Pavitra Rishta 4th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 4th February 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 4th February 2013 Written Update

Arjun is in Ovi’s room in the Deshmukh house .The baby starts kicking Ovi in her tummy . She puts Arjun’s hand on her stomach to let him feel his baby . Arjun is so happy and gets emotional . He thanks Ovi for taking good care of the baby and tells her that he cannot wait for little Ovi to come in their livs . Ovi tells him tht she wants little Arjun and not little Ovi .Arjun and Ovi both agree that this baby will make their lives a lot more happy when she comes .
Arjun talks to his baby and tells the baby to stop being naughty .
Ovi shows Arjun the diamond set that her parents gave her and also to Purvi as a gift of God Bharai . She remarks that Purvi is a lucky girl that despite of being an orphan she is getting everything that any girl could ask for .

feels a little awkward but agrees with her .
Ovi tells Arjun that as this gift is fromn her parents she wants to wear this on her God bharai and will wear Arjun’s gift on Punni’s reception .

Purvi is at the jewllers .She wants to get her diamond set revalued .The girl at the counter takes the diamond set inside .Meanwhile Arjun comes i nthe shop .He is there to buy some jewellery .Purvi sees him and immediately hides .Arjun sees the diamond necklace getting weighed and he remembers that this is the same one as Ovi’s .
The girl at the counter tells Arjun that someone had come to sell this necklace .
Although Purvi is hiding from him , Arjun slowly walks up to her .He is surprised to see Purvi looking so nervous and trying to desperately hide from him .
He wants to know why she is selling this necklace .Purvi tries to avoid his question but he keeps asking her again and again . He wants to know what is the problem that she had to see the necklace that was gifted to her by her mother .
All Purvi tells him is that she cannot tell him anything and she needs the money .Arjun offers to give her this money but she refuses any help from him .
Purvi takes the money , tells Arjun not to tell about this to anyone and leaves quietly .Arjun is left behind looking very worried .

Teju is packing her clothes to go to Sunny’s home .Archana is crying and she is telling Teju that she must behave and act in a sensible manner when she goes to the Khandesi house .Archana is not happy that Teju is going there before getting married bu tthere is no other choice .Archana tells Teju to watch how she speaks and even if she has to speak the truth then she must do it in a way that it will not hurt anyone .
Teju wants to know why is Archana crying as if Teju is going to her sasural . Archana says that Teju is going to her sasural as she is sure that Teju will win everyone ‘s heart there .

Sunny comes to the Deshmukh house with his mother .He has come to live there for one week .Teju is also ready to go to the Khandesi home . Sunny touches savita’s feet and calls her Aaji .Savita immediatel ycorrects him and tells him that he is to call her Mrs. savita Deshmukh .She tells Teju and Sunny that they are not to meet each other until their future is decided in this week.
Archana asks Snehlata to forgive Teju if she makes any mistakes and also tells her that she will take care of Sunny .
Snehlata says that she will first evaluate what kind of mistakes Teju makes and then decide if she should be forgiven or not .

Punni and Mr. Malik have a court marriage .Vinod , Manju and Ruchi are also there .They exchange garlands and sign the marriage certificates . Evertyone is very happy and Ruchi takes photographs of the family and the bride and groom .Vinod is a bit surprised how come Makil was able to arrange a court date so quickly as it usually takes a month to get married in the court . Malik says that he has connections and that is how he arranged everything so quickly .
Malik says that he has to go for a meeting .
Manju is not happy about this but Malik says that in his line of work he always has to be alert and make sure that he will always be on top of things where his business is concerned .Manju has no choice but just to agree.
Malik tells Vinod that Punni and him have arranged a reception and he invites Punni’s parents to it .
He gives his garland in Vinod’s hand and leaves .

Snehlata and Savita are talking to each other ( discreetly in a corner ) . They both tell each other that although they have to harass both Teju and Sunny, they must not cross the line and make their lives impossible to live ( no one is listening to their conversation ) . Archana comes and assures them that both Teju and Sunny will pass this test with flying colours and they will not teach .It is time for Teju to say good bye to everyone at home and leave for Sunny’s house .She hugs her mother and walks away from her home .Her parents , Sunny and also Savita wave her good bye .

Precap : Purvi is frantically looking for the money in her wardrobe but she cannot find it . The balckmailer calls Purvi and tells her to bring the money to the function and he will himself come to collect it .

Update Credit to: Tanyaz

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