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Pavitra Rishta 7th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ankita asking Mansi to come and meet her after her delivery. Mansi asks her if she will not come back again. Ankita nods yes. Mansi cries, says she is everything for her and hugs her. Ankita asks her nnot to take tension as Shashank will take care of her and says we have our aaji/azoba with us who will take care of her. She promises she will let Mansi know where she is and waves her good bye. Shashank tries to console her.

Rushali brings bridal dress for Pari. Archana asks her to sit, but she goes saying she has important work to finish. She gets a call from his secretary that Ankita has not deposited the cheque. Rushali says she gave cheque to her and finished her job, it is up to Ankita to encash it or not. Archana remembers seeing Ankita’s cheque.


haldi rituals start. Ankita come over there with documents. Naren thanks her for bringing them and gives them to Shirish to check. Kinnari asks Ankita to apply haldi/turmeric on Naren. Ankita applies haldi on Naren while Kinnari smirks.

Prashanth and Pushti are busy decorating house. Gaurav gets angry seeing her with Prashanth and scolds her not to mingle with chawl people. Prashanth gets angry and they both start fighting. Manav comes and stops them from fighting and asks why are they fighting. Prashanth says Gaurav called him phatichar. Manav gets angry on Gaurav and scolds him, says everyone has self-respect, asks him to apologize Prashanth. Gaurav apologizes him. Neena hears their conversation, thinks Gaurav is being insulted and thinks of taking revenge from Ankita and her siblings.

Naren gives file to Ankita and asks her to work according to it. She says thank you sir. Naren says she can call him jiju as she is family now and asks her opinion about his wedding dress. Ankita reminisces selecting dresses for Naren and says anything would suit him best. Naren finalizes a dress and says even Ahana likes bright colours. He asks from whose side she is coming, from Pari or his side. Ankita says from your side. Naren says thank you and welcome to the family.

Archana gets Ankita admitted to the hospital and asks doctor how is she. Doctor says she is fine and asks her not to diet too much as she may harm the baby. Archana asks what baby. Doctor says Ankita is 4 month’s pregnant. Mansi and Shashank come over there and Mansi asks how is tai. Archana says she is fine.

Archana thinks of talking to Ankita, thinks child is Naren’s and Ankita is hiding something from her. She gets a call from Ovi and informs her that she brought Ankita to the hospital as she fell while walking.

Shekhar comes to Archana’s house and says Pari that he will welcome her as Naren’s friend. Manav comes and says he is right. He sees Archana coming home sadly and asks her what happened. Archana says Ankita is in hospital but is fine now. Shekhar says Ankita is a very good girl and can go to any extent to help other. He informs them about the fire experiment she did on Naren and starts praising her, but Pari interrupts him and asks him to go and help Naren.

Archana thinks Ankita is hiding something from us, she even hid a fact that she is pregnant, if she is pregnant with Naren’s child, she will not let Pari marry Naren.

Archana starts searching for Ankita in marriage venue. Manav asks her whom she is searching. She says Ankita. Manav says she must be here and will be coming back. Archana asks since howmany years he knows her. He says 40 years. She says then he must know that she won’t get tensed easily. She sees Mansi and asks about Ankita who informs she is coming from groom’s side and will come soon.

Naren and his family reaches marriage venue. Archana greets Naren by washing his feet as per rituals and perfoms aarti on him. She asks Shekhar about Ankita who informs she came but went to washroom.

Soham sees Mansi’s house locked and asks neighbour who informs that they have gone to Pari’s marriage at a marriage hall. Soham thinks Archana and Manav did not heed to his demands.

Archana sees Naren and Pari marrying and reminisces her marriage with him.

Precap: Manav says Naren until soham’s doubt is cleared, he will not let him marry and if Soham is right, Naren will have to marry Ankita.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  3. Yes do it archana

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  5. Thank you EMA, reading the series my heart was pouring with tear I got emotion with tears, but after reading precap Nanav is doing the right thing. that is very Good thank you.

  6. I want ankita to have the baby and naren to marry her

    1. Every1wants dat!! Not jus yu!!!!

      1. LOL

  7. D best part of ekta kapoor serials s dat no matter hw boring it turns, she knows d ryt way to blend it bak.. Koi serial saalon bar yuhi nahi chalega ! Cheers ekta n team

    1. I so agree

  8. Nice episode finally someone know the truth about ankita

  9. Finally some one is will help ankita to expose rushali and her bad act i wonder how naren will feel when he gets to know the truth,manav should not let what happened to ovi and purvi repeat itself

  10. update todays epi fast pls

  11. Hello EMA the grand mother Archana she is the best of motherhood in the show also Manav straight on the line, watching the show yesterday on TV you could see the love in Ankita and Naren Eyes that was so beautiful it is only sweet LOVE.

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