Pavitra Rishta 6th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Pavitra Rishta 6th May 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 6th May 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Ovi comes to her room in Canada and hears the voice messages stored in the land phone. Many friends including Romil have called her. After that Arjun’s voice message is heard. Arjun says that he respects Ovi’s feeling, but there is a limit of her anger as she is not replying any calls of Arjun since last four days. Arjun asks her free time when she will be coming at online. He wants to give a chance of their relationship so that nobody can regret on their decision. Ovi sees some legal paper (may be divorced paper, sorry I missed this) and listens the next message of Romil who are going to their favorite pub.

Purvi waits at the outside of the polio booth. She calls Soham for inquiring about Onir if he has come there to ask for a job. Soham tells that once

he had come there, but he has not meet Onir today. Purvi starts walking while raining starts heavily. She and Pari become drenched, so Purvi takes shelter under a roof of a house (open verandah types) . DK passes by the same road, he sees Purvi, so he asks her to come in. Though Purvi initially hesitates to come in, but DK says that it is difficult to get a auto or rickshaw due to the rain and their strikes. He asks Purvi to go with him to his house, as he has some urgent meeting. After that another driver named David will drop her at her house. DK becomes emotional to see Pari and plays with her.David has not turned up yet, so DK insists Purvi to change her & Pari’s cloth inside the house. She enters into the room with Pari.

Arjun talks with Ovi in the webcam, he asks some casual question regarding her professional career and health. He sees one alcohol bottle in Ovi’s room, so he tells her to take care of her health, as she is now far from her house. Ovi says that she is not pregnant now, so she does not need Arjun’s advice on health. By that time, she can able to see Purvi at the back of Arjun. So she becomes angry and shuts down the PC without intimating him. Arjun gets surprised to see them, Purvi wants apology, Arjun initiates to change her daughter’s clothes and tells Purvi to change her cloths too.

Teju and Sunny meet in the roof of the house (and surprisingly, their portion was not raining). Sunny informs that his mother has called him from Rajkot and agrees on their marriage. But both of them feel that they are not ready for their marriage now. Sunny wants to get some money before getting married and Teju also asks for the court marriage. She says as her mother is not well, she doesn’t want any occasion. Sunny tells that everybody in Teju’s family , specially Ruchi loves him so he can convince them for simple marriage ceremony. They share some casual and emotional moments and talk about their future plan.

Onir comes to his house and Purvi gets angry. He apologies. Purvi sees a visiting card naming “Kingshuk Banerjee” and asks about him. Onir gives the good news of getting a job of accountant. Next day, Purvi picks a phone call on Onir’s mobile as he was taking the shower. But, the caller doesn’t talk to her. Purvi tells the number once Onir comes out and he gets surprised (or scared).

Pre Cap – Onir and Purvi are in the market while a lady (not shown in the camera) in red saree takes an apple and walks towards them. Onir feels scared to see her.

Update Credit to: crazy2012

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