Pavitra Rishta 7th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 7th February 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 7th February 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Manju telling Vinod that she’s finally relaxed now as everything went good in her wedding. She says, but it feels lonely now without Punni, and soon Ruchi will leave as well and go back to the hostel. Vinod says, hmm yea.. but its good that Purvi and Onir came here.. else we would be so lonely in this house. Manju then sees money in a cupboard and asks Vinod, from where did so much money come?

Vinod says, oh yeh.. I had given money to Onir and seems like.. by mistake he gave his money as well when returning. He tries to take money from Manu, but Manju doesn’t let money go and asks him, have you gone crazy? We have so many debts and we have to give gifts to Mr. Mittal as well. Onir comes there to return watch to Vinod and is listening their conversation.

Manju continues, We need this money. Vinod says, but all that we will do with our money.. we don’t have right on this money. Onir comes in and says, you have right on this money.. if I was your son, then wouldn’t you ask me for money? Vinod still doesn’t feel like taking. Onir asks Manju to explain to Vinod. Manju tells Vinod, why not.. he is giving money with so much love.. Vinod finally agrees. Onir returns the watch and leaves.

Onir comes outside and wonders from where did extra money come? He then remembers Purvi asking him about money and onir said that he gave to Vinod mama. Onir goes to talk with Purvi, but she’s sleeping. Onir says to himself, she must have got tired.. and he decides that he will talk tomorrow.

“Tum Ho” song from Rockstar movie plays in background and Onir goes near Purvi and looks at her with a smile on his face. He then takes bindi off Purvi’s head and sticks it on his hand. He keeps staring at her and keeps smiling. He then sleeps on floor and still smiling. He thank God for sending Purvi in his life.


Onir and Purvi comes to Manav’s house. Onir asks her, when did Archu aai call us for breakfast? Purvi says, she just called and asked to come. They enter. Archu tells them that she made Purvi’s favourite breakfast and they sit down to have breakfast. Right then phone rights and Archu receives the call. As soon as she receives the call, she goes.. what nonsense is this? Who is this calling? Everyone gets shocked. Archu continues, one second.. I don’t need your proof.. I trust my Purvi.. I know she can never do anything wrong. Purvi fears thinking it might be the blackmailer who told Archu about Purvi’s truth. Archu continues, if you call again, then I will file a police complain. She hangs up the phone.

Manav goes to Archu and asks her, who was it? Archu says, don’t know… but was saying so much bad stuff about Purvi. Ovi asks, about Purvi? Why would anyone tell about Purvi? And why are you so tensed? At least tell us, what that person was saying. Archu says, that person was saying that Purvi is not pregnant with Onir’s child.. she’s pregnant with Arjun’s child. Everyone is shocked!

Archu tells Ovi, you don’t need to think anything wrong for Purvi. I trust my Purvi.. she can never do anything wrong. She asks Purvi and Onir not to get tensed.. she says that person must be joking. Purvi says, aai.. that person was right. Everyone’s shocked. Archu asks Purvi, what are you saying? Onir says to Archu, aai I will explain to you. But Purvi stops him and requests him to let her speak. Purvi stands up and goes to Archu. Purvi says, aai.. I never wanted this to come in front of you all. Ovi shouts at Purvi, what are you saying? This child is Arjun’s? Purvi says, I am sorry Ovi.. we made a mistake. Archu slaps Purvi and asks her, how dare you to do all this?

Archu continues, weren’t you ashamed of doing all this? Purvi says, slap me more.. slap me more.. that’s all I deserve. Purvi apologizes to Manav as well and says that she didn’t want to hurt anyone and this was the reason she left Mumbai. She says, I didn’t want to give sadness to anyone. Ovi interferes and says, you’ve always given me sadness.. after so long me and Arjun came closer and now this. Purvi tries to calm Ovi down. Ovi takes Purvi’s hand off saying Don’t touch me.. and in that Ovi has a miscarriage. PURVI SUDDENLY WAKES UP AND IT WAS HER DREAM ONLY.

Purvi says to herself.. if this truth comes out to everyone, then.. no I can’t let this happen. I will have to arrange money. I will talk to Onir tomorrow morning. She goes back to sleep.

Next morning, Onir is in kitchen and making tea. Ruchi comes there. Onir asks her, you woke up this early? Ruchi says, I wanted to see how a good husband prepares tea for his wife. She then bindi on Onir’s hand and she makes fun of his. Onir tells her, let your marriage happen.. and then we will see. He now kids with her saying everyone were talking about your marriage yesterday. Ruchi says, noo.. I will go back to the hostel. Onir says, I am just kidding. he then asks her for tea. Ruchi says, no.. you give tea to “your misti”.. she laughs and leaves.

Purvi is getting call from the blackmailer and she’s tensed thinking what to answer. Onir comes there with tea. Purvi says to him, we will drink tea later.. but I want to talk to you about something. Onir says, tell me. Purvi tells him, there’s another person beside us two.. who knows that this child is Arjun’s. Onir asks, how is this possible? Only we two know about this. Purvi says, I am getting calls from last few days and that person is blackmailing me. I had arranged money to give it to him by selling necklace that aai gave. Onir asks, you sold that necklace? Purvi says, what else could I do? That person has hid his identity from me.. and I was going to give him money last night in party, but.. Onir says, and by mistake I gave those money to Vinod mamu. And that’s why he was talking about extra money. Onir continues, I refused to take money back as well.. I am so sorry.. I didn’t know money was yours and you need it this badly. Purvi says, it’s okay.. but what should we do now?

Onir tells her, don’t take tension.. I will see how to solve this matter. Purvi thanks him. Onir asks her, thank you for what? Purvi says, what else can I do? You have to lie so much to hide my 1 truth.. you even had to make fake report.. please forgive me. Onir says, there are times when you have to forget what’s right and wrong and worry more about own people’s happiness.


Archu visits jail to meet Soham. Archu tells him, you know you’re gonig to be free very soon? Soham says, I know.. Archu asks, why didn’t you tell me then? Soham says, only you and Purvi will get happy. Archu says, it’s not like that. Soham asks, then why didn’t Manav and other family members come to see me? Archu says, I don’t know why Manav never came to meet you.. but I know that when I come here.. he always comes with me. Soham gets emotional. Archu says, yes he loves you alot, but he cannot express it. You’re just like Ovi, Teju, Purvi, Sachu. You’re our son. We always miss you whenever there are any function at our house. She then tells him, there’s Godh bharai of Purvi and Ovi and I hope you will get free by then and will be there. Soham has no words to say. Archu says, whether you believe or not, but the truth is.. we love you and we’ll keep loving you. We want you to come to our house after getting out of jail. Archu asks him, you will come to your house right? Soham doesn’t answer and tells Archu to congratulate Purvi and Ovi on his behalf.. and he leaves.

Episode ends.

Precap: Archu and Manav are talking to each other saying things have changed so much in a positive way after Onir came in Purvi’s and Ovi’s life. Manav agrees and says, now Ovi really wants her child to come in her life.

Update Credit to: DesiTVBox

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