Pavitra Rishta 2nd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Pavitra Rishta 2nd October 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 2nd October 2013 Written Update

arjun is with a business associate, the guy congratulates him n also praises purvi too for their wonderful work, he invites them for dinner over the weekend.. the guy requests to talk to purvi to invite her personally, and once purvi comes in, arjun brings her forward n introduces her to the man n praises her, purvi is very happy to see arjun like that.. the client invites her n says his wife also would be very happy to meet her..

once the guys leaves arjun changes his attitude, purvi thinks he has forgiven her, but he says he didnt want to bring personal matters in front of the client n tells her to leave.. purvi sadly leaves..

at archans’s house, sachin talks to archu n asks her why she agreed to let him move out.. she says they never know what will happen in

the future, but she will always be there to support him.. teju n ajoba also join n talk abt his childhood, manav comes there n says he always wanted him to be a a lawyer, archu says she missed their childhood, but now wants to see all of them happy.. sachin feels guilty n says he will not leave the house.. he then wonders what to do abt gauri, gauri who just reached says she is ready to marry him, as he is not shifting.. everyone is happy.. sachin comes forward apologizes n puts the bangles on her hands..he tells gauri, he is very lucky to have such a great family n her as his life partner.. archu joins them n says she is her bahu n wishes them the best.. manav looks at them and smiles..

arjun comes home, and sees purvi sleeping at the dinner table waiting for him.. he makes some noise n she wakes up.. she tells him to have food.. he tells her, he is not hungry, but purvi tells to atleast sit with her till she eats n that she is very hungry, he gets annoyed n says he didnt ask her to sit up.. purvi questions him, as to why he is behaving this way.. she says she agrees she did a mistake.. arjun gets angry n says, its not one mistake n he has big list.. he goes on to tell her that he was humiliated when onir came to solve his personal problems.. he asks her why she had to involve a third party, purvi wants to explain, but he gets frustrated n leaves…

purvi is heart broken she just keeps walking out of the house.. she recalls all the incidents from soham’s fiasco to arjun yelling at her, she doesnt realise that she is on the main road.. a van comes in her way, the light glares n she faints n falls..
luckily onir n shalini are right there and attend to her, they take her home n give her first aid, as she hurt her head.. they tell her to rest n go out.. onir then calls arjun who is sleeping.. onir tells him to come immediately..

once arjun comes he asks for purvi, but onir stops him n begins to lecture him.. arjun gets irritated, onir tells him, he has been so irresponsible n let purvi leave the house in such a delicate condition, he continues to say, purvi needs all the care in such condition, arjun gets confused and asks what condition?
onir then tells him that purvi is pregnant.. arjun runs to see purvi..

arjun goes in n touches her forehead, purvi wakes up, he just begins cutely scolding her.. he tells her why she didnt tell him such an important thing.. purvi says she tried to but he never listened to her! he tells her, she should have tried harder, n then tells her she should stop her bad habit of arguing, else the baby will also get her bad habit.. he tells her, he is very happy.. purvi asks him if he is still angry?
arjun kisses her hand and apologizes for his rude behaviour, n lies down on her lap, he tells her he will take care of her, n that she has to be extra careful..purvi kisses his head

arjun n purvi are in the car.. purvi asks him why he is driving so slow.. he tells her, he being cautious now that she is preganant, purvi says, its just the begining of the preg.. arjun says, that is not the point, he tells her she has to be extra careful n take rest, arjun also tells her, he’l make a schedule for her n also tells her not to go to office, purvi says she can continue her routine till 8th month.. but arjun doesn’t listen.. purvi is amused that he is so over caring n protective..

they reach archu’s place, arjun comes in, archana sees him n asks him why he is there at the time n if evrything is ok? he shares the happy news with them, everyone is happy except ovi who looks sad.. archu asks him where purvi is, arjun says, she is still scared if they are still angry with her n is standing outside.. archu rushes outside n tells purvi, she was not with purvi during her previous preg n doesnt want to miss this one.. they hug each other..

PRECAP: Dk is telling arjun what manav did was not right.. on the other side manav is angry n tells archu, he doesnt understand why DK trusts the new client so much..

Update Credit to: ArVi-licious

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