Pavitra Rishta 29th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Pavitra Rishta 29th October 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 29th October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Shashank calling Prashant and asking him about ankita. Prashant says he didn’t talk to her and says she will come soon. Shashank says they are leaving from his home. Mansi asks him whether Shashank called him. Prashant tells her that they left from their home. He tastes Mansi’s prepared food and says it is tasty. While Sonu is playing, Soham comes and asks them to serve food to him. Prashant thinks they have to do something to send him else what Prashant’s parents will think. Soham asks Pranav to get the glass. Prashant asks Mansi to hides the food else he will eat everything. He comes to Soham and asks didn’t you celebrated with your friends. Soham says he will eat Poha and then go. Prashant says they are poor and can’t prepare such food. Pranav says

it is smelling from the neighbour’s house.

Prashant gives him 100 Rs and asks him to eat Poha. Soham wonders why he is giving money. Soham is happy to get the money and tells them that he is leaving. Mansi tells Prashant, why you give him money. Prashant says it was necessary to send him out and now they will welcome Shashank’s parents.

Shirish’s wife Rushaali tells Arjun that Naren came back and asks him, who can help Naren in office work. Arjun suggests Ankita’s name and says she is the one, Raunaq fired from the job. Rushaali recalls about Ankita. flashback-Ankita comes and greets Arjun. She looks at her. Arjun tells Ankita that she is the co-owner of their company. Arjun asks the peon to call Ankita. He says she just left. Arjun asks him to call her. Ankita thinks to take the taxi to go home. Peon comes and tells her that Arjun sir called her.

Soham is drinking and dancing with his friends. He tells them that he got 2000 Rs. Someone tells Soham that he is looking at the rich people in the newspapers. Soham looks at Arjun’s photo and is shocked. That man says that he is rich and his father also used to be a builder. Now he is a good businessman. Soham is angry. Bar owner asks him to pay the bill.

Soham recalls in the flashback how he jump with Gauri in the pond. He is roaming on the street and tells that Gauri left him. He blames Manav’s and thinks he will ruin his family. He falls on the ground. Some lady helps him. Later Soham might had married her. She reads in the newspaper about Manav deshmukh’s son ran with his daughter in law. He asks her to keep quiet and give the money. next scene shows that she is on the death bed and telling Ankita to take care of kids. She asks soham not to drink alcohol, take care of kids and marry her sister Ratna. Ratna tells her that nothing will happen to her. She asks Soham to promise her and dies. Flashback ends.

Shashank and his family comes, Mansi opens the door and greets them. Shashank introduces Ankita’s siblings to them. Mansi says she will serve the dinner. Shashank asks about Ankita, Prashant says she left from office. Shashank says then they have to handle them until she comes.

Mansi serves the refreshment. Shashank’s mum thinks she is the girl Shashank likes. She asks her to sit with her. Pari gets the call from someone asking her to attend their launch. Pari says sorry and says she is going to Mumbai. She thinks to enquire about the company. She looks at the company’s profile and thinks it is remarkable. She sees Arjun’s photo as the MD of the Pioneer group of companies and recalls how she tears his photos in her childhood. she asks her assistant to cancel her trip to Mumbai. Purvi comes and she informs her that she will attend the launch and is cancelling the trip. Purvi wonders what to do with her.


Purvi is listening Arjun singing Happy birthday to you Purvi on phone. He cuts the cake while someone plays the violin in the background. Purvi is teary eyed.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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