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Pavitra Rishta 31st January 2013 Written Episode Update


Pavitra Rishta 31st January 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 31st January 2013 Written Update

Part 1.
Purvi is sitting alone n she remembers what that gynaec said about her pregnancy(Doc said you can mention 6 months pregnancy in ur report but what will happen when this secret i’ll come out)Suddenly sulochana comes there n sits on the floor while she brought some oil in a small utensil,Purvi says whats that she answers purvi you better take care of yourself now as ur pregnant i want to know what you eat,read n etc.Sulochana gets the oil in her hand n does the maalish on Purvi’s legs,Purvi responds don’t do this aaji i am not small now i have grown up but Sulo says still you are small child for me.Vinod comes n sits nearby purvi says that see aai Onir is like manav as he was also like him even he used to be a part of our family’s happy n sad days.Vinod says if Onir wasn’t there for help so could i had done this marriage work Sulochana agrees in point says that there are 3 betas of her 1st you 2nd manav n 3rd onir.

Scene shifts to Purvi folding clothes n says to Onir that she n Archana went to hospital today where she met that gynaec who treated her 1st,Purvi looks confused says that how much time i should keep the truth hidden she says i am really scared of this but Onir interupts her why are taking tensions i have a plan we will go for Poona trip n at coming i will come alone Onir says to her but she says what we’ll say to our family n what you’ll answer to them,He says don’t worry i have a friend in poona who will do ur delivery n here in mumbai will say you had a healthy delivery there.Purvi says but Onir meanwhile he says don’t you trust me or believe me Purvi nods n answers that you are the one who helped me out from this situation.Onir says that he has brought a gift for her asks to wait a minute he goes to cupboard n takes out the gift tells her to open,she opens n sees its a Wind chain asks him to hang near the window.Both goes there n hangs it Onir says it will remind you of me n i have brought it for our child too.Purvi thanks him he says you’re welcome.

Part 2nd..
Vinod n Manju are inviting guests for marriage but in between manju says there are lots of invitations n we need money too for that but Vinod says i have asked bank for a loan which will get passed in 1,2 days while both talking Mittal’s phone rang up n vinod takes it he says hello sir but Mittal asks don’t call him sir anymore as both will be Damad n Sasur. Mittal asks him that he heard Vinod applied for a loan in bank,Vinod says yes but Mittal says why are you getting in a trouble of banks loan do 1 thing get a loan from my company with 0% interest on it i’ll call my manager n he will do the formalities hangs up.Vinod sees Punni asks to stop n tells we were wrong manju that punni choosed a great life partner for her Punni gets confused with it.
Scene shifts to the temple where Arjun n Ovi have come to pray in Bappa’s feet for happiness.Arjun goes to a stall n says to that stall man make a Puja thali for both add some durva too then he picks a coconut n shaks it Ovi luks suprised.

Both goes inside the temple rang a bell n Arjun backs down to say something in Mouse’s ears n same is done by Ovi too,well both goes near Bappa prays.Ovi says that Bappa keep me n Arjun always happy n keep him giving me more love too While Arjun luks at her n says that Bappa give me some strength where i can keep ovi happy. Both starts walking outside n asks Arjun if they can sit somewhere both sits on the steps of temple.

Part 3..
Punni is at Mittal’s house sitting on a sofa where he comes says darling you came here he tires to hug but Punni declines n asks what is he doing all this when she said to get marry to her that time he said she a chawl girl n all,Now he is marrying her.Mittal says can’t you have a breath in ur sentence then he says that how she broke the marriage of her n pradeep,Punni looks confused n Mittal gives her a file says to her that if she signs this documents then only i will marry you,Punni gets shocked.

Precap-A man has called Purvi n starts blackmailing her says that he knows she is carrying Arjun’s child but if she wants to hide it then send him 3 lakhs rupees..

Update Credit to: Gaurav

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