Pavitra Rishta 6th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 6th February 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 6th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Kinnari coming to Naren’s room and says Raunaq is innocent. He is very much hurt. I think good about Ankita and her family. I gave my bangle to Mansi. I don’t know why Ankita think like that. She pretends to cry. Naren asks, where is Raunaq? Naren calls him inside. He says, your vahini loves you a lot and I will clear all the misunderstandings. Don’t feel bad. He says sorry on Ankita’s behalf. Naren is holding their photo in his hand. Ankita is on the road and recalls the latest happenings. Naren looks at Ankita’s photo and says good night….Manzilein Ruswa Ho…………………..plays. Ankita recalls Naren’s words that Karmarkar’s can’t do anything. Ankita thinks I can’t tell anyone that I got thrown out of the house. What I will answer

to everyone. She rings the bell. Mansi opens the door and asks, you came alone at this time. Ankita says, I came for you. Mansi says, you are lying. Something must have happened. Did you tell them about me. You have promised me naa that you will not tell anyone. You had to leave your home because of me. She cries and asks about Naren. She worries about Prashant, Pranav and Sonu. She says, I will leave this house. Mansi runs outside the home. Ankita follows her. Ankita saved her as she was about to get hit by the car. Ankita says, you are my small sister. Mansi says, I can’t ruin your and Naren’s life. I can’t betray anyone. Ankita hugs her. And says, I will get everything fine.

Raunaq calls Shashank’s aayi and tells her that he will give her news. He says, your would be daughter in law is raped by her lover on the sangeet day. He says, Mansi called him to make him jealous but he changed his mind and raped her. He asks her to enquire about it. Shashank’s aayi is disgusted. Raunaq says, I will spoiled Mansi’s image. Kinnari laughs.

Pia comes to Arjun’s cabin. Arjun says, I was about to call you and asks her to make yesterday’s dish for Ovi. He introduces Pia/Priya to Ovi. And says Priya makes delicious dish. Arjun tells Ovi that when he saw her for the first time, he remembered Pia and was missing her. He asks Ovi to call Pia. Ovi calls Pia. Pia tells Purvi that Ovi maam is sitting with Arjun sir. Pia picks the call. Ovi says, your Dad wants to talk to you. Arjun asks about her. Pia says, studies are going fine. Arjun comes out of his cabin because of bad network. But does’t see Pia. Pia asks about Purvi’s room number. She comes to the hotel room to impress Purvi. She says, I have to impress her anyhow. I have to enter her good books. She collides with RK. She is shocked. She recalls to have seen RK before. Flashback is shown where RK killed one lady. Pia says, he is a murderer.

Purvi comes and tells hi to RK. RK asks her to go through the papers of some property. Pia looks at them and wonders what is Mausi doing with the murderer. She thinks, I have to warn Mausi about him. RK asks Purvi not to be business associate with her ex husband. Purvi says, I will decide that. You are going to be my husband, not my owner. RK says, I don’t want to become owner. Purvi asks him to trust her and says my loyalty is with you. Pia thinks to talk to her.

Shashank’s aayi tells Ankita that you are clever but I am still alive to take care of my son. Shashank asks, what are you saying? She brings Mansi and asks, why you want to postpone the wedding. Mansi lowers her head. Shashank’s aayi says, Mansi would have told you before but no she didn’t. Mansi hugs Ankita and cries. Shashank’s aayi says, Mansi is raped. Soham gets angry. Shashank’s aayi says, someone told me this. Shashank says, Mansi is not that type of girl. She asks Ankita to tell the truth. Shashank says, it is a lie. Ankita says, it is truth. Mansi is raped. She tells everything and flashback is shown. Shashank’s aayi breaks the alliance.

Naren says I will make Ankita understand the matter. Sunanda says, this is right and asks him to sign on the divorce papers. Naren is shocked and says I love Ahana. How could I divorce her.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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  1. Raunaq is disgusting

  2. Raunaq is a damn rubbish!!!!!

  3. pia reminds me of teju she is a sweet girl. I think this show will end soon n purvi n arjun will be together at end somehow but wat bout ovi she doesn’t deserve to live alone. yes I agree someone raunaq Is disgustin kinnari is bad she laughs at others misery she deserves raunaq. first I pitied her but nt anymore.

  4. n I never knew rk was a murderer shockin i hope the story doesn’t be dat purvi marrys him then divorces him n marrys arjun cos three marriages aint a joke

  5. just waitng to see purvi n arjun together…
    i hope gud days cum back soon to ankita’s family..

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