Pavitra Rishta 2nd May 2013 Written Episode Update


Pavitra Rishta 2nd May 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 2nd May 2013 Written Update

Onir returns home with milk powder and money. He also returns Purvi’s chain to her. Purvi sees Onir’s shirt, hands are dirty and starts questioning him. Onir says I will answer you later.. first give milk to Pari. Onir then opens a drawer and sees money. He asks her if anyone came. Purvi says, Arjun came and said he also has some responsibility for Pari and that is why I take it, but I won’t spend them. Don’t worry.

Manju is going to market. She tells Sulo if Punni’s call come, then tell her that she went to market. Sulo makes weird face. Manju leaves and Savita enters. Sulo tells her that she went and warned Purvi. Savita says, but she doesn’t listen na and tells her how she saw Arjun at Purvi’s house. She also says, I couldn’t see Onir either so he doesn’t know about

it either. Sulo says, i will talk to her again. I want Arjun and Ovi to stay happy together.. in end Ovi is also my granddaughter.

Purvi asks Onir from where he got money if he didn’t sell chain. Onir tells her everything that he went to store but then took it back and then Soham helped him in getting some work. Purvi says, but why you had to do all that? Onir says, I had to do some work otherwise from where we would get money? You don’t worry.. once I find a good job in few days, then I will quit this. He says to her, you were going to hospital, right? Purvi gives Pari to Onir and leaves.

At hospital, Purvi tells Archu that she went to mandir with Pari. It reminds her how Archu used to take her to mandir. She says today only difference was that I was at your place. Purvi tells Archu, I am missing you a lot.. please come back soon. Sulo enters and says, why are you asking her to come back?

Break 1..

Sulo tells her she won’t be able to see what’s going on. If she had seen what you did with Ovi, then she would have died. You know it’s your responsibility to save Arjun and Ovi’s relationship, but you just don’t want to save their relationship. Purvi says, I never wished anything bad for Ovi. What did I do? Sulo says, even after my warning, you met Arjun, right? Purvi says, yes. Sulo asks, why? Purvi says, he came but not to see me. He came to see Pari because he was missing her. I tried to stop, but I couldn’t. How can I take away his rights? Sulo says, you don’t need to take away any rights.. if he wants to see her, then you tell me. I will take Pari to him. After today, he won’t come to see you and you won’t meet him either. By doing that, you will not only break your own marriage, but also Arjun and Ovi’s. Onir is such a nice guy, why are you making him suffer? Everyone is upset because of you, at least don’t upset your husband. Purvi says, i don’t want to upset anyone… and that is why I went away. I can take anything, but I can’t see hate from you all. Sulo says, now there’s no point talking about all this. You had to think about this before. And what do you think that you will come here and cry and Archu will forgive you? No one is going to forgive you for “crime” that you have done of breaking Ovi’s marriage. Purvi says, please don’t say like that. Sulo goes to Archu and says, until now I wanted Archu to regain her consciousness as fast as possible, but now I don’t want her to open her eyes. She won’t be able to see her family getting apart. What she will say? Her one daughter broke her another daughter’s house? Purvi leaves crying. Sulo leaves. AND ARCHANA MOVES HER HAND A LITTLE.

Ovi’s friend brings her to a client. Client says, there is a condition that model has to be unmarried. Her friend says, we know that condition and she is also very well aware. Client says, you sure? Because I have heard lot about her in fashion world. Ovi’s friend says that was her past. Ovi says, you won’t have any problem because of me. She signs papers.

Teju is in market to buy mangoes. Savita asks her to bring good ones. Purvi sees Teju buying mangoes. Teju finds them very expensive. Soham is also there with mango boxes. He tells her that he does mango delivery work and says he doesn’t earn much, but whatever he makes is better than money that he used to make before. Teju says, I also came to buy mangoes, but don’t know which ones are good as I am buying for the first time. Soham gives her one box. Teju tries to give money, but says you’re my sister.. I can’t take money. I can’t do anything myself for my family so at least you can do on my behalf. Purvi smiles seeing all that.

Onir comes to Arjun’s office. Arjun has called him there. He tells him, I came to your house yesterday and.. Onir says, I know.. Purvi told me. I understand you’re Pari’s father and it would be hard to stay away from her. Arjun then says to him, I also would like to recruit you in my company. Onir asks, as a.. Arjun says, as an employee. Onir asks, I mean position. Arjun says, whatever position you like. Onir tells him, I know you’re worrying for me, but there needs to be some work that I can do. I am a doctor. what can I do in your company? You don’t worry.. I will find some work. I know it is difficult, but I will manage.

Savita is in the market now. Her and Purvi see each other. Purvi is walking away, but Savita stops her. She says to her, you didn’t have any shame when doing wrong work and now running away from me. Do you know because of you, my granddaughter left the house? And still you didn’t stop doing your things. At least care about your family.. people tell us you brought her from street and she showed her true colors. Purvi says, I know I made a mistake.. Savita stops and says, you don’t need to justify yourself. Here we are trying to bring Ovi and Arjun together, and you’re trying to break their rishta. I seen with my own eyes.. Arjun coming to your house and leaving. You must be calling him after Onir leaves. Otherwise, Arjun is not like that. At least think about Onir and your daughter. Onir is such a nice guy. Stop meeting Arjun.. Purvi is crying. Savita tells her, people who break others house.. their tears are not going to have any effect on me. Take me seriously and stop meeting Arjun. She continues, don’t look at me now.. leave from here. Sad and crying Purvi walks away.

Precap: Purvi tells Onir, you accepted me and my child. Now I shall accept you and your house. We need to get rid off distance that’s between us. Purvi seemed uncomfortable saying that and Onir seemed to have noticed it.

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