Pavitra Rishta 4th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 4th March 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 4th March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Archana telling Pari that Purvi called and said that her marriage is postponed for 20 months. Now you can come for her marriage. Pushti gets excited. Manav says, we will go. Pari refuses to come. Archana says it is important for you to come. Pushti goes to tell her friends. Gaurav asks, I don’t understand why people get happy with the thought of going to India. Manav is about to say about India. Gaurav says, I am not interested. Pari asks her, have you done the work. Gaurav says, I went with my friends so couldn’t do. I will help you next time. Pari says, how can you be so irresponsible? Gaurav says, I won’t allow you to humiliate me. Handle the business yourself. Manav asks Pari not to feel bad. Pari says it is okay. Manav tells Archana there is a difference

between Pari and Gaurav. Archana says, Pari is like Purvi and Pushti is like Sachin. She says, if Pia comes here then we will know about her. Manav says, we will find Ovi.

Sunanda slaps Kinnari for supporting Raunaq. She says, being a woman how can you support Raunaq. We could have done something if you would have told us before. Kinnari says, sorry I got sacred. He threatened to divorce me on the wedding night itself. She says, she thought about her and her parents respect. She asks Attu for forgiveness. Sunanda says, I was good in London. I should not have come here. Naren tells Kinnari that no one will throw her out. He says, I told you naa you are my sister. I know he might have pressurised you. Kinnari apologizes to him. Naren asks her not to cry. Shirish looks on. Kinnari sheds crocodile tears to stay at home. Naren asks the servant, did you do the arrangement? He signs yes. Sunanda asks, what arrangement? Naren says, I am talking about Ahana’s grah pravesh. I will welcome her at home. I didn’t listen to her when she showed the bracelet.

Ankita feels guilty as she talked rudely with Naren. She says, I don’t know how to face him. I took his responsibility but I left him. Naren says, I promised to support her in any circumstances but fails. Ankita says, I will go to him and will do everything for him. I want to meet him once. Naren says, I am going to bring her home. We will welcome here like she came for the first time. Ankita says, I will go and meet her. Naren says, I am going to bring her. I am feeling bad. He tells Kinnari and Shirish. Naren leaves. Ankita leaves from her home.

Manav asks Pushti about everyone. She gives the details. Archana says, it means we only are going. Manav compliments Archana. Neena comes and asks, are you going to India? Archana says we are taking her? Neena says, you have exams? Pushti says, I will go after the exams. Neena asks her to attend the classes. Pushti says, let me go. Neena slaps her. Pushti starts crying. Archana asks her not to raise hand on the kids. Neena tells Archana to let her handle her kids. She says, you can go to India as you are retired but we have so much work to do here. Sachin comes and asks, why you are shouting. Neena tells him that Pushti is going to India with them. Sachin says, that’s not fair. You would have think about her studies. He says, this is 21st century. Here education and career matters a lot. He says, you should have asked us. Manav says, she is our grand daughter also. Do you know anything about her studies. Neena says 5 or 6 subjects. Manav tells about her subjects and says written test have been done. Only practical is left. We will come before the end of vacation. Neena says, you want to prove that we are bad parents. Archana says, we are also her grand parents. Sachin begs of them to stop troubling Neena. Archana tells Manav that everything has changed. Everyone cares for themselves. We were happy in India. They feel bad.

Naren sits in his car and asks the driver to take him to Ahana’s home. Ankita sits in the taxi and is on the way to Naren’s home. Yaara Hame Maaf Kardo Naa Plays…………………Ankita and Naren recall about the happenings.

Ovi is bailed from the police station by her lawyer. Police asks her not to leave the country. Ovi reads Pia’s letter. It reads that she is going to out of country for her project. She says, she has hired the lawyer. She says, I am feeling bad to leave you. I know you will forgive me. You are a rockstar. Ovi says, there is something going on in your mind. She prays for her success. Ovi thinks, I am away from my parents and wished that you share everything with me.

Ankita comes to Karmarkar’s house. Sunanda stops her and asks her to wait until Naren’s comes. Kinnari smirks and thinks Ankita will not get place in this house. Very soon I will be the owner of this house.

Ovi is distributing clothes to the beggars. Soham takes something from one of the beggar’s plate. Ovi looks at him from far..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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