Pavitra Rishta 29th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 29th July 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 29th July 2013 Written Update

Soham says to Gauri, no matter how hard I try, everyone will keep calling me a goon. Gauri seems to be feeling bad. She then sees blood flowing from his hand and gets worried. He says, for you I am a goon right? She asks him if he has any handkerchief. He doesn’t say anything. Gauri then tears her dupatta and says, we doctors don’t see status of patients.. for us all our patients are same. Soham says, lets go.. we have to go very far. He starts walking. A rock comes in Gauri’s way and she falls down. Soham takes out his handkerchief now and wraps it on Gauri’s wound. Gauri stands up, but can’t walk. Soham carries her and she is surprised. Soham says, I am not interested, just want to get out of this jungle. They come out of the jungle. A doctor informs Gauri that they will take

all patients to the hospital now.

Onir is in a car with his friend. He sees Purvi and Arjun. He asks driver to stop the car. His friend asks what happened. Onir says he saw Purvi. His friend asks, your wife? When are you introducing me to my bhabhi? Onir asks him for a favor.

Arjun’s driver informs him that it will take time to repair the car. Arjun is not sure whether they will find any taxi from there. Right then Onir’s friend comes and says he will drop them. Onir has become driver. Onir’s friend gets off in mid way. Purvi and Arjun are talking about a project. Arjun apologizes to her for calling her this late. Purvi says, oh come on .. you don’t have to be sorry. Arjun then says, I wanted to tell you something from a long time. I can’t live without Pari…. and without you either. I know you have seen and went through a lot in your life. But it’s enough now.. I feel we need happiness now.. and my happiness is in Pari.. and in you. I don’t know how you will react to this, but I want to tell you that I am with you. Arjun turns and oops Purvi is sleeping. Arjun continues, I am with you Purvi.. and I always will be. I promise. Arjun then says in his mind, I told you about my feelings, but I don’t even know what you’re thinking about me.

Soham asks Gauri where they are taking all the patients. Gauri says, road is clear now.. so we are taking them to a hospital so we can give them a better treatment. Soham helps them. Soham and Gauri talk in the ambulance. Soham remembers Archu and says I forgot to call her. Gauri says, so you finally remembered her. She gives him her phone. Teju picks up and says, aai has gone to Shirdi for darshan, but she will be back by time you come back. Teju informs Manav that Soham is fine and coming home. Manav is relieved.

Manav now receives a call from Vinod. Vinod says due to rain, all roads are closed and they will return late now. Manav asks about Archu. Vinod says, she was tired so I asked her to sleep. Manav says, I will come there. Vinod says, we are going for darshan.. everything will be fine.. don’t worry.

Purvi finally wakes up. Onir drops Purvi and Arjun at Manav’s house. He then looks at them from the mirror and says, Arjun, today you confirmed that you still want to spend your life with Purvi.. so my half mission is complete now. Now once Purvi expresses her feelings, there will only be happiness in your lives. He leaves. Arjun tells Purvi, so I will leave now. Purvi says, where are you going? Your car is not working and it will take time before another car comes here. She asks him to come to her house. They come home and Purvi gets worried finding Archu’s car is stuck in mid way. Manav says, Vinod is with them and by morning they will know exact location. Arjun calms Purvi down. Savita stares at them. Arjun then tells Manav, I will go now. purvi says, how will you go? Your car is not working. Arjun says, I will manage. Manav tells him to take his car, but he says no. Savita says, he’s saying so take it na.. from where you will find taxi this late. Arjun leaves. Purvi is looking at him. Savita tells Purvi to go and change now.

Soham is angry as he cannot call Archu. Gauri calms him down and says, you just said she went to Shirdi.. she must be somewhere where there is no network. You sleep for while now. Soham is feeling bad as this is the first time. he didn’t tell Archu where he is going. Gauri puts her hand on his shoulder and says, it’s only one night.. after you can to talk as much as you want.. and when she finds out how you helped injured people, she will be proud. Soham smiles. He then notices her hand and says, i m sleepy now.. go to sleep. Both sleep. While sleeping, Gauri falls on his shoulder. Soham is snoring which wakes Gauri up. She is annoyed with his snoring.

Arjun is in car, going to his house. He remembers his sweet memories with Purvi and smiles. Episode ends.

Precap: It’s morning. Savita asks Purvi why you didn’t get ready for the office. for Pari, right? Your mother is not at home so you’re worrying for Pari? Your mother is not here, but your aaji is here.. I have raised so many children. Purvi says, but I already said in office… Savita says, I don’t want to listen to anything.. get ready and go to work.

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