Pavitra Rishta 3rd February 2014 Written Episode Update


Pavitra Rishta 3rd February 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 3rd February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Kinnari whispering in Mansi’s ears that she knows whatever happened last night. She feels pity on herself. She says, I came with Raunaq. Raunaq smirks and tells hi to Mansi. Mansi gets scared and runs inside the room. Shashank says, I will see and goes after Mansi. Kinnari says, bride might be shy and tells Raunaq that they shall leave now for the ritual. Naren tells Ankita that we shall also leave now. Ankita says, I will come within 2 mins. Shashank asks Mansi, to share her concerns. Mansi gets tears in her eyes. Shashank keeps his hand on her shoulder, Mansi feels uncomfortable and takes it hand off her shoulder. Ankita comes. Shashank leaves the room. Mansi tells her that she don’t want to marry. Ankita says, you loves Shashank and asks what is the matter?

She asks her not to hide anything from her. Mansi says, I am not fit for him now. Someone snatched something from me which……Ankita gives her promise…….

Mansi tells being raped. Ankita is shocked. She asks, who raped you? Mansi says, Raunaq. Mansi says, he messaged me from your phone and tells everything. Ankita is shocked. Ankita says, I don’t understand when he came and did it. She asks her not to get scared. She says, I will never forgive him. Mansi cries miserably. Ankita says, I will talk to him. Mansi asks her not to talk to him as their reputation will be spoiled. She says, we can do nothing. Your family will go against you. I will not let your life spoil because of me. Ankita says, what about your marriage? Mansi says, I will not marry. Ankita says, Raunaq will be punished. Mansi says, it is written in my destiny. Don’t force me to marry. Ankita cries and says I can’t see your life ruined. Both of them hug and cries. Mansi gives her promise and says don’t tell this to anyone.

Shashank knocks on the door. Ankita opens it. Shashank asks, is everything alright? Ankita says yes. Shashank says, Mansi is crying and you are telling that everything is alright. He says, there is surely something. He asks her to tell what happened? He says, everything think that you are getting emotional but I know that something is bothering you. Ankita asks Shashank to come with her.

Kinnari talks to Sunanda and says we are reaching there. She says, Ankita is not with us. Raunaq says, we could have gone to some other place. Kinnari says, Ankita is from small place and being her relative we should attend her function. She asks the driver to go out for sometime. Kinnari tells Raunaq that she took him there to make him feel jealous of Shashank. She says, I will spoil your face colour. We couldn’t tell anyone. She says, I am angry because you insulted me. Just one chance and you will be finished. Nobody treated me this way. I will teach you how to make the girls dance on the tune.

Shashank asks Ankita, what is the matter? I am worried. Mansi is not telling me anything. He asks her to tell what is the problem? He says, it is my right to know about her worries. Ankita says, she is tensed about the marriage. Shashank says, everything was fine until yesterday. When we came here, she wasn’t ready for the function. This is not Mansi whom I knew. Ankita says, girls tend to get scared with the marriage day coming nearer. Ankita says, may be Mansi couldn’t hold herself. She will be alright. Shashank asks for the last time. He says, if she wants we can postpone this marriage. She have to come to my home after our marriage. Ankita says, marriage will solemnised on the decided date. Shashank says ok. Ankita cries miserably after Shashank leaves.

Ovi tells Arjun that we have to make Purvi understand and you can’t accept defeat. Arjun says, I am trying to make her understand but she is determined to marry him. I am just really lost. Ovi asks him to tell the truth and stop Purvi. Arjun says, she is stubborn and will do exactly opposite of what I say. Arjun says, Chadda changed his version infront of Purvi. Ovi asks Arjun to do something, so that the truth comes out infront of her. Arjun says you are right. Arjun looks at the book and ask what this book doing here? Ovi recalls Pia coming to the house. Ovi says, it is my book.

Kinnari is disgusted with Raunaq and thinks to get a chance to spoil Raunaq’s life. Sunanda comes and asks, what is the matter? Kinnari says, my head is paining and I couldn’t sleep. Sunanda says, I can understand and asks her to wear the dress for the ritual. Kinnari says, ritual my foot. Sunanda asks her, what she is thinking? Kinnari thinks to tell her about Raunaq’s doings. She is about to tell but just then her phone rings. Sunanda asks her to pick the call. Kinnari’s mom asks her to adjust in the house and make place for herself. She says, your relation is important for us. You got a big home and you have to maintain your position. Kinnari thinks, everyone are bothered about themselves. Raunaq comes. Sunanda says, I need to talk to you both. Raunaq gets afraid.

Purvi tells Arjun that you asked me to meet Chadda after knowing his truth. She asks him to leave and calls the security. Arjun tries to tell her that RK is not right for her. Purvi is not in a mood to listen and thinks he is lying. Arjun looks on helplessly.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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