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Pavitra Rishta 2nd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ankita coming inside Deshmukh’s house after her siblings. Manav welcomes her in. Ankita greets everyone. Archana tells Manav that still Soham is not with them. Soham is sitting in the bar, someone gives him 7 tickets to Jamshedpur. Soham thanks him. He tells him that his destiny was bad, beating him up and down. He says, I have to safe my kids from them. That man asks, from whom? Soham doesn’t answer him and asks him to go. He thinks to leave the city with his children.

Ankita comes out of the washroom after vomited. Ovi asks her, what happened. Ankita says, just felt weak. Ovi asks her to take care. Ankita nods.

Mansi is keeping the toy, Shashank tells her to sit down. Mansi misses her siblings. Shashank tells her that they are here only. You can

meet them. Soham comes home and asks Mansi about Ankita, Prashant, Pranav and Sonu. Mansi says, they are with their family. She asks him to let them get the family’s love. Ankita opens the door and sees Naren and Pari. Naren says, I came to know that you are Ahana’s sister. It is good. Pari looks on angry. He says, it is good that you will attend our wedding. Naren hugs Pari and leaves. Ankita wipes the tears. Ankita calls Pari and requests her not to tell anyone about her pregnancy. Pari says, why should I tell? I won’t hurt Aaji and Azooba. Ankita thanks her.

Soham comes to Deshmukh’s house and knocks on the door angrily. He breaks the door’s glass. Manav opens the door. Soham shouts at Ankita for coming to Deshmukh’s house. He asks, they took you here. Archana asks him to talk to her directly as Ankita is not at fault. Soham says, you took my kids in your sweet talks. Soham says, you snatched your daughter’s rights. Ankita says, nobody snatched my rights. Savita requests him to come to them and leave the anger. Sulochana goes to Soham. Soham gets emotional. Sulochana tells him that they did a mistake, but why you are punishing your kids. Please live with us. Soham says, ok. Manav says, it is right. Soham asks him to keep quiet and says he will take a decision today. He calls Aaji and tells her that they will stay with them from now, but he has one condition. Manav asks, what? Soham asks him to stop Naren and Pari’s marriage, and get Ankita and Pari married. Manav asks, what nonsense are you talking about? He asks him to sleep and they will talk in the morning. Soham asks, you have spoken about my rights. You have a last chance. You will get your son and I will get my rights for my daughters. Archana is about to speak, but Soham asks her to accept his condition else he is happy at his home. Everyone look tensed. Pari goes inside crying. Ankita feels bad.

Manav talks to Archana. Archana says, we thought Soham will be back and we will stay together. He came with a condition, which we can’t fulfilled. Manav says, we are in dilemma, but we won’t lose him. Archana says, I waited for him for so long. I can understand his pain being a father. She says, he is not wrong, but… Manav says, our grand daughter’s destiny are clashing with each other. Ankita made way to Pari. Archana says, I don’t want to lose Soham. Pari calls Naren and tells him that she wants to meet him. Naren says, I will take a U turn soon.

Pari tells Archana that she might sacrifice her life for her, but Naren won’t accept Ankita. She says, you will ruin 3 lives. Archana asks, what are you talking? Pari says, Soham’s condition is wrong and asks her not to ruin her life. Archana says, I would have accepted his condition and get him back at home, but I didn’t agree.

Archana tells she loves Soham, but she isn’t blind to see right and wrong. She says, Ankita did contract marriage with Naren. She says, I won’t separate you and Naren. Pari apologizes to Archana. Archana asks her not to worry.

Neena is murmuring the song. Sachin asks, what is happening? Neena says, today is celebration day. Sachin asks, what rubbish. Neena tells her that Soham didn’t ask property and refused to come. They didn’t have to do anything. Soham is problematic for himself and asks him to enjoy.

Ankita comes to Archana and asks are you thinking about baba. Archana says, I was not getting sleep. Ankita says, you are lying. Archana says, I can’t accept his condition. Ankita asks her not to feel guilty. Ankita tells her that she doesn’t love Naren and Naren’s happiness lies with Pari. She asks her not to take any tension. Archana says, Soham is very stubborn and scares thinking Soham will go away from their life again. Ankita says, she will make Soham understand and he won’t refuse.

Archana tells Manav that she wants to transfer a large part of property on their name (Soham’s family). Manav agrees with her. Neena hears everything and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Rubbish…. if naren and pari united… den i may break this blo*dy screen….
    Utter rubbish… cant tolerate it… am going to stop watching

  2. Rubbish…. if naren and pari united… den i may break this blo*dy screen….
    Utter rubbish… cant tolerate it… am going to stop watching this crap…

  3. Cool down ahana……it’s Ekta kapoor’s serial….ghoom phir k Ankita Naren k paas hi jaayegi….toh apne dimaag Ki dahi mat karo…

    1. Why this nonsense from Ankita, constantly lying about her marriage, when will the truth come out on the wedding day?? steeups same old drama

  4. Ankitha need to stop lying. And pari want so good beating lmfao

  5. sabrina persad

    I dislike Pari, she is so annoying

  6. Pari is sooooooo annoying mtssssshhh

  7. I sooo hate pari an jus hope the truth comes out quick abt ankita

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