Pavitra Rishta 5th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 5th March 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 5th March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Naren coming to Ankita’s home and calls for Ahana. Prashant and Mansi tell him that she is not there. Naren says, he knows she is here. Mansi says, she went to meet you at your house. Naren says, you have wasted my time. Why don’t you tell me before. He comes home and sees Ankita. He silently going inside the house. Ankita sees him and runs to him. Naren asks her to statue. Servant brings the aarti thali. Naren does her aarti. Ankita gets tears in her eyes with happiness. Servant brings the kalash. Naren asks her to kick the kalash and come inside. Ankita remembers her grah pravesh. Naren asks her to enter. Ankita says sorry to Sunanda but she goes. She then says sorry to Shirish and takes his blessings. Shirish says, it is okay. Kinnari is annoyed.


takes her to their room. Naren holds his ears and bend down. Ankita stops him. Naren says, I am a mad guy. I am sorry for my behavior. Ankita says, I did a mistake. I couldn’t understand you. Naren says, I was collecting proofs. Ankita says, sorry. Naren shows her 7 vows on the mobile and asks her to slap him. Ankita says, don’t do this. Why you are doing this? She starts crying. Naren says sorry. He sits on the floor and says I love you. Kal Ko Bhoolun Naa………plays…………………..Ankita hugs him.

Pushti tells Manav that no jogging today. Manav says, we should jog daily and asks her to come. Archana thinks Manav forgot her birthday. Manav comes back and wishes her Happy Birthday. He says, I can’t forget your birthday and gives the flower. Pushti wishes her happy birthday. Manav says, we will have party and get to together. We will have food together and enjoy. Manav asks Archana to organize the special dinner. Manav asks her not to make food from today. Archana says, who will make it then? She starts coughing. Manav says, I hired a chef. Archana says, I don’t like anyone to enter in my kitchen. Manav says, I hired her for today and asks her to test her. He says, if you like the food then hire her.

Mansi talks with Ankita and says she is very happy that she got her family. Ankita says, don’t blame yourself. We have won the case. You have set an example for the women. Mansi asks her to take care and disconnects the call. She tells Mansi that she is happy that Ankita is accepted by her family and got her happiness back. She hugs Prashant and says I am very happy today.

Archana tells Manav that she will cook the food as the chef didn’t come till now. Manav asks her to sit. Archana gets worried. Manav says, she will prepare the food. Archana says, I will cook the food. Manav insists her to sit and he will make tulsi tea for her. Manav goes to the kitchen. Pia comes and touches Archana’s feet. Archana asks, who are you? Pia introduces her as Priya Ladkar and says she wants to meet Manav. Archana says, we don’t want chef for daily, just needs for today. Manav comes. Manav introduces himself and Archana. Manav tells her that Archana insists to cook for her family. Archana says, being a housewife she should cook. Manav says, I agree with you but you are getting old and not well. Archana asks, am I old? I am old but why you said I am buddi. Manav says, I didn’t say that. I am also old naa. Pia smiles looking at them. She says, I will make her understand. She says, she won’t be having any problem with my cooking. She is like my grand mother. It is my duty to prepare good food for you. Manav smiles. Manav shows her the way to kitchen. He says today is the special dishes as today is her birthday.

Pia says, I will prepare so many Maharastrian dishes specially for her. I know Indian spices are hard to find in Canada. I went to the supermarket and got it. Manav asks her to freshen up first. Manav says, she is smart.

Ankita is sitting on the floor. Naren touches her with flower. He rests on her lap…………Sunraha Hain Na Tu plays……………..Naren lifts and takes her to the bed. He covers her with blanket. He sleeps close to her.


Ovi is distributing clothes to the poor. Soham comes and takes something from the beggar’s plate and leaves. Ovi looks at him.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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