Pavitra Rishta 4th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 4th February 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 4th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Sunanda telling Raunaq that she needs to talk to them. Raunaq gets scared. Kinnari talks to her mom. Her mom asks her to keep Raunaq happy. Sunanda asks Raunaq, did anything happen between you. Raunaq says no. Sunanda says, Kinnari is looking upset and asks her to tell what is in her mind. Kinnari says, I don’t know anything about the riuals and that’s why I am little nervous. Sunanda asks her not to take any tension. She requests her to wear the saree brought by her. Naren tells Ankita that I was searching for you. He says, I got emotional seeing Mansi’s cry. He says, we shall go home. Ankita says, I will be back. Naren asks her, if there is some problem? Ankita asks him to promise that he will never leave her. Naren says, I will never leave you. Ankita

thinks, what to do? Shall I tell everything to Shashank? Mansi don’t want me to tell anyone. I will not keep quiet. I will get Raunaq punished. Sunanda calls Ankita and taunts her to come back home if she is done at her place. Ankita thinks Raunaq is celebrating after ruining my sister’s life. Ankita says, I know my responsibilties. Sunanda says, you are a sad excuse of a daughter in law. Every bhabhi is enthusiastic about her brother in law’s marriage. You have to come here for the rituals. Ankita says, I am coming. Sunanda says, don’t give me a chance to call twice.

Sonu tells Ankita that Mansi is tired and slept. Ankita sits at her bedside and feels bad for her. She kisses her on her cheek and leaves the room. Sonu says, you will come back naa. Ankita says yes. Ankita says, Mansi is very emotional. It happens before marriage. She says, Mansi is hurt as she will be leaving home now. She asks them to let Mansi cry if she wants. Prashant asks, is everything fine. Ankita says, girls get scared before marriage. Prashant asks her to go as jiju is waiting. Soham says, Mansi came to know that Shashank is poor and that’s why she don’t want to marry. Ankita says, do you care about your children? We are all alone. You only care for your drink. She asks him not to give them pain. Soham says, I understand anything. Ankita asks Prashant to keep Soham away from Mansi. I don’t want Mansi to get hurt.

Purvi comes to Chadda. Chadda says, we will sit at the coffee shop. Purvi says, I came here to talk about business and tells about his secretary call. Chadda says, I got a call from your secretary. He says, I came to meet you as you are would be Mrs. RK. Arjun says, I called you both. Chadda asks Arjun not to call and disturb him. Arjun threatens him for his mishandlings. He asks him to tell the truth to Purvi. Chadda says, he don’t understand what you are talking about? Arjun asks him to tell the truth again. Chadda says, why I will lie? Arjun gets angry. Purvi says, Arjun you are lying. I don’t believe you. Leave from here. Chadda calls the security guard. Purvi doesn’t want to listen to Arjun’s truth.

Naren and Ankita come home. Ankita looks at Raunaq and recalls Mansi saying her that Raunaq raped her. She gets angry. She imagines to slap Raunaq and he falls on the stairs. Raunaq thinks, why Ankita is angry. He thinks Mansi is not stupid to tell about it to anyone. Sunanda calls Ankita and says I make you understand since long. She warns her. Ankita says, I will get puja thali. Sunanda asks, what happened to Ankita? Naren says, she is emotional about her siblings. She will be fine. I will take care of her.

Sunanda asks Ankita to do aarti of Kinnari. Sunanda says, it is aashirwad from us. Ankita does the tilak of Kinnari. Ankita prays for Kinnari. Sunanda asks Ankita to do the aarti of Raunaq. She says, it is Vahini’s responsibility to do aarti of her dewar. Raunaq says, I am loving the rituals. Ankita drops the thali. Sunanda says, it is bad shagun for the new couple. Ankita says, he cares only about himself. She says, I want to burn him with this diya but the fires don’t want to touch him. She slaps him. Sunanda asks, how dare you? Ankita says, you will do what I did when you came to know about his doings. She asks Raunaq to tell the truth. Raunaq says, I don’t know what are you saying. Ankita says, you are not innocent. Ankita says, what do you think that I will keep quiet being daughter in law of this house. You spoiled my sister’s life. Sunanda asks her to tell the truth. Ankita tells that Raunaq raped Mansi. Everyone are shocked.

Ankita tells Naren that Raunaq had raped Mansi. Naren is shocked and pushes Ankita. She falls on the ground. He says, Raunaq is Karmakar and he can’t do that. He gets hysterical.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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