Pavitra Rishta 3rd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 3rd July 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 3rd July 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with in hospital arjun phone rings. It’s ovi’s call. ovi says on phone she didn’t know that he would signed the divorce papers so early. Arjun says I did whatever you wanted. He says I m in hospital. Ovi says hospital.. arjun informs her that dk got heart attack. Ovi feels bad & looks sad. Ovi asks how… arjun says due to stress… ovi asks oh.. which stress.. arjun says our divorce.. ovi says to arjun that you take care of dk..

Dk & arjun return in home from hospital. Arjun tells dk to take rest but dk says to arjun that you needs to take a rest.
In office purvi is walking.. one office man gives her one file & tells her that they need arjun’s sign on this papers.. purvi says she will sign but office worker says it will be great if arjun sir

will sign the papers.. & clients will also happy to see arjun sir’s sign.. so purvi leaves.
Outside purvi is searching auto.. onir is standing there.. he sess purvi & looks happy for her. He says so now finally you return to work in office. He remembering all old sweet moments which were spent with her. Purvi get one auto & she leaves. Onir says he wants to arvi together soon..

Part 2:
In arjun’s house.. dk is sitting in hall. Servent gives him soup.. door bell rings.. purvi enters in house.. dk sees purvi & asks you.. purvi says how is now ur helath? Dk tells I m fine now… purvi tells dk that she need arjun’s sign on papers. Dk tells her that arjun is doing rest in his room. He tells her to left the papers here. dk says thank you for handling office works. Purvi sees soup & says veggies soup is healthy for you. She says she will make for him in 5 mins. She goes in the kitchen & make soup.
Arjun comes in hall.. arjun sees purvi & says you.. purvi tells arjun that she need his sign on papers. Arjun tells her to give some informations to him bcoz he doesn’t have any idea about this project.

In deshmukh house savita asks about dk to manav. He says he is now fine. Archu gives tea to manav. Archu tells sachin that she wants to file a case against onir bcoz he betrayal purvi but savita says you think carefully before taking any action. Archu says I want to give justice to purvi. manav agree with archu & says I will give justice to my daughter.
In arjun’s house purvi & arjun doing work & arjun says I remembers how we were working toghter.. rain starts & purvi says raining.. arjun says you like rain na.. purvi says yes.. arjun tells her that he will drop her.

Arjun-purvi in car.. purvi is worried for pari. Suddenly their car stopped.. then driver tells madam chawl is near.. arjun tells that he will drop her. Both comes out from car & start walking.. arjun sees one auto. But automan is not present there.. so then decide walking.

Part 3:
Road arvi is walking.. purvi is holding umbrella.. then purvi says arjun why are you wetting? Suddenly.. purvi falling down while arjun holds her. Both eyelock… (Background music: Phir mohabbat karne chala hai tu) then arjun drops purvi near her chawl.. & says bye bye to purvi.
In deshmukh house purvi comes inside.. she see archu.. purvi ask to archu.. Aai still you are not sleeping.. archu says I m waiting for you. Then purvi see pari is sleeping.. archu tells purvi to change cloths.. purvi goes inside… purvi comes out & archu asks arjun also come with you.. why did you not tell him to come.? He would also met pari.. but purvi tells dk sir is alone at home so he leaves. Archu tells purvi to sign the papers.. purvi asks papers.. Archu is saying to Purvi to file a case against Onir so he realizes his mistake. She says she wants Onir to be in jail so he feels the pain that Purvi felt. She says she want to punish him. Episode ends.

Precap: In onir house onir got legal notice from court.. he tells shalini & kinshuk that purvi file a case aginst him bcoz he had cheated her.. shalini & kinshuk is worried for onir..

Update Credit to: Naresh

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