Pavitra Rishta 2nd December 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 2nd December 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 2nd December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Archana doing the haldi rituals on Ankita whereas Rushaali applies mehendi on Naren. Soham feels excited to see the decorations and lightings. He sneak in the house and is shocked to see Deshmukhs. He runs outside, comes to the bar and drinks wine. He is still shocked to see Archana and family and wonders whether they knows about Ankita being his daughter. He thinks to stay away from Ankita’s marriage. Mansi says haldi didn’t come from Jiju’s home. Rushaali brings the jhooti haldi. Mansi and Prashant welcome her. Rushaali is shocked to see Archana, Ankita’s lookalike. Archana says she is Manav’s wife. She says she don’t have any relation with Ankita. Rushaali says Ankita is getting married to her son Naren and invites them. Archana says she will

come and they are from girl’s side. She tells, we are going to do her kanyadaan. Rushaali does the haldi rituals followed by everyone.

Next morning, Prashant asks Mansi, whether Tayi is ready. Mansi calls for her. Ankita comes out in a bridal dress. Mansi says you are looking beautiful and they are about to leave. Soham appraises her and asks about the Deshmukhs who came to his house. Ankita says outsider is doing his duties. Soham says they are not related to us. Ankita asks, what do you mean and asks him not to speak nonsense. She says she feels connected to them as she didn’t experience the love which they shower on them. Ankita says something is there which connects us. Soham is tensed. Ankita asks, did you asks what you shall do at the marriage. We made all the arrangement. She says you don’t have any right on us. She cries and says she will have all Deshmukh’s with her when she will go to her inlaws home. Soham too gets tears in his eyes. Ankita says kanyadaan is the best daan and you lost it as someone is doing my kanyadaan. Soham asks her to stop the nonsense and repeats that they are not related to us. Ankita shouts and asks whether you are us…. Prashant takes her for the sangeet function.

Purvi tells Archana that she don’t want to go. Archana asks her to come with her. Purvi asks, whether you came to unite Arjun and me. Archana says yes and asks her to change her clothes. Manav says he was thinking not to come as he has problem with Rushaali and Shirish. Manav says you know everything naa. Other side, Shirish tells Rushaali that he won’t come as Manav will be there. Rushaali tells him that she is ready to talk to them as they are doing Ankita’s kanyadaan. Archana tries to convince Manav to come for sangeet. Archana says they are rich and are getting their son married to a poor girl like Ankita. May be they have changed. Rushaali tells Shirish to behave nicely with Naren and asks him to keep the differences with Manav aside. They shall never know the real intention of marriage. Archana tells Manav that Ankita looks like her and convinces him.

Naren asks about Ankita to Raunaq. Raunaq says Ankita has come and looking good with the jewellery and clothes gifted by mom. Naren says only Ahana can look beautiful. Raunaq says mad guy. Naren hears and asks why he said that. Raunaq says he heard two people speaking like that. Raunaq says Ankita is getting married to him because of his money. Naren slaps him but then laughs it off. Raunaq tells Naren to hold Ankita always as she may run away. Naren agrees.

Ankita and her siblings come to the sangeet venue. Rushaali compliments her. Ankita greets the Deshmukhs. Arjun looks at Purvi and comes to them but Purvi excuses herself. Arjun takes the blessings of Sulochana and Savita. Archana goes to meet Rushaali. Manav looks at Ankita and smiles. Arjun comes to Purvi and greets her. He thanks her for coming. Savita tells Teju that she is suffocating to smell the perfume. She looks at Rushaali and says she is looking like TV mom in law with heavy jewellery and all. She tells Archana that she is lucky.

Naren walks down the stairs and looks at Ankita. Sonu and Pranav greet him. He asks about Rubik’s cube, Pranav says he don’t have. Naren asks the waiter to bring rubik’s cube from his room and takes tray from his hand. He serves the cold drink to the guests. Archana feels something is strange. Teju says he is down to earth and humble personality. Ankita comes and asks him to keep the tray. Waiter comes and gives the rubik’s cube. Naren says he was looking for her and holds her hand while the music plays in the BG. Ankita asks him to leave her hand as it is sangeet and guest will meet her. Naren says he won’t let her go as he came to know about women’s habit. He says he won’t his hand. Raunaq tells himself that he is taking revenge from Ankita. Ankita tells Naren that she is not a horse or a thing.

