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Pavitra Rishta 3rd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ankita coming to Soham’s house. Soham says, I want to tell you something. I wants to apologize to you all. I gave birth to you, but couldn’t give you a proper living. He says, I realized my mistake now and promises her to give them love and care. Ankita makes tea and tells him that they want him to love them. She says, we may get your love now. When we was young, we couldn’t figure out why you drink alcohol and scold us. Now we understood everything. I can understand your pain. She wipes her tears and says you was not wrong. Your Aayi and Baba are also not wrong. Your life might had been good. She says, if we try to get anything by stubborness then it we can’t get anything. We can get it by love. She tells him that his condition is wrong. She tells

him that she doesn’t love Naren and Naren doesn’t love her also. Soham says, who told you that Naren doesn’t love you.

He says, I won’t accept your talks. Ankita asks him to come somewhere. Naren tells Pari that what’s rubbish. Why I will marry Ankita? Rushaali comes downstairs and listens them. Naren says, I can’t understand this. His servant informs him that Ankita came to meet him. Naren asks him to send her in. Ankita and Soham come. Naren asks, why you took him here. Ankita says, I want you to answer his questions as he thinks you loves me and wants to marry me. Naren asks, is he mad? Soham gets angry and says you was mad. My daughter made you fine. I talked to Pari’s azooba and he will decide. Naren shows him the contract signed by Ankita. He tells him that their’s was a contract wedding and gives him the copy. Ankita lowers her eyes and takes Soham with her. She tells him that Naren doesn’t love you. Soham says, I know that he loves you. I know you are not greedy like me. You can’t do a contract marriage for money. You are hiding something from me.

nkita says, I am not lying and asks him whether Gauri loved him. Soham asks, what type of question is this? ankita says, I know that she doesn’t love you as she loved Sachin. She says, I am your daughter, but not like you. I won’t lose my 20 years like you. I won’t do this mistake. She says, truth is that she likes Naren and was happy. She thought Ahana is dead, but couldn’t get Ahana out of Naren’s mind. She says, he loved Ahana only. I can’t be Pari. She says, two loved ones should unite. I know you loves me, and I don’t want them to bear the pain. She asks him to try to understand.

Soham says, only you have the right on him. He asks her to come back to him if Deshmukh didn’t agree for his condition. He leaves.

Pushti and Ovi see the Zee Cinestars Ki Khoj promo and promotes it. Pranav and Sonu say that it is a complete entertainer. Ovi asks Ankita, where are you going with kids. Ankita says, we are going back to our house. Archana asks, why? Ankita tells them that she tried to explain to Soham, but he didn’t agree. HE asks them to come back to him. Manav says, we are your family. Ankita says, we can’t leave our baba. Manav says, he is angry now and that’s why can’t let you stay here. He says, I am ready to accept your every condition. We will do as you say. He asks her not to leave them.

Ankita says, we were poor, but happy. You didn’t have any relation with our baba, so how can we have any relation with you. She asks them not to mind anything. And says, you have completed our family. Manav asks them to stay till Pari’s wedding. Ankita promises them that she will attend Pari’s wedding with her siblings. Archana says, I can understand Soham, but don’t go. We will talk to Soham. My son will agree. Ankita says, he won’t come back. Sachin looks at Neena. Ankita tells them that she got a family and baba too. She says, she wanted her father to be loving and caring. Today she got her father in real means. She says, we don’t want to lose our baba, please let us go. Sonu and Pranav tell them bye.

Archana gets emotional. Manav asks her not to think much. Archana says, I can’t stop my mind from thinking about Soham. We are responsible for Soham and his kids misery. Manav says, we tried to bring Soham on the right path, but he didn’t understand. Archana says, we didn’t give him a upbringing. Manav gives Ankita’s example and says she has good values. Although Soham doesn’t give them good upbringing, his kids are good. He prays that Soham will accept them one day. Archana says, I feel pain to think that Ankita married Naren for money. I feel responsible for it. She says, I want to give them happiness. They are our blood. She cries. She says, we have waited for him and didn’t divide the property yet. She says, I want to transfer a big part of property on their name. Mana agrees with her. Neena hears them and gets shocked.

Pari tells Naren that she feels pity on Mansi as Ankita is pregnant with Shashank’s child. She says,I don’t know how she is living with Ankita under the same roof. Neena overhears her and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. This series is utter nonsense. Things that have happened with the tri earlier is happening agian with Naren Pari and Ankita. Just rubbish.

  2. This series is utter nonsense. Things that have happened with the trio earlier is happening agian with Naren Pari and Ankita. Just rubbish.

  3. Y is pari blabing so much abt ankita baby being shashanks wen she don’t have any proof. I can’t wait for d day wen she will kno its narens baby an not shashank. She such a b*t*h I jus hate her

    1. Dnt wry she will knw it bt nt nw aftr d leap when she will also be pregnent as d makers of ds serial are mad

  4. Prayin 4 d day d makers of dis film will set everything on the ryt track

  5. What the f**k ? Pari are u in your sense anyway u would know when naren remember ankita told him she is prengant .Hope neena don’t babble her stink mouth . Soham is the right guy but archana is listening to her big whoring granddaughter she is a b*t*h just like pari .pari role make the whole serial get f**k up .

  6. OMG i hope neena blabbs her big mouth to archana

  7. tru up pakhi wnder wen da makerz of diz serial stp da bulshit n cum on trck :-\

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