of grasping his work opportunity by taking the whole order of boxes by himself to earn extra money.They had a verbal tiff over the order of boxes.Then comes the entry of a new girl named Dr.Gauri.She while messaging collides with soham.Tea gets spilled on her.Both of them get angry.Soham asks her to get him new tea as she has spilled all.She also being adamant refuses to do so.She reaches hospital and is the same doctor who has to treat Archana.Nurse informs her how her son soham shot her landing her in coma.

gauri praises archana how she freed her criminal son and promises her that she will get soon as soon as possible.Dr.gauri is introduced to manav.She motivates him that archana will

get soon as soon as possible and needs his help to recover her soon.She tells him to interact with archana that will make her better.Purvi and onir are buying bananas when suddenly a lady comes starts playing with pari.Onir gets highly tensed on seeing her.There is something very suspensing about her.meanwhile purvi goes to buy other stuffes, she snubs Onir and asks him to get some time in evening and meet her urgently.Onir gets worried due to her presence.

Soham meets gauri on streets and reminds how she refused to get him tea adamantlu.Soham stops her and challenges her.Kinshuk banerjee is having conversation with someone and informing him how she met Dr.Onir Dutt today in the market who was with his wife and pari.Scene shifts to tensed Onir who tells purvi that they need to go to kolkata as he is fed up with such shame.Purvi enquires him about the hasty decision as they are almost settled now.Onir tells her that all he wants is to get away from this place as he is tired of accusations.Purvi supports him as she is guilty for his condition.purvi is in the market waiting for auto.Kinshuk B. stops her taxi and offers purvi lift.they have casual conversation and she gives purvi her Card, the same one with onir.A confused purvi returns home.

On returning home purvi finds the same visiting card of kinshuk Banerjee in the cupboard.She remembers how onir has told her that the lady has given him a job in her firm.She gets confused and could not understand why did onir didn’t recognize her in the market.Meanwhile onir enters with pari.Purvi asks him if he works in kinshuk B’s firm then why didn’t he recognize her in the market.Purvi shows him both the visiting cards and enquires about the same making onir highly tensed.Onir lies to her he doesn’t know his boss being a small employee.He was even unaware of the fact that the boss is a female.Purvi also thought that onir is right and tells him that she’ll will invite her for dinner as they are good friends now.

precap :Soham finds Gauri beside archana.Gauri feels soham is following her.On the other hand soham feels that she might do something to his aai. .

Update Credit to: Nisha

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