Teju tells Archana that Purvi is not talking to Arjun. Archana says she has a plan. She explains her plan to Savita. Savita asks Rushaali, why she spent so much money and invited the guests. Rushaali says it is Naren’s sangeet today. Savita says she has a idea and suggests sangeet competition girls verses boys. Naren says Arjun will dance on guy’s behalf. Arjun hesitantly agrees. Savita suggests Purvi’s name on girl’s behalf. Purvi says she can’t do but Archana agrees her. Arjun and Purvi dance on the song Kyunki tum hi ho zindagi tum hi ho…Aashiqui ab tum hi ho…..Everyone applauds for their performance.

Trisha from Doli Armaanon Ki comes and greets Purvi. She says she have to reach for her cousin Urmi’s marriage and prays for her marriage. She invites Purvi for Urmi’s marriage. Purvi says she will try to come. Shashank’s colleague calls him and asks, where he is? Shashank says he is in Nasik. Sunil tells him that he has some news about Naren Karmakar and asks him to check the clips which he mailed him. Shashank checks the clippings and says he is mad. Sunil says he has gone mad. Sunil says he will write a sizzling write up, but Shashank asks him to wait as he will check the facts. Sunil says he sent the facts to him. Shashank recalls about Ankita’s words that she is going to marry Naren. Shashank thinks he needs to talk to Ankita as he can’t see her ruining her life.

Rachna from Sapne suhane ladakpan ke dances on the song O Radhe teri chunri…..O Radha tere challa….Naren is still holding Ankita’s hand. Ankita requests Naren to leave her hand as it is paining. He leaves her hand but holds the other hand. Mansi comes and gives Shashank’s call to Mansi. Shashank tells Ankita that Naren is mad and she can’t be happy. She disconnects the call saying she couldn’t understand what he is talking about. Naren asks her to invite him.

Arjun is looking at Purvi. Archana tells him that she is taking Purvi to Canada. Arjun asks, why you are taking her to Canada. Archana asks him to stop Purvi and says she had seen Purvi crying all these years. Arjun says Purvi didn’t want to come back to him. Archana asks, did you try to know her the reason behind her no. Sulochana and Savita dance on Marathi lavani song. Arjun messages Purvi asking her to meet him. Rushaali joins and dance with them. Next performance is by Zoya of Qubool Hain fame. She dances on the song mera aashiq jhalla wallah……Everyone applaud for her performance.

Purvi comes to Arjun and asks about the message. Arjun gets some phone call and he says he will come for the meeting. Purvi asks, whether he is going. Arjun says he has to attend some meeting but will be back to attend the wedding. Purvi says she wasn’t talking about Naren. Arjun asks, what she has decided about going back to Canada? Arjun says he can’t live without her. purvi gets tears and says she also can’t live without him while the song Dil kyun yeh mera shor kare plays in the BG. Arjun and Purvi hug each other emotionally and cries. Archana sees them together and smiles. She thanks Ganapatiji for uniting Arjun and Purvi.

Tanveer of Qubool Hain dances on the song Ghagra…Savita tells everyone that her bahu Archana will dance now. Archana says she can’t dance in this age but then says she will dance as the work is done. Archana and Ankita dance on the marathi song. Ankita signs her siblings to join her. Archana looks at them happily while they were dancing. Sulochana cries out of happiness. Naren gives the tissue paper and says you will win next time. Sulochana asks him to take care of Ankita. Naren says he will take care of Ahana and asks her to come for the wedding. Sulochana feels he is strange.

Ankita is getting ready for her marriage. Prashant comes and compliments her. Pranav congrats her and gives the miss you card. She hugs them. Prashant says lets leave. Soham comes and asks them to stop for a minute. He gives her something and asks to open it. Ankita opens the box and finds Ganapati idol. Soham says he brought it with his hard earned money. He asks her to keep it always for a blessful life. Ankita asks him to come for her marriage. She says you gave birth to me and I don’t want someone else to do my kanyadaan. it is your right and you have to do it. She requests him to do kanyadaan. Soham is helpless but blesses her.

Archana and Sulochana comes and Archana praises her beauty. Sulochana give gift to Ankita. Archana says she got shawl for her as says she wore shawl in her marriage. Ankita gets emotional. Ankita wears the shawl. Archana sees the Ganapati idol in the box and asks Ankita. Ankita says her baba gave it to her. Ankita says she gave the same ganapati idol to Soham. Sulochana says it must be many idols. Archana thinks she is wrong. Shashank calls Ankita and asks her not to marry Naren. He asks, why you want to sacrifice your life? She disconnects the call. Mansi comes and asks her to keep her and prashant’s phone with her. she agrees. Shashank thinks he will stop this marriage anyhow. Ankita thinks she will get marry under any circumstances.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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