Pavitra Rishta 7th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Pavitra Rishta 7th February 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 7th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Shashank’s aayi breaking the alliance of Mansi and Shashank. Shashank is shocked. His aayi asks him to come with her. She takes him forcibly. Prashant and Soham get angry. Prashant asks, why you didn’t tell me? Ankita says, I was about to tell you. Soham goes outside, Ankita follows him. Purvi tells his employee not to mix professional and personal life. Pia thinks, I don’t have any proof against RK and if I tell her then she won’t listen to me. Pia comes inside her cabin. She says, I came to say thank you to you. Your advice about Arjun sir was very useful. You have cleared all misunderstandings about him. He appreciated me in the morning. I felt good. She thanks her for the help. Purvi says, my daughter is of same age as yours. Whenever I see you, I

recalls her. Pia says, that is so sweet of you. I came to meet you at your hotel but didn’t disturb you as I saw you with someone else. Purvi says, he is actually my finance. We are going to get married. Pia recalls having seen RK murdering a lady. Her friend asks her to keep silent about the murder else RK will spoil your and your mother’s life. Pia asks, do you love him? Purvi gets a call. Pia thinks, Mausi is going to get marry to a murderer. How could I stop her? Will she trusts a stranger like me.

Soham comes to Karmarkar’s house and beats Raunaq. He asks, how could you touched my daughter, I will kill you. Sunanda comes out and is shocked to see Raunaq getting beaten by Soham. Kinnari comes down. Sunanda calls Shirish. Sunanda calls the security to come inside. Ankita comes and tries to stop Soham.

Soham and Ankita come home. Soham gets angry and I am not a good father, a drunkard and a gambler. Mansi is my daughter and I will kill him. I am Vishnu Lala. Ankita says, what? You are Vishnu Lala. Soham says, he is my friend. Ankita says, we will get Raunaq arrested by the police. Police comes and arrests Soham for attacking Raunaq. Soham is beaten in the police station. Ankita asks the Inspector to free her father. Inspector says, you should support your inlaws rather than a drunkard father. Prashant says, my father is not at any fault and is about to tell about Raunaq. Soham stops him and asks Ankita to take Prashant home. Inspector calls Sunanda and tells that they have arrested Soham. Sunanda says, Ankita can’t live in this house and asks Shirish to get the divorce papers ready. Shirish says, Naren still thinks Ankita as Ahana and it may have effect on Naren’s health. Sunanda asks him to get the papers ready and no more arguments.

She says, I want that girl to go out of the house. I will not allow Naren to stay with her. Shirish says, but…Sunanda says, I will make Naren understand and asks him to get the divorce papers ready. Shirish gets Rushaali’s call. Shirish says, I will handle the problem here. Sunanda asks, did Rushaali reach London? Shirish says yes. Sunanda tells about the court case.

Shashank comes to Ankita’s home. Prashant says, she is very depressed now. Shashank asks him to let him talk to Mansi. She needs me. He goes to her room. Mansi is crying and asks him to go. Shashank says, I won’t go alone, will take you after marrying you. Mansi says, it is not possible now. Shashank says, it is my life. I will decide about my life. Mansi asks him to let her live alone. No need to show pity on me. Shashank says, I am a journalist and covers so many rape cases in the newspaper. He says, I know that girls are not at fault in these cases. When you are not at fault then why you should be punished. You are same for me like you was 4 days ago. It was just a accident. I decided to spend my life with you and how can I step back now. We will fight against him and get him punished. Mansi says, your aayi is right. Shashank says, she is wrong. We will fight with him. Mansi says, my family’s reputation will be spoiled. My tayi relation with jiju is on the verge of breaking. Shashank says, don’t you think you should fight? How can you stay silent? Mansi says I don’t want to talk to anyone and asks him to go. Shashank tells Ankita to make her understand. If she keeps quiet then Raunaq will rape some other girl tomorrow. Please make her understand.

Naren is taking out his clothes to wear for office. Sunanda comes and says I want to talk to you something. Naren says, you wants to talk about Ankita naa. I am upset with her. She didn’t come till now. Sunanda says, she won’t come back here. Naren says, it was just a misunderstanding and I will make her understand it. I will explain her. Ankita and her father will apologize to you all. I talked to her and everything will be sorted out soon. We have to go to office now. Sunanda says enough. She asks him to listen and try to understand what she is saying. She says, Ahana is not leaving her stubborness. She thinks Raunaq raped her sister Mansi. But as you know he is innocent. She wants to send him in jail. I won’t allow her to spoil his life. Naren says, it is just a misunderstanding. Naren will explain to Ahana and she will understand. Naren is right. Sunanda says, Naren is not right. She asks him to sign on the divorce papers. Naren is shocked and says I love her. How could I divorce her? We have to fulfilled all the vows. I couldn’t divorce her. He says, I will tell her to say sorry to everyone. He tears the papers and says I will flush these papers.

Ankita tells Mansi that Shashank is right. We can’t leave Raunaq. We have to take action against him. You have to remember whatever had happened there. We have to be strong infront of the lawyer. I want him to get punished and go to jail and wants her support. Prashant hears it and is angry.

Mansi, Ankita and Prashant search for the proof against Raunaq on the terrace. Mansi finds Raunaq’s watch on the spot. Police comes and arrests Raunaq. Kinnari protests but later smirks. Sunanda is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Raunaq must punish severely for what he did to Mansi also that b*t*h which he has for a wife, she is a woman also yet she did nothing in this regards

    1. I know what a b*****. Frankly what if that had happened to Kinnari?? Would she have expected herself to remain quiet. Women cannot. WHY is the woman punished when she didn’t do anything. It was the rapists fault not hers. This is DISGUSTING thinking and is NEVER right. I hope they hang both Raunaq and Kinnari

  2. I think it was the same thing that Raunaq did to Ahana. Naren saw what he did and when into shock because he could not believe such evil

  3. Plz end this show

  4. I agree with u’s turning out 2 b such a blo*dy drag

  5. First of all its good that mansi told ankita… but the karmarkars didnt believe ankita. Theyre stupid and even naren… he even pushed her. Raunak must be punished and that old hag sunanda should realize that ankita was right god sunanda pisses me off… even shirish… wow. Kinnari is also dumb… I swear… protecting her filthy husband. He better rot in jail and sunanda better apologise and ask ankita for forgiveness. I feel like cussing at her. God I hate her lol.

  6. I agree with u yousuf that old hag is a causer and what the hell is wrong with kinnari protecting him looks like she wants to live with a filthy man

  7. f**k u naughty

  8. God I hate both Kinnari and Sunanda.They are both no good b*t*hes. What raunaq did to mansi wasn’t right and he should rot in jail that son of a b*t*h.Also, I think that Arjun should tell Purvi about his medical condition and she shouldn’t agree to marry RK and she doesn’t know squat about his past or about him for that matter. That’s all I have to say but seriously this is getting really tiresome

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