Pavitra Rishta 31st July 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 31st July 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 31st July 2013 Written Update

soham is at the hospital and helping out with some patients.. there is a forienger.. he is talking in english, says his tuff is missing.. soham tries to talk to him in his broken english but that guy doesnt listen to him.. gauri comes there.. she helps him settle down.. and sends soham away.. his wife comes there n says that she has put his tuff in the car.. that guy realises that he unnecessarily yelled at soham.. gauri also realises she misunderstood him.. she goes out and apologizes..

sachin is at home.. there is a client with him, who is requesting him to take his case.. soham comes there n recognises him.. he calls out his name but that guy refuses to acknowledge him.. soham gets angry n asks what he is doing here.. sachin says its his client n to talk to him with respect.. soham

says he is a goon and has stolen guns from soham long back.. that man changes the topic and tells sachin that he had given him 1 lakh rupees in advance thinking that he is a good lawyer.. soham jumps at that and says there is no need to have his black money in this house that guy leaves.. soham n sachin get into an argument.. purvi, damodar n savita are there watching.. sachin says he knows what is right and wrong nad had not yet taken the case, he would review it, but now soham has driven that man away.. soham says if he had taken d case his name would be tarnished in his profession n society.. savita ajee intervenes n asks soham, who he is to say that.. coz his name is even worse.. sachin n soham’s argument gets even more heated, sachin tells soham to mind his business n stop being a gunda.. soham gets outraged n raises his hand at sachin, n holds him by the neck.. but savita comes there n slaps soham n says, its so bad to see two brothers fighting in front of their grandparents.. n starts crying.. purvi consoles her.. savita tells soham to go away..

later at night.. purvi n teju are in the kitchen, teju says she never expected soham n sachin to fight like that.. purvi says both were correct in their place, but soham should have told sachin abt that man after the gut left n not fought.. teju says no1 will support soham.. purvi says if ayee was there she would have solved the matter.. teju says she’l go to sachin n tells purvi to go to soham n convice them to not be angry at each other…

teju tries talking to sachin, but sachin says soham is a goon n will always remain one, he has given so many yrs of his life n come to this position n doesn’t want to ruin it.. he tells her he will never consider soham his brother.. teju says soham is trying to change but sachin doesnt listen..

purvi is talking to soham, he says he considers sachin his brother n thats why he was warning him against that fraud man.. but everyone thinks he is a goon.. he asks purvi, if even he considers him a gunda.. she says not at all..

savita tells manav all that had occured.. manav gets angry, but savita says sachin was also at fault and instigated soham.. but manav doesnt listen.. he calls out for soahm angrily.. soham comes there with purvi.. manav questions if he tried to hit sachin.. soham tries to explain but manv asks him to answer in yes or no.. he says he did, manav tells him to aplolgize to sachin.. but soahm says he did nothing wrong.. manav says he is worried abt archana n these two are adding to his tension, manav tells him till date a younger brother has not raised his hand on his elder brother.. nor has anyone, back answered manav.. he angrily tells soham that he will remain ‘gawar’.. soham gets insulted n says there is no use learning english n these ppl will always consider him a goon, illiterate man.. he says he will leave the house.. purvi tries to stop him but he leaves.. purvi cries n tells savita she wil go n get him back.. but sachin stops her, he says he was told to apologize n he left on his own.. but purvi insists n goes to find him..

at gauri’s place she is studying, her mother gets sheera for her, she eats it n remembers archana.. they talk abt the deshmukhs.. gauri praises each n every family member.. her mother says truly they are a very nice family..

back at d house, teju asks damodar if soham will listen to purvi n come back.. he says no, what manav considers as his ego is sohams self respect n he wont come back.. purvi reaches home.. teju asks if soham agreed, but purvi cries.. episode ends..

PRECAP: purvi requests manav to reconsider n get soham back.. manav says he didnt tell soham to leave n now he wont do anything in this matter.

Update Credit to: ArVi-licious

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