Pavitra Rishta 6th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 6th March 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 6th March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Ankita waking from sleep in the morning and sees Naren sleeping close to her. Sunraha haina tu plays………………………..Soham comes to the temple and says we are not friends but I came here for my Aayi’s birthday. I am dead for her. She don’t remember me but I can’t stop myself from remembering her. She has faith on you. I spent happiest moment of my life with her. I miss her. Ovi is distributing blanket to the beggars. Soham looks at her. He takes something from the beggar’s plate and leaves. Ovi sees him leaving and thinks he is strange.

Pia asks her helpers to cut the veggies fast. Archana comes to have water. Ovi calls her. Pia tells her that she is hired by the Indian family and they are very good. Ovi asks her to take care of herself.

Archana hears her. Ovi says, today is your Aaji’s birthday. I will cut her cake on her behalf. Teju calls Archana. Archana says, I am coming. Ovi hears but doesn’t understand. Pia says love you and disconnects the call. Archana tells Pia, you why have lied to your mom? We have hired her for a day. Pia says, she lied so that her mom don’t get tensed. Archana asks her not to lie with her mom. Pia says, once things get sorted out then this hide and seek game will be over. Then I will tell you that I am ovi’s daughter.

Manav looks at the table and says presentation is good. Archana says food should be good. Pia comes and says I made favourite dishes of everyone’s choice. Archana asks, how do you know? Pia says, she asked the servants. Manav smiles. Pia says, shall I serve the dinner? Archana says, we are waiting for our family. Pia says, I will come after sometime. Pushti comes and wishes her Happy Birthday. Pushti talks with her friend and says I can’t come for Sandra’s birthday. Archana asks her to go. Pushti leaves. Pia looks from the kitchen. Manav goes to call everyone.

Ankita reads the newspaper. Prashant shows paper to Mansi and says Raunaq’s doings is published in the newspaper. Soham gets happy. Mansi says, Ankita is bahu of that family. How she might be living there? Sunanda gets a call. She says no comments. Sunanda asks everyone to avoid the phone calls. Shirish asks the servant to close the doors. Sunanda asks him to calm down. Shashank gets worried about Ankita. He says, Media uses someone’s life to get the news. He hopes Ankita solves the matter with Naren. Ankita tells Naren that Attu and Dad left. She shows the papers. Naren says don’t worry.

Archana tells Manav that nobody cares for them. Pia comes and says shall I bring the cake? Archana says no need. She asks her to leave them. She asks her not to come from tomorrow. Manav thinks, Archana is venting her anger on this girl. Archana says, Teju is busy in work. Purvi is in India. Pari can come for us. Sachin, Neena, Gaurav can’t give some time for us. She cries. Manav says, I am with you naa. We are for each other. Please don’t cry on your birthday. Pia asks them to taste the food else she won’t get a job through their recommendation. Manav says, we will recommend them. Pia asks him to taste it. Archana asks, who taught you cooking? Pia says my aayi. Archana recalls Ovi. Pia says, I will leave you. Please recommend me. Pia requests them. Archana gets emotional. Archana asks her not to go and stay with them. Archana says, don’t tell that you don’t have family here.

Pia asks her to bless her so that she can get her family. Archana blesses her. She says, you will live here with us. Pia says, I will bring the cake now. Manav and Pia sing Happy Birthday song. Archana says, Pia handles her kitchen well. Naren and Ankita come to Shirish and Sunanda. Naren asks her to have breakfast. Ankita says, everything is happening because of me. I did for my sister. Now I will fulfill the duty of a bahu. Naren says, we won’t be eating if you dont eat and I will get attacks. Sunanda eats the food. Sunanda asks him to go to office. Naren says, we will be going to office from today and everything will be sorted. Ankita tells Naren that you are not mad. I am impressed. Naren says, I am a mad genius. He holds her hand and says I felt the current. Ankita says, this time I felt the same. Naren smiles. Ankita feels shy.

Mansi tells Shashank that she will marry him but only when his parents agrees for marriage. She says, I can’t marry you against their wishes.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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