Pavitra Rishta 3rd May 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 3rd May 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 3rd May 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Onir and Purvi in their room. Purvi tells Onir to make their conjugal relationship as they need to move up in their relationship. Onir asks if Aaji or baba have said her something for which she gets hurt. He says that distance can not be minimized wth the hesitation, when Purvi will come to him without any hesitate, that day he can move up. Otherwise, he is not insecured with Arjun’s coming in the chwal.

Teju serves mangoes to her family – Savita, Damodar and Sachin. Everybody wants to know how she has bought this sweet and good quality mangoes. Savita tells that Manav also knows the good quality mangoes so well. When Teju informs them that these are given by Soham and hence, free of cost, they stop eating it immediately. Sachin reacts badly and goes to the room after hearing this by giving her a angry look. Teju informs her Savita and Damo that Soham has left the wrong works and he is earning money by delivering the mango boxes. In the mean time, Manav comes and starts eating the mango. He pleases to eat this and asks Teju about the source of the mango. Savita nods her head and refrains Teju from telling about Soham. Manav asks Teju to get him 250boxes of this mangoes from this vendor. Teju agrees on that.

Arjun sitting at office often sees his mobile. He wants apologies and postpones his some client meeting. In that time two social workers from Roshni Foundation come to meet him and thank him. They inform about the polio campaign and insist Arjun to bring Pari to them. Arjun calls Purvi, but Onir picks it up as Purvi busy with taking the bath. Arjun informs Onir about the polio campaign. Onir fixes evening slot with Purvi. Arjun messages Ovi to reply him and Ovi informs that she will be online from 8-30.

Varsha comes home and sees that Soham has prepared food for her for the first time. He says that it gives him satisfaction. He tells Varsha how he has helped Teju for buying of mangoes. Varsha smiles saying that she feels glad to see him get closure to his family. But, the food is not good to eat with the extra salt, but Varsha readily eats it with smiling face.

Pre cap – Purvi is in the car with DK and it’s raining outside. DK insist to change her as Ovi’s cloth is available and also get Pari changed.

Update Credit to: crazy2012

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