Pavitra Rishta 5th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 5th February 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 5th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Ankita telling Karmakar’s that Raunaq raped her sister Mansi. She says, he came at the night on the sangeet day. Sunanda says, I accept that his reputation is bad, but he can’t rape any girl. Ankita says, he is a bad guy. He ruined my sister’s life. If you don’t believe me, then come to my house and see Mansi. Sunanda says, I don’t need to go anywhere. Raunaq is Karmakar and he can’t rape any girl. Ankita says, you mean she is lying? I am lying. She is shocked. She kept quiet for me and Naren sir. She is ruined. She cries. She tells Raunaq that she will get him punished. Raunaq says, I don’t know why you are blaming me and asks her to slap him. Ankita slaps him. Raunaq tells her that he was with Kinnari and was celebrating wedding night with Kinnari.


tells Ankita that Raunaq was with her and he didn’t leave her even for a moment. She asks Ankita, how could you do this? You can’t blame my husband like that. I came with dreams and you broke everything. Stop doing it. Raunaq says, now it is about my respect and family’s prestige, he says, Mansi is not innocent as she trapped Ankita’s ex boyfriend Shashank. He says, she was after me but I didn’t entertain her. I should have tell you but I kept quiet.

Raunaq says, Mansi is a girl of loose character. Ankita beats him and says he is lying. Raunaq repeats that her character is loose. Raunaq says, she is taking revenge on me and tells about the restaurant incident. He makes a false story. He says, I am sure she got her face blackened somewhere and framing me. Ankita says he is lying. Sunanda says, I heard you all. But you didn’t listen what Kinnari said. She said, Raunaq was with her. She asks, did anyone see Raunaq there. She asks for the proof. She tells Sunanda and Shirish that chawl girl’s ruin her in laws home. Ankita cries. Shirish tells Ankita that you didn’t do the right thing. We gave you respect but. She goes to Naren and says Raunaq raped Mansi. Naren says I didn’t see Raunaq there. How can you be so ridiculous and pushes her. Ankita falls on the floor. He asks for the proof. He says, he is Karmarkar and we can’t do that. He gets an attack. Raunaq takes him in his room. Sunanda throws Ankita out of the house.

Waiter serves coffee to Purvi. Purvi says, I didn’t order it. Pia comes and says it is complimentary. She says, everyone liked my dishes but Arjun sir didn’t like it. It was demotivating. She says, he got angry on me and fire me infront of others. I felt like insulted. Purvi gets angry and asks her not to make an opinion of anyone without knowing him. She says, he is a good man. He is your boss and I don’t think you shall talk to him with attitude. Pia thinks, you can’t be away from Dad. You loves him very much. I will unite you both.

Raunaq comes to his room and says you should get acting oscar to you. I am stunned to see your acts. You are superb. You are more evil than me. Raunaq says, I am confused whether you accepted me as your husband or not. I have become your fan. Kinnari says, you are so desperate. I am a good actress. I did drama but now I am going to tell everything with this recording. Raunaq stops her and asks, then why you lied. Kinnari says, I kept quiet to show you my act. I will not keep quiet, I am not like Mansi. I am Kinnari and I don’t get afraid of you. I will not allow you to threaten me. I want to live my life my way and you have to accept the deal. She says, you won’t interfere in my life and I will not interfere in your life. She asks him to transfer half of the property on her name when Sunanda gives the property. Raunaq agrees for the deal and asks for the recording. Kinnari says, I will keep the proof and the deal will be done on my terms and conditions. They shake hands.

Arjun is talking on phone about business. Pia comes and serves the food at the table. Arjun says, you should have send someone else. Pia says, it is punishment as you didn’t come to the canteen. Arjun says, I never had food there. Pia asks him to try the different dishes. Arjun eats the dish and asks what is it? Pia says it is pasta. She says, I knew you will like it. But I don’t know why she didn’t like it. She tells the same story that Purvi insulted her infront of everyone. She tells khadoos. Arjun says, it is not necessary that everyone like it. Everyone have different taste. Pia says it is about my job, just guide me. Arjun says, her taste is very indian, typical maharashtrian dishes. she like Modak and puri. Pia thanks him and says I can make a menu for her for this week. Arjun says, don’t call her khadoos next time.

Naren looks at their photos and says I miss you Ahana. Please come back soon. I don’t know why this misunderstanding happened. He calls her. Ankita picks the call. Naren says, where are you? I know naa that I couldn’t sleep without holding your hand. Ankita says, I am with Mansi and will be with her tonight. Naren says, okay she needs you now. Naren says sorry for pushing her. He says I will say sorry on your behalf. okay. He asks her to return tomorrow. He says I love you before disconnecting the call. Ankita is on the road and says you are very innocent. I can’t tell you that I got thrown out of the house.


Soham comes to the Karmarkar’s house and beats Raunaq saying how could you touched my daughter. Kinnari looks shocked.

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