Pavitra Rishta 31st March 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 31st March 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 31st March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Pari asking Pia to go away from there and leave her alone. Pia says she will not go from there until she tells her what is her problem. She says she knows her dad left her in childhood, but does not mean she should do injustice to each relationship. She says she is turning her face like her father. She then says her mom did not leave her family even after so many hardships. She says she knows how much she hates her father, but what has her family done to her, does not she care her family. Pari asks her to stop shouting and go from there. Pia says she won’t go from there, she knows the whole family is afraid of her, but she is not. She says pain lessens by sharing and asks her to share her problem. Pari says she won’t tell her. Pia insists. Pari says she does

not believe in love and relationship. She says he did the same to me like her father did to her mother. Pia asks who is he. She takes a book and shows his pic her and says he is the one who cheated her and left her alone. Pia looks at the pic carefully.

Ankita and Naren revolve around the candle fire and take oaths again. Ankita says she promises that whenever he gets any problem, she will face it.

Pari’s cheater boyfriend is shown as Naren. On the other side, Naren applies sindhoor on Ankita and says Ahana, I will not leave you no matter what hurdles he gets and says he loves her. She says even she loves her and they both hug.

Pia thinks he saw this guy somewhere. She asks Pari to speak up and say who is this guy and when he did meet her. Pari says to listen, but not to blame her if she loses faith in love after hearing her story. She starts telling her story. She says she does not remember the exact date, but she went 2-1/2 years ago with an ambition to Azoba. Most of the time life, we thing someting and something else happens. She didn’t think within 1 year her life would change with somany twists. She says she went to London and for day to day expenses, she took a part time job in a pizza shop.

Pari goes into flashback where she goes to pizza shop and says she is a student and needs part time job. Shop owner is Indian. He identifies her as Indian and says she will get a job, but she has to work in odd hours. He says whoever listens to his condition runs away. She says she will not run. He says she will get very less salary, but can keep the tips. He gives her shop uniform and asks her name. She says Ahana Kashyap. Pia asks why did she say Ahana when her name is Pari. Pari says her name is attached with Azoba’s name, a big business tycoon. People would have changed their views listening her real name and she did not want that, so she lied her name. Pari says she has great thinking and asks what happened next. She says next he came in my life and a new chapter started, table #54. She goes back into flashback where she takes order from Naren. He orders a warm pizza. He is busy working on laptop. He thanks her but she has already gone. He eats the pizza, calls Pari and says he ordered plain cheese pizza, but why jalapeno is added. She asks why is he angry on jalapeno. He says he does not like them. She starts removing jalapeno. He asks her to bring fresh cheese pizza. He says he will eat it and asks her to go. He eats it and likes it. She gives him jalapeno cup and says she removed it from his pizza from her hand. He starts coughing hearing that. She says he does not have any problem when she removed it away from him. She asks him not to be rude to chef or waiter because he does not have any idea what they can do with his food. She says she is not like that and asks him to finish the last piece also. Naren thinks if it was not the only restaurant which serves Indian masala pizza, he would have taught her a lesson.

Pari comes back to present time and says she didn’t think he would come back, but he came back. She goes back into flashback again. He says he came to eat pizza and orders pizza without jalapeno please. She says he must be telling please for the first time as he is afraid she would feed him pizza with dirty hands. She says he came back again. He calls her Ahana and says he has started calling waiters by name as they feel disrepected and get angry. He orders cheese pizza and ice tea. He gives her huge tip. She says he gave double money than the order in tip and says he must be a spoilt child of rich father. He says he is a student and not a spoilt son of rich father and has come here on scholarship. He asks her to come him by name, Aman Mathur. She comes back to present time and says they started meeting often and started liking each other. She says he was genius and the gem of a person. He used to dream big and used to say he will change the world. He was only 1 problem, he was boring type, always behind machines and inventions, no time for jokes, but he taught him everything. He used to come back and they used to speak a lot. He used to just listen and smile. We used to see in each other’s eyes the whole evening. Pia asks did she inform him that she is Pari, not Ahana. She says no and goes back into flashback. She says her waiter friend that she will inform him when she starts believing money does not matter to him. Waiter asks why is she working. She says she wants to establish her own name. Friend asks she has to go back and join her parent’s business, then why is she working as waitress. She says she likes the thrill and she also got Aman, that is her biggest achievement.

Pia says Pia they came close to each other, but they both did not confess their feelings. She didn’t want to take any risk with relationship until she was convinced that he is the guy with whom she wants to spend her rest of life.

She goes into flaskback again and her love story with Naren/Aman is shown. Tum ho paas mere…. song plays in the background. She says Pia one day she got convinced he is the guy. He proposes her and they both dance. She says Pia her course was about to finish in 1 week and she was thinking of telling the truth to Aman, but she got a call from Aman and he asked him to meet. She thinks even Aman wanted to say her I love you. She says Pia she went to meet Aman and tells about the fire accident. She says she does not remember who saved her from the fire and took her to hospital as she was unconscious. When she woke up, she was waiting for Aman. She asks nurse if someone came to meet her, nurse says no. Aman didn’t come.

Precap: Sunanda says Ankita and Naren if pooja is performed, there will be peace/Aman in home. Naren repeats word Aman and asks who is Aman. Manav informs about the time slot change of 6:30 p.m., Monday to Friday, from 15th April.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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  1. What a twist happens…..

  2. What a twist happens…..that’s called ekta kapoor twist….. pari=ahana….

  3. I am so tired of these ridiculous twist in this serial, can you please tell me why all these heartaches,to maintain a true relationship in your culture prove to be very hard

  4. This is definitely ekta kapoor!!!! She ruined Purvi and Ovi’s lives, what is she going to do with Ankita and Pari now. Ankita already has struggles.

  5. Oh m’y goooooodddd!!!!! Noooo don’t do that!!! When Naren will Be fine and if he meet Pari…..oh god he will leave Ankita for sure!!! Bullshit….

  6. Ankita is quitting the show!!!!!

    1. That is an April fools joke right?

      1. I do not know but i really don’t want to see her in bollywood…. She really does not deserve It!!!!

  7. For the sake of the viewers,plz put this sad bullshit of a bullshit serial to an end. WHAT NOW?

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