Pavitra Rishta 4th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 4th July 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 4th July 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Kinshuk n Shalini are came to Onir’s house with some food they both say that Onir you won’t come to meet us thats we came here n brought some Onion Rings to eat.Kinshuk says eat it fast otherwise it will get cold,Onir is eating suddenly the bell rings n he opens the door looks Postmen has came to deliver his courier n he takes it,Onir opens the envelope sees that Purvi has filed a case against him of Cheating n Fraud.Shalini says i didn’t expected this from Purvi but Onir says i was waiting for this to happen.
In Dk’s House Manav n Archana are talking with Arjun while Dk comes with Purvi then Arjun goes near him asks hows he? DK says he is fine,If Purvi is there then why i need a doctor,Purvi gets embarassed Manav n Archana looks each other.Purvi calls Arjun

n says how to give medicine at what time then she says archana that i need to leave office she has a meeting. Dk says to Arjun tell David to drop Purvi at office but she denies,DK says its rainy season now so you will not get auto then she agrees,Dk asks Manav how’s the work going on in office,did the Mehta’s deal got finalize.Manav says now you have to rest no more talks of office here.Manav n Archana are in car while they are talking about Purvi,Archana says i m happy that she is working you saw manav how DK sir gave blessings to her as she is his daughter in law Manav gives a weird expression,Archana says to her own that i know Manav that you are not happy with what happened in Ovi’s life but Arjun n DK sir needs Purvi then Manav thinks i know Archana what you want but i want my both daughters to be happy.

Part 2:
Purvi is working in office Arjun’s PA comes that the clients are on the way they will reach in just few minutes,Suddenly phone rings its Ovi calling n Purvi picks up the call says hello listening to Purvi’s voice she hungs up the call n gets angry then Purvi looks that it was Ovi she tries to call her but she remained unavailable.Arjun’s PA comes n says ma’m you are coming na Purvi nods n leaves the cabin.Soham has came to meet Sulochana n Varsha they are happy to see him in K House he tries to talk in english with them he goes on talking,Varsha says you are learning english yes Mai that i wanted learn that so Archana aai started teaching me,Sulochana says we should have some sweets for this n brings it for Soham.Soham will eat he says i m sophisticated then Manju listens it n taunts to him that saying just two words for english you can’t become sophisticated Soham says that aaji’s food has brillant taste thats the reason i m eating like this.Manju says eat how much you want the way you are eating it says how much you are sophisticated then Soham says you are like this only from your birth,Manju gets angry.
Varsha says you can’t talk like this to people who are elder than you,She asks Soham who is she of yours?she is my Mami then she asks same to Manju she says he is my Husband’s Sister’s Son then why you don’t understand that he has brought up in village with me so doesn’t know how to live a casual life like us You should understand that n Soham leaves from K House.Purvi is in meeting her phone rings its Arjun call but she cuts that n moves forward then client says we will be back again Arjun calls to her she picks up n says to him that Ovi had called Office’s number i was trying to call she didn’t picked up you call her immediately Arjun says to her calm down he will call Ovi but you go home Pari is there.
Onir’s house Shalini receives a call that she got a job n she is happy,Onir says its party time lets have some sweet he gives her a pinch of sugar to her as there was no sweets in home.Shalini says she needs to tell this news to her Kinshuk Di then asks Onir if he can give her a glass of water he is searching for glasses suddenly calls Purvi for help then stops,Shalini says why are you doing this he says i want Purvi to be happy bcoz i love her after my plan gets succeed then my love will have explainations of it.

Part 3:
A man is walking on the road he tries to cross it but vehicles are making him uncomfortable suddenly he crashes to a bike n falls,Soham says loudly don’t you see he helps the man to get up n making him walk but he isn’t able Soham tries to help he says i’ll manage again man falls but soham catches him n says that we will go.Soham comes to his home n sees it Gauri’s house gets confused he says that this man lives here. Gauri’s father calls her mother but she isn’t there so his son comes n sees that his father got injured he says i’ll call mother but Gauri’s father denies says Soham to sit but Soham wants to leave as its Gauri’s House he gets more confused leaves from there.
Onir has came to Kinshuk’s house n she shows him her house,he says its pretty good Kinshuk says bcoz of him she got offers n rented a house.
She says i came here to help you but i got busy in my work that i didn’t got time.Onir says My Dear Friend just relax,Kinshuk says i will find a girl for you but Onir says you can’t find a match for you,She says thats true.

Precap: Manav is telling to Archana he’ll make a announcement today she asks him whats that he says you will have to wait till night..

Update Credit to: gaurav.ankita08

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