Pavitra Rishta 2nd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 2nd July 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 2nd July 2013 Written Update

Episode begins with Gauri waiting for an auto. Suddenly she sees a boy running and behind him a group of men screaming chor chor! The boy is passing Gauri and she grabs him and scolds him for stealing. He says he was very hungry thus he stole. Soham walks out of a store behind Gauri and watches this. Gauri makes the boy apologize to the men from whom he stole money from. The boy asks for forgiveness and gives the money back. However the men want to take the boy to the police station. Gauri grabs him and says no but they don’t listen so Soham interferes. Soham makes the guys go away. Soham assures the boy everything is fine. Gauri gives her lunch to the boy and tells him to sit down and eat and to promise to never steal again. He promises and Soham watches this in awe. Soham and Gauri have

a sweet convo about the boy and then realize they’re talking to each other so nicely and stop. An auto comes and Soham grabs it and then asks Gauri if she wants to go somewhere also. She says she was actually going to his house for archus checkup. Soham tells her to sit with him and go together.

They arrive at D home and Gauri insists on giving Soham half of the auto bill since he pays for all of it. He gives her a 1000 rupee bill and tells her to break it and ay him. He leaves and goes inside.

Inside archus room, Soham and Gauri have this cute moment where they keep getting in each others way. Finally Gauri gets through and she tries to open a medicine bottle. She’s struggling to open it and Soham and Archu are watching her. Then Soham gets irritated and grabs the medicine bottle and uses gauris dupatta to open the bottle. Gauri is shocked and annoyed. Archu is amused at this. Then Gauri gives the med and checks Archu blood pressure and asks about how DK is doing. Then she sits down and begins to talk to Archu in English about the instructions dr agrawal has given her for exercise etc and Soham stands there obviously not understanding anything she’s saying. Aggravated that he doesn’t understand, he leaves from there without a word.

Teju is staring at Soham in disbelief as they sit across from each other in D living room. Teju asks him are you serious? Soham is looking so darn cute and handsome and loveable and fluffy and all innocent. Archu walks by and teju stops her and tells her to listen to what Soham has to say. Soham doesn’t speak and still is sitting there all scared and just being his damn fine self. Archu gets anxious and asks him to tell her quickly. Then he says he wants to learn English. Teju gigges and Archu scolds her jokingly and says its not funny. Archu tells Soham she’s very happy he wants to learn and she says teju will teach you! Teju is like huhhh? Archu says of course, you’re his sister, you’ll teach him! Teju and Soham begin their English lesson. Teju starts with the alphabet and Soham says huh??? And they she explains and they continue their lesson. In walks damador. Soham says he wants to say something to him and says with a strong Indian accent in English that will you go to movie with me just us two?Damador says whattt? Teju is laughing. Archu asks Soham do you know what you’re saying and what it means? Soham replies yes , it means you’re a kind hearted person. Archu asks whose joke was this? Tejuss hiding her face and Archu says she’s teaching you wrong. Soham gets annoyed and says English is already hard and you’re teaching me wrong in a jokingly manner, then Archu talks about how she first learned English from Arjun’s aai because she wanted show manav. They all listen to her and its a cute family moment.

Teju tells Soham what she made him say and he gets annoyed and leaves and teju says that line will be very useful later on! Archu smiles.

Purvi arrives to the office and everyone is happy to see her return. Arjun’s PA introduces herself to her and talks about projects etc. manav is also there and he tells an employee to do something business related but the employee said purvi already took care of that. Manav gets impressed and smiles as he watches purvi speaking to Arjuns PA. Next the scene switches to purvis cabin where purvi is sitting at the desk and the PA tells purvi where everything is and tells her to come to her if she needs anything and she leaves. Purvi sits there and looks at the photo of pari Arjun has on the desk. She calls Archu then whose at home with pari in her lap. Purvi asks how pari is and if Archu massaged pari before giving her a bath. Archu assures her and tells her not to worry she knows how to raise a baby as she raised purvi. Purvi says she joined the office to help out Arjun but she didn’t realize she’ll be away from pari so much but she’s happy her aai is there to watch pari. Archu assures her that pari is fine. Archu tells purvi that DK has been discharged and is doing well. Purvis happy and she hangs up and then kisses Paris photo.

The scene switches to Kaneda. Ovi is told by a lawyer that inspite of the signatures on the divorce papers by both spouses she must go to india to submit the papers in an Indian court because she got married according to Hindu marriage act. Ovi gets upset and yells that she wants this divorce from Arjun and she’s doesn’t want to go to india. The lawyer says she must go there and there’s no other option. Ovi says then find another way because she wants this divorce and can’t go to india as she has work to do here in Kaneda. The lawyer says she has to go there to submit papers and if she wants she can consult another lawyer. He gives her the papers and leaves.

Gauri comes over to D home and wants to start Archu on new meds. Teju sits her down in the living room. Teju then goes to Soham and tells him to practice his English on Gauri. He doesnt want to but she pushes him into the living room. Soham looks scared but then he gets confidence and he says HELLO MYSELF SOHAM. Gauri looks at him with a funny expression and says I know. SOham says YOU ARROGRANT PERSON, YOU DONT SEE ME STANDING HERE. YOU HAVE NO MANNERS! Then he tells her that WHY LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT. Teju is laughing in the background watching this. Soham says YOU KNOW ENGLISH?… I KNOW ENGLISH. Gauri says what rubbish is this?

Gauri says I’ve come here to give Archu her meds, not to argue with you. Soham is being so ridiculously cute and motions with his hands to hold on hold on. He’s sooo adorable! He says to her DONT TALK TO ME LIKE THIS. YOU DONT KNOW ME YET. I TEACH YOU SUCH LESSON THAT YOU… Gauri interrupts and says you’re gong to teach me a lesson? She says Archus her patient and hes her son and thus she’s dealing with him or else in hindi. Soham gets mad and says OR WHAT? Why you bringing aai into this. They begin to fight! Gauri leaves and Teju tries to stop her but she says she has to go. Soham gets mad and says she should have appericiated my English, instead she’s fighting with me!

Archu comes home and Soham tells her that Gauri is never coming to their home and that he’ll get all her meds from now on. He explains how Teju made him talk to her in English and how she stormed off. Teju comes there too. She tries to change to subject and distract Archu but she doesn’t buy it. Archu asks Soham to repeat what he said to Gauri. Soham repeats what he said to her. Archu asks Teju does he know what he’s saying. Teju says no he doesn’t. So archu begins to explain to Soham what he’s said to gauri. Archu scolds Teju for teaching him the wrong things in English. She says is she can’t teach right things then Archu herself will teach Soham English. Archu says she will teach him and make him into a gentleman. Teju is holding her ears.

Ovi is pacing around her room in Kaneda and thinking about the conversation between her and the lawyer and how he said she must go to India to file for divorce. Ovi thinks to herself that is she goes to India, Manav will try to convince her to stay in the marriage and she doesn’t want that. She thinks but she can’t avoid this either.

Precap: Archu is saying to Purvi to file a case against Onir so he realizes his mistake. She says she wants Onir to be in jail so he feels the pain that Purvi felt. Archu vows to do it.

Update Credit to: sk11

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