Pavitra Rishta 5th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 5th February 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 5th February 2013 Written Update

Teju’s entry into d khandeshi house, jignesh welcomes her n gives her sunny n his room.. teju says she doesn’t want to stay in that room n make jigs shift out… but jignesh says, its her room from now..
snehalata calls teju n says now that she is at home.. she has to take up all the responsibilties n tells her to make 1000 theplas by 3 pm!!
snehalata then thinks to herself, teju will never be able to make them on time n surely miss punni’s party..
teju is totally worried, but jigs encourages her n teaches her to make them n they cook together…

next scene.. onir in a suit all dressed up for the func n calls out to purvi.. she steps out of the room… onir is totally lost in her beauty, n says… tum acchi lag rahi ho.. purvi then goes into the room..

onir helps her put on d bangles, puts the bindi on her forehead(tum ho paas mere BG music) he takes a kaala tika, pushes her back n makes a mark… manju interrupts d intimate scene! n says everyone is waiting for them… onir leaves…
purvi checks the drawer for the money n finds that the cash is missing and is entirely shocked…

purvi receives a call from the blackmailer, he says, that he really happy that she taking him seriously n went n sold the necklace for the money.. purvi is shocked, she questions him, as to how he knows so many things abt her… he says 3 lac is a big amount n tells her he’l come to collect it personally…
onir enters the room, purvi asks him abt the money kept in d drawr, he replies that he has given d money to vinod mama.. before purvi could say anything ajee enters n says its time to go out for the func..
at d party, ovi n arjun talking, ovi thanks him for the gifts he has given, arjun says there is no need to be formal, ovi agrees n says ofcourse, its my haq… she leaves n arjun thinks to himself, he is worried abt purvi n wonders why she is in need for all d money.. n hopes she is not in any trouble…
teju enters the party, manav asks her how she feels at d khandeshis n tells her to call when she needs him, but teju declines n says she fight this all alone.. sulo ajee tells manv that teju is just like him, independent.. (POWER CUT!!! PLZ WAIT TILL I FILL U IN)
sunny also enters d party, savita is shocked how he could make it so quickly.. coz she had told him to wash all the vessels!!(like really lot of vessels) she also had told him if he doesn’t wash them all he will not marry teju!

both teju n sunny at the party..standing across the room.. both sad that they cannot talk to each other(savita ajee keeping n eye on them)..they think to themselves( telepathic convo!)
if only the condition was not there, they would talk to each other but now its really important that they do everything right.. savita n sundari looking at both of them n waiting if they do meet each other.

PRECAP:the blackmailer(in some disguise at the party) bumps into arjun as he hurriedly walks into the hall.. he then gives purvi a glass of juice with a tissue paper around it.. she notices it, the paper reads: mujhse milo, shubchintak (meet me.. well wisher).

Update Credit to: ArVi

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