Pavitra Rishta 30th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Pavitra Rishta 30th May 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 30th May 2013 Written Update

Manav is holding Archu’s hand and crying. He remembers her words when she said, there will be a day when you will try to wake me up, and I won’t wake up. Archu’s soul comes out of her body and she goes to Purvi, Sulo, Teju, Soham etc.. and recall all the memories. She tries to touch them, but no one can see her. Lastly, she tries to touch Manav, but he cannot feel her. Archu cries and goes away.

While she is leaving, she hears Manav’s voice. He tells her, don’t go and if you want to go, then take me with you as well. He comes there and takes her hand in his. He asks her, where are you going? You promised that you will stay with me until last breath. How can you forget your promise? You can’t forget our love, relationship and leave like that. Archu says, I didn’t forget

anything.. Archu is there because Manav is there. Manav asks, then why are you leaving me alone? Archu says, my time is up.. I will have to go. Manav asks, why are you going? read full updates with pics daily only at Yours everything is here.. your family, house, children, me.. everything is here. Please don’t go.. don’t break all the rishta. Archu says, I can’t do anything.. my time is up. Manav says, then take me with you as well. Archu says, no. From here, I will have decide everything on my own. Manav says, no matter what.. I won’t let you go. You can’t leave me in middle. And if someone is trying to take away, then I won’t spare him. Archu still says, I will have to go. Manav says, you gave up that fast? We promised ourselves that we will fight with every situation together.

He takes her hand and puts on his heart. He says, this is just not my heartbeat. This is my hope, faith that Archu won’t leave me. When this hope and faith break, this heartbeat will stop too. Archu puts her hand on his mouth and says, don’t say like that. Manav says, what you can’t hear.. you’re telling me to accept it? He says, I won’t let you go anywhere.. we have been together in all difficult time, so I will stay with you during death time as well. Archu says, please let me go and tries to leave, but Manav holds her hand and stops her. Aasman mein Jab Tak song plays in the background. They get emotional and hug. Pavitra Rishta title song in background now and they are holding each others hand and having an eyelock. Archu finally leaves from there. Manav screams Archu Archu.

And here in reality, Archu regains her consciousness and takes Manav’s name first. Whole family, Gauri are surprised. Smiles return on their faces. Gauri goes and calls Dr. Aggrawal there. Aggrawal tells Manav that Archu’s pulse rate is very normal. Archu opens her eyes and keeps taking Manav’s name. Manav says, I am here only. Doctor asks Gauri to bring an injection. Archu again closes her eyes, but Aggrawal says, she is absolutely fine. Manav thanks Aggrawal for his experiment. Aggrawal says, all the credits to go Mrs. Deshmukh. It’s because of her will-power, my experiment is successful. This is a miracle. It’s all thanks to your prayers that she returned from death door. He asks them to stay there until she gets conscious.

Manav now apologizes to Purvi and says, you were right about our Pavitra Rishta. Archu has brought love back.

Archu opens her eyes again and is finally back. She greets and hugs everyone.

Aggrawal says, welcome back to life and your family. Archu tells Manav, I didn’t know where I was.. but suddenly I heard your voice and you held my hand very tightly and was saying that you won’t let me go anywhere. I am back only for you. She then sees Soham and asks him to go to her. Soham cries and says, I won’t come aai. I am very bad person. I won’t come. Archu says to him, it’s not your fault.. you didn’t do anything purposely. I know it. Please come to me. He goes to her and holds her hand. He apologizes to her. Archu says to Manav, it was not his fault.. he was trying to shoot himself, and I tried to stop him. In that I got shot. It’s not his fault. Archu and Soham hug.

Aggrawal asks Archu to rest as she just came out of the coma. Everyone leaves except Manav. They hold each others hand. Archu smiles at him.

Manav also comes out now. In lobby, doctor tells Manav that she needs rest and everyone should understand about her mental condition. He says, from what I observed, I think she’s still living in the past. Her life is stuck on that incident. She doesn’t know anything about what happened after she got shot. That’s why I will say that Her condition is not very good and you should be careful that she doesn’t have any shock. Manav says, we all will be careful. Aggrawal leaves. Manav tells everyone, Archu shouldnt find out what happened in our house after that incident. He looks at Arjun and says, especially about Ovi.

Next day, Archu talks with her family. She asks them to go to home and rest now. Savita says, we have whole life to rest. Archu asks Manav if Soham got out of the jail saying she signed bail papers. Manav says yes. Archu then asks about Ovi and asks them to call her here.

Episode ends.

Precap: Purvi calls Ovi and tells her that Archu is out of the coma and she is absolutely fine now. Ovi gets happy.

Update Credit to: Desitvbox

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