Pavitra Rishta 29th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Pavitra Rishta 29th May 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 29th May 2013 Written Update

Onir is yelling at Kinshuk and Shalini that they are jeapordising his plans .Purvi hears all this and she comes in the house .Onir sees Purvi and he immediately changes his tone .He tells Purvi that he wanted Kinshuk to help find Shalini a job .Purvi remembers all that Arjun had told her about Onir knowing Shallini and Kinshuk but hiding this from her .She does not say anything to Onir about this now ..
Kinshuk says to Onir that she will help Shalini find a job .Purvi also tells Kinshuk to help Shalini . Quietly Purvi leaves the room feeling rather uncomfortable ..

In the hospital, the Doctor is looking bit worried as the nurse informs him that Archana’s pulse has started to fluctuate .Sulochna is watching how Gauri and the Doctor are giving each other worried looks .


is standing in her home with Pari , she is thinking about all that Onir was telling Shalini and Kinshuk .Onir comes in and he starts telling Purvi that it is time for Shalini to leave their house as now she will have a job .Purvi asks Onir why he wants Shalini to leave their home .Purvi feels that Onir used to be someone who always helped others but now he wants to have Shalini out even though Shalini does not have a place to stay .She asks Onir why he has changed so much .

Onir tells Purvi that she is misunderstanding him and he is very much the same person .
Soham calls Purvi and tells her to come to the hospital as the entire family is here and she too has a right to be here as she is Archana’s daughter .
Purvi is hesitant but Soham tells her that she need not worry and no one in this family dare say anything to her .He tells her to come immediately .

Shalini also comes in the room .Purvi wants Onir also to come with her but Onir says that he will stay back and look after Pari . Purvi is very surprised that not once has Onir ever visited Archana in the hospital. She leaves Pari with Onir and Shalini to go and see her mother .

The Deshmukh family is all standing outside Archana’s room. Manav tells DK that now only a few hours are left for the experiment to be over ..
In another room, Varsha is also waiting for any news .Sulochna sees Varsha and she tells her that she does not know if Varsha has really changed or if sheis putting up an act .Varsha says that this is time to only think about Archana and pray for her .
Suddenly some doctors start rushing in Archana’s room, they are looking very tense .

Purvi also joins the rest of the family .Both Arjun and Purvi look at each other .Gauri takes Purvi aside and tells her that the other patient called Mariam who was undergoing the same experiment did not make it .Purvi starts crying and is very scared for her mother . Another doctor comes and tells the main specialist that Archana’s pulse is sinking .

The specialist and Gauri try to revive Archana but all their efforts are of no use .
The Docotor goes outside and tells Manav that Archana is no more .He pronounces her dead .
The whole family is in a state of shock and they all start crying .Manav is too shocked to react
Manav goes and hugs Archana’s lifeless body and starts crying .The whole family also goes in Archana’s room . Gauri tells Manav that even Mariam could not make it and the experiment failed with her as well.

A furious Manav grabs the doctor by his collar and accuses him of hiding important facts and eventually being careless with his wife’s life .The doctor is apologetic but Manav really yells at him .Manav then breaks down crying that he has lost his Archana for ever .Savita tries to console him but he is in a very bad shape

Manav takes Archana’s hand and tells her that he is not going to let her leave him like this .He cries and begs her again and again to come back to him . He tells Purvi to call her mother back …
Then he gets all angry and says that he wil lnever believe in this Pavitra Rishta anymore as this rishta has destroyed him .Archana ahs left him and now he cannot live without her .he tells Archana that if she cannot come back to him then she should just take him also with her …

Precap …Archana , in a white saree is crying and hugging Manav who is also crying .Looks like their souls are together and Manav is trying to bring her back with his tears …….

Update Credit to: Tanyaz

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