Pavitra Rishta 5th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Pavitra Rishta 5th October 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 5th October 2013 Written Update

Only Pavitra Rishta related parts from today’s maha sangam (mixed episode)…

Deshmukh House in Manav and Archana’s bedroom

Manav and Archana are in their bedroom. Manav is remembering Shirish’s words telling him DK had accepted the deal. Archana is telling Manav that nothing should happen at the party which would create a problem in their relationship with the Kirloskars as it’s their daughter’s sasural. Manav tells Archana not to worry and that he’s doing everything carefully. Archana tells Manav if he gets angry then just look at her and remember all the moments he shared with her and his anger will vanish. Archana tells Manav she doesn’t want him to have any trouble at the party and tells him to get ready.

Deshmukh House

Archana is telling

Sundri to get some vegetables. Savita wants to go out to get the vegetables as she doesn’t want to just sit in one place but rather be on the go. Savita goes and Purvi comes with Pari. Archana asks Purvi why she didn’t go to the party and Purvi says Pari was crying so I thought of bringing her here to Teju. Teju takes Pari and talks to her very lovingly. Manav is coming dressed up for the party and Archana tells Manav Purvi will come with us to the party. Manav says that’s very good. Sulochana comes in the house. Archana asks Sulochana why she came so suddenly. Sulochana looks tense and tells Archana she needs to talk to her about Balan and Soham. Manav comes back and sees Sulochana and greets her. Archana tells Manav to go with Purvi to the party and she will come with aai. Manav and Purvi leave.

Deshmukh House in the bedroom

Sulochana and Archana are in the bedroom. Archana asks Sulochana what happened and if everything’s ok. Sulochana is telling Archana about her conversation with Varsha. Sulochana was scolding Varsha because she went back to Balan. Varsha said she had to do it for her son’s happiness.(Soham) Sulochana tells Varsha she tried to make her forget her past but now she wants to go back and have a relationship with that Balan?! Sulochana warns Varsha if she does anything like that all her relations with Varsha will be severed. Varsha is crying. Sulochana tells Archana that since then Varsha has left the house. Archana tells Sulochana that this won’t happen this time. Archana calls Varsha and calmly tells her that she knows she loves Soham. I did not call you to talk about Soham. Archana tells Varsha that she has gotten the most scolded from aai out of all the children but aai has also always loved her the most. Archana talks her into coming back home and Varsha says she’ll come. Archana hangs up and tells Sulochana that Varsha is coming back. Both Archana and Sulochana are happy.

Outside at a market

A girl, Pakhi(from the other show) is in a market and she is yelling for her mother Kalma. She asks people in the market if they’ve seen her mother but they all say no. She runs to Savita and thinks it’s her mom and rushes to hug her. Savita turns back and looks at the Pakhi. Pakhi is telling Savita that she is not her mother and she was looking for her mom. Savita says she will teach her mother a lesson for leaving her like this. Pakhi tells Savita not to do anything to her mother. Savita apologizes and asks where she lives. Pakhi says a chawl. Savita assures her that they will look around the nearby chawls. Savita hollers for a rickshaw and the rickshaw driver thinks that this is the woman who always fights. He tells Savita that his rickshaw is out of gas. Savita says it ran out of gas because you saw me? Savita fights with him but they are not able to go in the rickshaw. The girl tells Savita that she talks so nastily and that her mother says to always be nice. Savita apologizes again and sees another rickshaw driver. She talks very nicely to another rickshaw driver and he lets them ride in the rickshaw.

A segment of the other show

Outside near a chawl

Savita and Pakhi have reached outside a chawl. They get out and Savita is focused on paying the driver. A lady from behind a corner signals for Pakhi to come to her. Pakhi goes to her and the lady hugs her. Pakhi is confused because she does not know the lady. Pakhi says to the lady that if she knows her she must also know her mother Kalma so she tells the lady to take her to her mother. The lady says ok. They both are leaving. Savita turns back and looks at them and is shocked that Pakhi left without her but smiles and says looks like she has found her mother. Savita is happy about this. The lady is grabbing her and taking her to her house, they are going away from Savita. Pakhi is protesting that she wants to see Kamla.

The lady’s chawl

The lady has brought Pakhi to her chawl. Pakhi keeps asking for Kamla but the lady yells that she is not here! The lady gets calm and offers her to eat. Pakhi is still worried.


