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Pavitra Rishta 4th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sachin ordering sweets and fruits for Pari’s marriage. Neena comes and tells him that he will just be a loser. She tells him that Ankita blackmailed Archana and Manav emotionally, so that she gets all the property. Sachin asks, what? Neena says, Archana is having soft corner for Ankita. Pari gets ready and asks Manav, how she is looking? Manav says, just like your name. He looks at her hand and says I am very happy for her. She will handle house now. He tells her about business and house. He gives her tips and says one will be successful if have trust. Pari promises to follow his teachings. Manav says, I am proud of you. Pari hugs him. Manav says, you will married Naren and he will be your life partner for seven births. He says, I am always with you, never let you down.

Pari’s mehendi ceremony starts. Rushaali asks Ankita to make design on Pari’s hand and asks her to write Naren’s name on it. Pari doesn’t like it. Ankita hesitantly goes to write Naren’s name on her hand. Mansi feels sad for Ankita. Pari gets Naren’s call. Ankita picks the call and gives it to Pari. Naren asks her to meet him. Pari says, I can’t come now. Naren says, I will meet you in the night.

Pia, Pushti, Teju dance on the song. Pushti asks Mansi to come. Archana says, she can’t dance as she is pregnant. Archana senses Ankita’s sadness. Mansi follows her. Ankita goes to Mansi’s house and cries. Mansi comforts her. Archana comes there and listens to their conversation. She asks, why you are crying? Mansi says, she is having stomach pain. Archana asks, why you didn’t tell me? Mansi says, she will be alright. Ankita asks her not to take any tension.

Archana comes back to her house and thinks about Ankita. Ovi comes and asks why you are tensed. Archana says, I am tensed. As we all know that Ankita married Naren for money. She was sad during Pari’s mehendi. She says, I felt Ankita is hiding something. Ovi says, Ankita is not well since many days. She tells that Ankita was not well during Pari and Shekhar’s engagement. She says, we shall show her to a good doctor. Archana says, I will talk to Ankita. Ovi asks her not to take any tension.

Naren comes to meet Pari after her mehendi ceremony. She says, we can’t meet as my mehendi is done. Naren says, I came to meet you. Naren asks, what you have done? Pari says, everyone enjoyed a lot and was happy except Ankita. Neena overhears them. She says, I feel pity on Mansi. She knows that Ankita is carrying Shashank’s child. I don’t know how she is bearing Ankita. Neena is shocked. She says, Soham Mama put a condition infront of Archana and Manav that he will be back if they get you married to Ankita. Naren says, why will I marry her. I loves you Ahana. Naren leaves.

Ankita looks at Naren’s photo and cries recalling their wedding. She thinks, today I can remember you with rights, from tomorrow you will be someone else. I am happy for you. I am going with my love. She says, I will give lots of love to our kid. I love you very much and says I miss you. She looks at the cheque which Rushaali had given her and tears it.

Archana comes to meet Ankita. She says, I brought prasad for you. We want you all to be happy. We are trying from our side to keep you happy. She asks her to share her problems with her. Ankita says, I will eat the prasad. Archana looks at the torn cheque.

Neena talks to jeweller on phone and asks him to send the diamond necklace. Sachin says, I didn’t have money. I won’t ask Baba. Neena says, everyone will go mad with the news. MAnav will give me the money. She tells him that Ankita’s value will get down with this news. She says, we have to insult her so much that she leaves the city. She says, she is pregnant with Shashank’s child. Sachin asks, what? Neena says, I will tell you when I am ready with the plan.

Ankita tells Mansi that she is going to Naren’s house to give him some files. Mansi asks, can’t you refuse him. Ankita says, no. I love him. Mansi says, I can’t see your condition. Shashank comes and says I talked to nursing home. You have to go after 2 days. Mansi says, I will come with you. Ankita says no. You have to take care of your child. She asks her to come to her once she delivers the baby. Mansi asks, what do you mean? You won’t come back, not even for my delivery. Ankita hugs Mansi and cries.

Ankita gives the files to Naren. Naren is seated for haldi ceremony and asks his dad to check the files. Kinnari asks Ankita to apply haldi on Naren and says you too have some relation with him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Let naren and pari get married…. no objections…. do as writers like… dumb..

  2. When will dis neena do d frst right thing of her life..???when will she create d dat evryone know dat ankita is pregnent with naren’s child…!!!

  3. This is the worst show it has no value for religion. They came back for culture in india but what happen teju is not marry ovi had child for sister husband and still have no man and now pari marryin her cousin husband and anikita pregnant how nadty hindu religion is plzzx take this shamefull nasty show off air

    1. I agree with u

  4. Some times I think where is our morals and value as a Hindu with this kind of stupidness on the soaps shows why hide the true about the baby what is the big deal Ankita I want to know if naren cannot see Ankita did not cash the BLASTED cheque.So she never married for money rushaali shut your big mouth open your Big Eyes Bigger and ask your Mad Son if the cheque was cash by Ankita and see how desperate did Ankita needed money. How Dumb can naren and his family are naren quick to call other people stupid He and his family More Stupid, Where is Sherkar the lawer Ankita should show the contract also the cheque,and h can sense out of nonsense.

  5. noone understands some of these hindi films man
    when will ankita tell naren then it will go on to ankitas narens and paris children grow up and the same old crap that goes on for generations
    anyway not like it matters its the samething with all films
    secrets ‘hide thwe truth’ but who complaining they will make it interesting sooner or later
    naren gonna know the truth

  6. I have followed this program for 5years in Nigeria and i fell so sad that the 3rd generation is affected by the sins of the grandparents. I wish it ends with Aankit takes the bold step to end it.

  7. I think so far this is the worse show ever…..were is the love the value,norms and tradition. This show is just making people to question indian society. The are not promoting any good value…..just soooo stupid plus I hate pari

  8. I have started hating this show it is gonna be the same shit It would be better to end it now

  9. Ankita why don’t you Just tellen naren that it is his baby you are carrying

  10. Pavitra riShta is gone stupid…..please get rid of pari….and someone should slap some sence into Naren….bring narens aunt back to fix this stupid mess and make this program awesome!!!

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