Pavitra Rishta 30th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Pavitra Rishta 30th October 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 30th October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Ankita coming back to office, Naren looks at her from his cabin. Shashank calls Ankita but she doesn’t pick the call. Peon informs her about the big boss Naren and says he handles the business. He says that Naren’s sir even won many awards. Naren is shown giving the speech after receiving the award. Peon says he is very popular and famous. He praises Naren and says he is good unlike Raunaq. And also he is not married yet. Ankita calls prashant and asks him to handle everything and she can’t come. Prashant says that Shashank’s parents are waiting for her. Ankita tells him to asks Mansi to take care of food.

Soham is on the road in a drunken state. He bumps into some lady. she thinks she saw him somewhere. Ankita thinks Arjun is upset with her as

she didn’t do the work. Arjun tells Naren’s mom that he is glad that naren is back. Arjun asks Ankita to do the work as she is doing for him. Prashant calls her, Ankita tells him she is stuck in work. Arjun asks her what’s the matter? Ankita tells him that groom’s parents came to see her. Arjun asks her to go. Ankita says she is ready to do work. Arjun calls his driver to drop Ankita back home. Ankita thinks Arjun sir is good and thinks good thing is happening.

Mansi serves the dinner. Shashank’s aayi likes Mansi. Shashank tells her that you will like her if you see her personally. his mom says that she is seeing her after their arrival. Shashank turns around and sees Mansi. He tells his mom that she is not the one and they came to see Ankita, mansi’s elder sister. He says Ankita works in office. Shashank’s mom says that she is outside and not at home. She tells her husband that they shall leave now as so much time have passed. Just then Ankita comes, she greets everyone. Mansi asks her to sit and talk to Shashank’s parents.

Shashank’s mom asks her, whether she used to come at this time daily. Ankita says yes and says her boss Arjun sir is very good man. She says she completes the work and comes back home.

Ankita says suddenly it starts raining. It seems Shashank’s mom doesn’t like Ankita and says she will come later. She talks nicely with Mansi and asks her to come home. Ankita tells her that she will leave her till outside. Shashank’s mom says no and says if you get cold and bunk the office then your boss will be angry.

Later in the night, Ankita asks Prashant whether the kids slept. Ankita asks, if Shashank’s parents are angry? Prashant says yes. Ankita says job is necessary for them.

Shashank’s mom argues with Shashank and says she doesn’t like Ankita as she leaves home at 7:30 am and comes back at 10:30. Shashank says she is responsible towards her siblings. She tells him that she likes Mansi instead. Shashank is shocked.

Ankita sees their family pic in Sonu’s book. sonu tells her that Mansi tai keeps the photo in her book and that’s why she also kept the photo. Ankita asks her to get ready. Ankita sees Shashank’s photo in Mansi book and is quite shocked. Mansi asks her to eat cake. she says she had prepared for Shashank’s parents. Ankita asks mansi, whether she likes Shashank. Ankita shows Shashank’s photo. Mansi tells her that she didn’t know when she fell in love with him. She says she didn’t do anything wrong and didn’t tell him. Ankita is shocked. Mansi asks her not to get angry.

Purvi sees the light gone and calls her servant. Manav and all the family comes and wishes her happy birthday. Purvi recalls Arjun counting on the numbers. Purvi says she is 26. Both of them argues, Arjun says he will keep the 25th year birthday candle. She cuts the cake. Arjun sings the song and says he will love her always and blesses her. Arjun says he wished he would celebrate her birthday even after 100 years. Flashback ends.

Ankita asks Arjun, what happened. Did I done a mistake. Arjun says no and shows her Archana’s photo on the scan copy.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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