Kamla is outside with her 2 kids. She is very worried for Pakhi. Archana comes there and asks Kamla if she is looking for someone. Kamla tells Archana she’s looking for her daughter Pakhi and asks if Archana has seen her. Archana says she hasn’t found her and asks if she really came here. Kamla tells her that she would come here to look for me and that’s why I came here to look for her. Archana says I will look for your daughter over here and I know how it feels to lose your daughter. Don’t worry I will find your Pakhi. Kamla is crying and says thank you. Archana says we will find your daughter. Kamla says she is like my daughter. Archana tells her that does not matter and I promise you I will find Pakhi. Kamla thanks Archana very sincerely. Archana smiles and says now we will look for her.

At the lady’s chawl

The lady who brought Pakhi to her house(I’ll refer to her as the kidnapper from now on) is insisting Pakhi eats. Pakhi says she wants Kamla only but the kidnapper is shoving food in her mouth. Pakhi tries to resist.


Archana, Kamla and her 2 children are out looking for Pakhi. They are unable to find her. Eventually they reach nearby the kidnapper’s house and Pakhi sees them through the door. She shouts, Maa, Kamla! They do not hear her. One of Pakhi’s shoes is on the ground right outside the house. Pakhi keeps shouting for Kamla but soon the kidnapper starts showing her true colors and yells that she is her mother! She starts forcing herself on Pakhi and threatens her.


Archana, Kamla and the 2 kids are running around. Archana finds a shoe and asks Kamla if this is Pakhi’s shoe? Kamla says yes it is! She looks very panicked.

At the party(back to Pavitra Rishta)

The party which DK is holding is going on. Some reporters come and ask DK the reason for holding this party. DK does not give them a straight answer and Manav comes. Manav says hello to DK. The reporters are telling Manav that his partner is not telling him the reason for the party and that he has a very nice relationship with DK and asks how they manage to have a strong relationship. Manav says trust, it is our trust in one another which is the key to our relationship. Arjun and Purvi hear this and Arjun’s telling Purvi thank God everything’s ok. Purvi is reluctant and thinks something’s wrong but Arjun says a small misunderstanding can’t affect their friendship, they’ve been friends for so long. When I was little Dad always handed me to Manav baba, whatever I am today is due to Manav baba. Manav is telling DK he needs to talk to him but DK says it’s not the right time, how about after the party. Manav says it would be too late by then. Shirish is coming in with his wife. DK sees him and says ah, just the man I was looking for! Manav sees this and looks mad. Shirish and DK say hello to each other and ask each other how they are. Shirish tells DK to meet Rukshali, his life partner and business partner. DK shakes hands with Rukshali. Shirish tells DK that she makes most of the business decisions. DK is explaining how this is a coincidence his wife Aashna too would also make the business decisions but unfortunately she’s no more and I am by myself. Manav is looking mad and he remembers Archana’s words telling him that DK sir, Shirish are going to be there and not to create a scene which would affect their relationship. Manav goes over to a the man named Brijesh(who he was talking to on the phone) and he asks him if he knows what to do. Brijesh says sir everything will happen as you wish that Shirish and his wife have come. He tells Brijesh to get to work and Brijesh says don’t worry, I’ll handle it. Brijesh smiles. DK is welcoming Shirish and Rukshali in


Kamla and her 2 kids meet up with Vitthal. Kamla is very panicked and they go into the kidnapper’s house.

The kidnapper’s chawl

They go inside and Vitthal is assuring Kamla not to worry. One of the kids(Kamla’s daughter) finds Pakhi’s other shoe. Kamla is happy that she found the other shoe and Vitthal says she must be somewhere nearby.


Pakhi and the kidnapper are outside. The kidnapper is dragging Pakhi with her. Pakhi really wants her mom but the kidnapper says I am your mom. Pakhi sees Kamal and shouts Maa, Maa! Kamla eventually sees Pakhi and she shouts, Pakhi! Kamla and Vitthal run up to where Pakhi is at. The kidnapper is suffocating Pakhi and claims that she is Pakhi’s mom. Kamla begs the lady to let her daughter go but the kidnapper says she is my daughter! The kidnapper is threatening to make Pakhi fall down from the terrace. The kidnapper lets Pakhi go and Pakhi is about to fall when Archana saves her. Pakhi runs and hugs Kamla. They hug very tightly and Kamla promises Pakhi that she will never ever leave her like this again. Archana tells Kamla that she can see that Pakhi really loves her a lot and can’t live without her and tells Kamla and Archana is telling her that the way you were searching for Pakhi is something that even her own mother would never do. Kamla thanks her again and Archana says I will leave. Archana leaves. One of the ladies says how does Pakhi live so happily with Kamla? Kamla is crying while hugging Pakhi and assuring her that she will never leave Pakhi again. Kamla and Pakhi hug.

Update Credit to: bhallarox

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