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Pavitra Rishta 30th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Manav telling that he wants to give Arachana a gift. He asks Teju to play a video which starts from the day they met, to their children’s marriage, till the present day. Archana gets sad remembering Purvi. Manav says we should remember in our heart. They both cut their anniversary cake and serves it to all the guest.

Ankita prepares pooja flower garland. Runvijay’s mom asks her to prepare it fast. His daughter asks her to wear a flower and says she is looking beautiful. Ankita reminisces Naren gifting her flowers.

Naren gets a flashback of Ankita gifting him and thinks who are these people I am getting flashbacks of. Pari asks Manav to ask his investor friends to request them to invest in Naren’s company. Manav surprisingly asks Naren

if he did not tell Pari anything and gives company’s papers and says Naren sold his company to investor and he bought it from them. Naren says he cannot accept company back and says Pari that company was incurring losses, so he sold it.

Ankita and Runvijay’s mom reach temple. Ankita asks mom to get into temple, she will follow her later. She calls Archana’s landline number. Sonu picks call, Ankita asks her to call Archana, but cuts call before Sonu calls Archana.

Naren gives back company papers to Manav and says he cannot accept it. Manav says he is his son-in-law, so he has to accept it. Naren says that is the reason he does not want to accept, he will lose his self-respect and self-esteemed and says he will work hard, earn money and buy back these papers. Manav says he will take back papers for the time being, but if he changes his mind or if he wants to join him in his business, he is most welcome. Naren agrees and apologizes again. Manav also apologizes for informing about it to Pari. Naren says it is ok, he should have informed her anyhow.

Pari gets angry on Naren for not informing about selling company and says she will start working now looking at their poor financial status now. Naren says she does not have to work. Pari says she is tensed about not able to get pregnant again and suggests he should accept Manav’s offer. Naren gets petrified hearing that. Rushali tries to intervene, Naren says he will work hard and earn money.

Naren gets dreams about Ankita again. Ankita wakes up in bed dreaming about Naren. She goes to Runvijay’s room who is busy looking at his marriage album and shows it to her and reminisces about his happy days with his wife. He then asks her to go and rest as it is too late.

Teju sees Manav ill and asks him to rest while she and Archana take care of his business for time being. Manav says it is Naren’s first day at office and he has to go and meet him today at any cost, asks her not to worry and to inform Archana about it when she calls.

Pari and Naren get ready for the office. Pari says we should work hard and get back our pride and says we should not let down Azoba/Manav. She then apologizes him for her rude behavior yesterday. He says even now she is talking rudely and then says it is okay.

Ankita is busy reciting bhajan in morning prayers. A lady comes with his mad husband and husband starts happily reciting bhajan. His wife thanks Ankita for helping her in getting her husband well. Ankita says even her husband used to love him a lot and was mad and forgot her when he got well. Lady says her husband should get well even if he forgets her. Runvijay’s mother sees him sleeping and gets petrified. Ankita says he slept late last night and says though he loves Divya a lot, he did not tell ye how she died.

Precap: Archana calls Manav and informs him that his flight landed in some other city and she is staying in her friend’s house. She hears someone calling Ankita.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I think kisi ko galatfahmi hui hai use lagta hai jaise archna hi ankita hai

  2. Hello Zee what up with these episode shows, why are they so much turns are twist parie she is so self center and rude she behave like she don’t know how to act, with her saying her father left her mother why don’t she ask Ovi the truth and grand maa Achana, what went down, Naren at lease go and look for Ankita and you could be there for the BaBy BoY SmiLe, you don’t have to let parie know that you went to meet your baby and his mother, you and I knows your clients love Ankita, she have her own personal attractiveness that will catch everybody eyes, she can walk her walk and talk her talk. I can give you credit for that you taught her well she was very shy person.

  3. oh noooo this days all serial s bocome sooooooo boring

  4. raisa i agree with you,but as i said yesterday somebody should find ankita and report to the family she is the only one who can bring naren back to himself i think achana will be the one to find her i hope it will not be twisted as well ,rushali should be exposed and sent to jail she is a wicked mother and her husband is her toy who doesnt have brains

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