Pavitra Rishta 31st October 2013 Written Episode Update


Pavitra Rishta 31st October 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 31st October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Purvi’s birthday celebration at the deshumkh house. Purvi cuts the cake and makes her dear one eat it. Manav asks Pushti not to eat much, Archana asks her to eat. Purvi calls Arjun’s number and hears him singing Happy Birthday to dear Purvi. It shows that he is cutting the cake and someone is playing the music in the background. Purvi is touched and teary eyed. Pari tells her to spend maximum time with them. Purvi says I will come.

Shashank comes and sees his photo in Mansi’s hand. Shashank thinks Ankita has his photo. He tells her that Mansi is good and they have to settle her as well. Ankita is shocked. Shashank holds her hand but Ankita doesn’t feel good. Shashank says that everyone knows about it.

Some lady Sheetal identifies

Soham and calls Purvi. She tells him that she saw a man who is a looklike Soham. Purvi asks are you sure? Sheetal says she is 100 percent sure. Purvi is tensed.

Arjun asks Ankita about the file. Ankita says it might be here at your table. Arjun asks her, whether everything is ok, Ankita says yes. Ankita is surprised to see Purvi, Pari and Archana’s pics in company profile pictures. He asks Ankita, did she read everything. She says yes. Arjun gets up and asks, did you saw Archana Deshmukh’s photo. Ankita asks, did I do a mistake. Arjun says no and shows her Archana’s photo. Ankita is shocked to see her lookalike. Arjun tells her that he was shocked too when he saw her first time. He says that he tried to enquire her because of her. Ankita says she is shocked and asks whether his wife is shocked too. Arjun tells her that he is seperated from his wife. Ankita tells Arjun that this company didn’t want to deal with us. Arjun says it was expected.

Gaurav teases Pushti for her eating. Manav asks for Archana and says she didn’t eat until everyone eats the food. Teju asks Pari to freshen up and come for dinner. Manav asks Purvi, is she fine? Purvi says yes. Purvi says she will be back. Pari tells Manav that she wants to talk to her because Aaji comes. Manav asks, who have cancelled the deal with Pioneer company and why? Archana asks Purvi, why you are looking tensed. Pari tells Manav that she had cancelled the deal as that company is Arjun Kirloskar’s. Archana is touched to know that Soham is alive. Purvi asks her to calm down and says it is not confirmed yet. Archana says she behaved badly with him as he did a bad thing. Purvi says it is not confirmed and may be Sheetal didn’t see properly. Pari tells Manav that they will go to America. Purvi tells Archana that she will go to India to enquire about Soham. Archana tells Purvi that if she sees Ovi then tell her that she is dead for them. She tells that if Ankita is Soham’s daughter then she will give her right which she has given to her every grand child. Pari gets the tickets and is suprised to know that Purvi is going to India to deal with Arjun. She says she didn’t understand why she wants to go. She says she has cancelled the deal. And says she don’t want to deal with him and his company. Archana says you are thinking wrong. Purvi says she will handle her own way and she has decided to keep the deal. Pari says but why? because he called you and showed sympathy. Manav asks, who called her? Pari says that man who is my father unfortunately. She speaks badly about Arjun. Purvi asks her not to tell anything against Arjun. She says Arjun is her guilty and she didn’t want to explain to her anything. She says I never mixed my professional and personal life anytime. She says she is not going there for personal reason. Pari asks her to go if she wants to get hurt.

Some guys are beating the thief, Soham steals his wallet and thinks he is beggar thief. He comes to the tea stall and asks them to serve tea, but that man refuses to give him tea.

Arjun recalls Pari in the flashback and then he recalls Pari asking him not to bother them. He recollects Purvi misunderstanding him.

Pari asks Purvi to promise her that she won’t go back to that Man Arjun’s life. Purvi says she won’t go..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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