Pavitra Rishta 3rd March 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 3rd March 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 3rd March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts in the court room. Naren says, I thought Raunaq can’t do anything but my perception changed after these four things. My first confusion: I brought a bracelet for him worth 4 lakhs rupees, one day before the wedding, but the bracelet which I have now has the receipt date after his wedding. It means two bracelet was purchased. Ahana got 1 bracelet on the terrace and the other one is on Raunaq’s wrist which was brought after the wedding day. He tells about the jeweller giving him the bill with Kinnari’s other items bill. Raunaq and Kinnari are shocked. Naren says my confusion is that which was Raunaq’s bracelet. I am mad but you are all sound person. Shekhar shouts at Naren. Naren says, let me speak else I will forget my confusion. Ankita and Mansi are tearful. Naren

says, Raunaq will tell about the real bracelet after getting beaten by the police.

He tells about his confusion no. 2: He shows the hairs which he got on Raunaq’s wedding clothes. Naren says, we don’t have long hairs but it might be Kinnari’s. I got the DNA test done to clear my doubts. DNA reports says that this report is of Mansi Matre. Raunaq says it can’t be possible as my clothes was not at home. Raunaq says, my clothes were drenched and I gave it to the laundary. Naren tells about the maid who forgot. He shows the DNA report. He tells the court when he got the hairs. He tells that he got the hairs in Raunaq’s wedding dress. Maid tells Naren that she had forget to send the clothes to Laundary.

Naren says, my third confusion is: I will introduce my sasurji Mr. Matre. He is a bad guy but one thing is good about him. He loves his family very much. He speaks to Soham about getting Raunaq’s punished. Naren says, Ghansham ji enquire runs a bear bar behind the hotel. Judge tells Ghansham to come in the witness box. Ghansham says, this man Raunaq climbs down the pipe and left. Ghansham says, I am bad guy but can’t lie about a girl. Naren asks, why he climb down the hotel pipe. Raunaq says, I didn’t do anything.

Naren says, my fourth confusion: I clicked many photos of Ahana and my family. When I zoom in the photos, I saw Raunaq’s photo behind the tent in one of those photos. She shows the printout of Raunaq’s photos. I have so many photos in my phone and Ipad. Judge is shocked to see Raunaq’s photos. Sunanda is ashamed. Shekhar is shocked. Naren says, if Raunaq made his clone then all my confusions gets cleared. He says, I heard Kinnari threatening Raunaq and got more confused. I am a mad genius. I made a software and got Kinnari’s phone connected through router. He transfer the recording from Kinnari’s phone to his phone. He plays the recording of Raunaq and Mansi’s conversation in the court. Everyone are shocked.

Judge gives order to submit the proofs for testing and says hearing will be continued after 2 hours. Naren tells Raunaq, you are a criminal infront of my eyes and slaps him twice. After two hours, court resumes. Judge says, whatever happened today is beyond everyone’s imagination. One man who is called as a mad man saved an innocent girl. He stopped us from doing a mistake. He proved a girl right and saved her respect. Judge says, he must be having bad upbringing. She praises Naren and says he is a genius. He supports truth. Our thinking is bad and that’s why we have to change. She says, the court gives 10 years of imprisonment to Raunaq Karmarkar for raping Mansi Matre. Ankita and Mansi cry with happiness. Raunaq is shocked.

Raunaq is taken in the police custody. Shekhar congrats him and asks why you didn’t give me proofs. Naren says, because you were Raunaq’s lawyer and not Mansi. Mansi asks Ankita to talk to Naren. Ankita thanks her lawyer Mamta for winning the case. Mamta says, I didn’t do anything and the credit goes to Naren. He loves you a lot. Ankita thanks Shashank. Shashank says, Naren deserves it. Ankita and Naren look at each other…….Kal Ko Bhoolun Naa……plays. They recall about their fight. Media comes and asks Naren, what do you want to say? They ask him so many questions. Naren says, I will say that Ahana was right. Ankita says, I got the guilty punished and got justice for my sister. Shirish takes Naren with him. Shashank asks Ankita to come. Sad music plays as both of them are taken by their families.

Ankita cries and tells Mansi that she don’t know how to face him as she had said much. Naren tells Sunanda that he didn’t support her when she needs it…

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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  4. thank god… finally sth extra ordinary happened in the tv show..really overwhelmed.. hats off to naren and obviously hats off to the director… hahaha

  5. I am not surprised at what naren did,I have always loved dat guycrazy or sane.I knew one way or another he will prove himself 2 b ahana’s knight in shining armour again,and he definately did not disappoint.luv u naren.hats off 2 d writers.

  6. Sameera Singh

    Wow it’s really amazing, I love u Naren n well done

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