Pavitra Rishta 6th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 6th February 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 6th February 2013 Written Update

Part one:

Episode begins with in party savita is watching at sunny & teju. archu comes & says sunny. sunny says what a beautiful party. archu says sunny u can meet teju. sunny says no i want to follow savita aaji rules. archu says i m teju’s aai you can meet her but sunny refuse. he tells i want to teju & without any communications i also want to join with teju. archu feels proud & says i m very happy for you & says all the best.

Manav comes & asks archu are you talking with sunny?? archu says yes.. she says sunny & teju also here but they does not want to meet each other . she sayswe also stay away 18 years. but i don’t want to suffer our child also . she tells i hope aaji agree for this relation. manav says yes that day will come


mittal & punni comes on stage. all are capping for mittal & punni. punni looks so beautiful. mittal says thank you everyone for coming here on short notice. sulochana says to purvi that punni is looking so beautiful na. purvi says yes.. punni tai whatever wanted she now got.. he introduces punni as his wife. then ruchi comes on stage she says u are looking so beautiful tai. mittal put his hand on ruchi’s shoulder & punni sees. she immediately take off his hand. then manju comes & all photoshot starts. manju says i m very happy for you then manju leaves from stage. punni says to herself that aai you don’t know what i paid for get all this i signed the papers.

Part two:

In party savita is watching at sundari. she calls sundari near to her. she says to sundari that sunny has told me that he won’t live without teju but now see this.. she tells i will keep watching at sunny & teju. then savita is thinking how sunny washed all baratan. then onir tells purvi to take rest bcoz she is standing bcoz she may feels pain. then mitall introduces onir to his friend as DR. mitall’s friend offer one package for onir but onir refused & says he want to help poor ppl.

mittal & punni are dancing on stage.( song: from once upon time in mumbai I m in Love song..) all are watching punni’s & mittal’s dance. then manav offers ovi on dance with him on stage. purvi is walking.. she is searching something. then ovi goes to near sunny. manav offers teju dance with me & ovi also offer sunny dance with me. all are dacing.. teju says thank you baba you feels sunny comfortable in this party.

purvi looks tensed & onir asks what happen purvi ?? why are you tensed.. purvi says no.. nothing. the onir leaves. purvi phone rings & she looks tensed more & says now that blackmailer’s call is coming i don’t have money now.. what i do now?? suddenly arjun bumps with one waiter. waiter aka Blackmailer goes.. then he handles one drinking juice to purvi with one note.. purvi goes near him & he says money… she says i want to explain with you but blackmailer leaves from there. then purvi goes behind him & blackmailer meet arjun.. he says to arjun sorry. purvi sees blackmailer is taking with arjun. she looks scared.

purvi goes behind blackmailer’s & she says to blackmailer what are you talking with arjun? he says no still i m not tell truth to arjun. he gives one chance to purvi for collect money & gives warning to purvi that she will wait for next his call that time if she will not gives money to him he will tell truth to arjun & all family members. he leaves.. purvi looks tensed & starts crying.

Part 3:

At deshmukh house all family enters. archu tells manav 2day party is superb na. savita comes & rush in kitchen. she sees all washed baratans.. she looks confused how he did this?? then sunny comes & tells savita that he was also helping her mother in his home. he tells i will be perfect match for teju. sunny leaves. then sundari says wow.. how sunny is so smart. savita start yelling at sundari that sunny did this work in so less time & she was taling so 3 hours for washing the baratan. then sundari leaves. savita says to herself that sunny this time you won this challenge but from next time you will not win any challenge

Episode ends.

Precap: Vinod tells Manju, I gave money to Onir and asked him to take care of it.. and when he returned.. he gave so much extra money. I guess by mistake he gave his own money too. He then takes money back from Manju saying he will return to Onir, but Manju takes money back and asks Vinod, what are you doing? Laxmi (money) came to us.. go and close door fast. And at the same time, Onir comes there with a watch.

Update Credit to: Naresh

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