Pavitra Rishta 30th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Pavitra Rishta 30th January 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 30th January 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Onir telling Purvi that they have no other option, but to leave from this place. Purvi says, but you will have to stay here for Ovi, right? Onir says, yes.. but we have no choice. Purvi says, there’s one option.. I will leave from here alone. Onir says, what will I say to everyone when they ask me why did I let you go alone? Purvi tells him, try to understand.. if I stay here then everyone will find out the truth. Onir finally agrees. He tells her, but not now.. first I have to find someone who can take good care of you. Purvi thanks him for understanding her. But Onir says, no.. I still haven’t understood you properly.

Purvi is confused. Onir then tells her that he saw Purvi teling Teju that her taste has changed and now she likes yellow color. Onir says, I listened to everything and requests her, please don’t change your choices for me. In fact, I want you to come to me and demand me.. I want to know what you like and what you don’t. Onir then apologizes her and says, I asked for too much right? Purvi says.. no it’s not like that. Onir then tells her to rest and he leaves to get food/medicine for her.

Punni is looking at rich clothes in some magazine. Sulo and Purvi are doing some preparations there. Punni calls Purvi to her and tells her that it was my dream to wear such expensive clothes.. and now I will be able to afford them. Purvi says, I am happy that your marriage is happening the way you wanted. Sulo is lost in some thoughts and staring at Punni. Punni then asks Purvi what Onir is going to wear in her marriage. Purvi says, I am not sure.. but something tradition. Punni says, actually he looks so simple.. no one can tell that he is a doctor. I want him to look good in my wedding… everything should be perfect. Purvi tells her not to worry and says, everything will be perfect.. Onir is very sensitive.. he will make sure nothing goes wrong in your wedding.

Sulo finally gets up and tells Punni, it’s not all about money.. the most important thing is heart.. and Onir’s heard is of gold. She continues, Punni .. you’re going to get married.. you have to change your thinking.. correct thinking gives success to relationships. Manju then calls Punni saying she has some surprise for her. Punni leaves.

Break 1..

Manju shows clothes and jewelry sets that Mr. Mittal sent for Punni. Ruchi says, they look so expensive. Manju says.. ya he loves her so much and that is why sent all these stuff. Manju-Vinod say Punni is so lucky that she found guy like Mr. Mittal. Punni for some reason is not happy. She speaks to herself, what has happened to Mr. Mittal all of a sudden? Why is he giving me so many expensive gifts? I will have to find out.

Vinod calls Archu and tells her to come early and help in all the preparations, not just come like a guest. Archu says, I will definitely come early. She hangs up. Savita listens to this and tells Archu, I am not going to that wedding. Archu says, why? it’s our family’s marriage.. Savita asks, which family? If it was our family’s, then would Manju insult me like that? I am not going to come. Archu says, you’re absolutely right.. I also think that you shouldn’t come to Punni’s wedding. I know Manju’s behaviour was very bad.. but is all that greater than our relationship? mother-daughter’s relationship? Punni is like my daughter.. and I wanted you to come with me. But don’t worry.. if you don’t want to come, then u shouldn’t. Savita says, enough.. no need to blackmail me. I will come, but only for you. Savita then asks about Soham. Archu says, I did go to meet him.. and he has changed. Savita says, Soham will come to this house. Archu gets surprised and happy. Savita says, he’s also my grandson like Teju and Ovi and he has all rights to live in this house. Archu then tries to talk about Sunny-Tuju, but Savita says, my decision won’t change for that and leaves.

Sunny and Teju meet up in the terrace. Teju says, Savita aaji and your mother don’t want us to meet.. and we should do what they want. Sunny says, we are following all that. Teju then asks him, how will you manage in my house? New language and everything. Sunny says, for you.. I can fight with any difficult situations. So don’t worry about me. He continues, And I don’t worry about you at all because Jignesh bhai is there. They both say that they will win Savita/Sunny’s mother heart before each other. Sunny tells her.. I am sure we will succeed in this.. and this is our last meeting for now. He tells her to take care.

Arjun returns to his home and sees alcohol bottles on the table there. He gets angry and calls Ovi out. Ovi comes. He doesn’t let her speak and asks her, what is all this? Is that what you do behind me? Then servant comes there and tells Arjun that Ovi gave him those bottles to throw out. Ovi asks servant to leave saying she will talk with Arjun. Arjun apologizes to Ovi. Ovi says, it’s okay.. I know that I have made so many mistakes and it’s hard for anyone to trust me. She says, I saw these bottles and thought to throw them out because that’s what is good for our baby, right? Arjun again apologizes to her and says that he’s very happy seeing Ovi taking care of her and her child like this. Ovi tells him, after birth of this baby.. they will come even closer. She says, and now I am feeling like going to temple.. shall we? Arjun says, of course… and they hug.

Break 2..

Purvi and Archu come to the hospital to see a doctor. Nurse asks them to wait till doctor comes. Purvi is getting worried thinking that she just said like that it’s been 6 months to her pregnancy. And any doctor would find out that it’s 7 and half months, not 6. Same doctor (Dr. Brigenza) that met Purvi before comes there. Purvi and Doctor get surprised to see each other.

Doctor says that she’s surprised that Purvi’s family wants any other doctor to do Purvi’s delivery despite Onir being Purvi’s husband. Archu tells her, Onir is very successful doctor, but he will be doing Ovi’s delivery and he must have some fear to do his wife’s operation. And that’s why she (Archu) brought Purvi here. Dr. Brigenza opens the report and tells Purvi to go with her for checkup. They go inside.

Dr. Brigenza asks Purvi is any mistake before marriage? She says, I thought this child is Onir’s but you still haven’t told your mother about it? Purvi is getting nervous. Doctor tells her there is no need to be afraid.. we get many cases like this in which guy betrays girl and leaves her alone. Purvi right away says, no one betrayed me.. and my husband knows about it as well. Doctor says, its very good that you told your husband about it. Purvi requests doctor not tell anything to Archu. Doctor says, if a patient doesn’t want their information to be told to anyone, then doctors don’t give any information to anyone. Purvi thanks doctor and says, I am very relaxed now. Doctor says, but till how long you will hide this from everyone? You put 6 months pregnancy in the reports.. but in reality, only one and half month is to go in your pregnancy.. what will you do about that?

Episode ends.

Precap: Onir tells Purvi.. it’s important that you leave from here. Purvi says, but… Onir asks, don’t you have faith in me? Purvi says, I do. Onir says, then I will get you out of this problem.

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