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Pavitra Rishta 31st July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Pari shockingly asking her staff how can Manav give her project to someone. Staff says he gave the project to Sachin. She calls Naren to come into Manav’s cabin.

Rushali gets tensed seeing company file. Sirish says her there is no use of getting tensed seeing file. She says if the losses continue, dunno what we will do. Sirish says both reputation and company are down in the market, we won’t get any investor. Rushali says this is happening as Naren is not concentrating on his work and lost his company. She says it is not his mistake also as he is going through a trauma of losing his child and Pari blaming him for that. She says we will work hard and see if we can sail through, if we don’t, then it will be our fate. Rushali says our son is not

a small time bank employee who will budge to the fate. He asks what is her plan then. She says our daughter-in-law is Manav’s granddaughter, so we have to use our wit and use it in our favour.

Pari informs Manav that Naren has taken over the new project and says Sachin has taken a new firm from company’s money without informing him. Manav gets angry hearing that, calls Sachin and asks how can he open a new firm in his name with company’s money without informing him and says he and Archana believed him, but he betrayed them. He dismisses him from his job and company. Sachin says what wrong did he do by opening his company and says he does not want to be known as Manav Deshmukh’s son and wants to build his own identity. He says what is wrong if he used his money as it also belongs to him and says Pari must have provoked you, you only consider Pari, Soham, Teju, etc., as your children, but I will get my property share at any cost. He says that ande leaves our storming. Pari asks Manav not to worry as Naren will handle the project before deadline.

Naren asks Pari why did she lie for the project. Pari says it is business and it is usual. She says Manav easily does not trust anyone and you have to build his trust and get his position as he won’t be working too long.

Kavita sees her mother-in-law not at home and steals sweets from kitchen. She sees beetle box and tastes even that.

Teju meets Manav and says she was busy with presentation of new project and she will get it from client for sure. She sees Manav tensed and asks if he is okay. He says he is okay and asks if she feels he did partiality with Sachin. She says no and in fact you loved him more than us. He says he opened a new firm from company’s money without informing and when I confronted, he got angry and said I will transfer my property to Soham, Pari, Naren, Teju, etc., and says maybe it is a problem with our upbringing. She says she will make Sachin realize your upbringing. Manav asks him to wait until he speaks to Archana.

Neena angrily asks her children to pack their bags as they are leaving this house, says Sachin is a step-son and Manav treats him the same. Manav and Teju come there, and Teju says instead of apologizing Manav, you are throwing tantrums instead. Sachin says he did not do anything wrong to apologize and says he will leave this house. Manav says he was liberal to him always, and if he wanted to open his own company, he would have informed him. Sachin says you are criticizing me and overlooked Ankita’s mistake who had an extramarital affair, got pregnant, and eloped from here. Manav gets angry hearing that and tries to slap him. Sachin says he forced him to do that and underestimates him often. Manav says it is his mistake that he expected more from him. Sachin says he will leave from his house and business and will not come back. He asks Neena and kids to come with them. Manav asks Teju to stop them as Archana will not handle this shock, one son though being near does not want to be with her and another son being near does not want to stay with her. He requests Sachin not to leave and to do whatever he likes. Neena signals Sachin not to leave and says if she had not done a drama, Manav would not have given his business to us.

Precap: Manav attends Mansi’s child’s naming ceremony and praises that a lady is behind every man’s success. Mansi asks why Sachin and Neena did not come.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. what no ankita episode today????

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  4. depressing as usual

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