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Pavitra Rishta 29th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Pavitra Rishta 29th January 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 29th January 2013 Written Update

At the D house with d khandheshis.. savita n sunny’s mother talk to each other in a corner n are very happy that their plan is working pretty well… FB to d scene where they hatched d whole plan…the plan was to swap d sunny n teju to d opp house n torture them enough that they themselves give up on the whole idea of getting married to each other, without bringing any doubt on themselves..
Savita discussing with manav n fly that, she has not yet agreed n it totally depends on teju n her decision after staying at d khandheshi house.. teju assures every1 that she will be fine there, n she wants both d families to b happy.. she also says that sunny will also agree to stay at the D house n impress all..
(savita very happy her plans r workin so well n that will trouble sunny so much that he’l run away!!)

PART 2: Scene at K house,whole family there(ovi arjun purvi onir, ruchi…) purvi knitting a sweater n ovi says she likes it, purvi tells she’l knit one for ovi’s baby too, arjun looks on.. onir n vinod discussing abt his charity workas a doc.. purvi sneaks into d kitchen to eat sum ‘imli’.. both onir n sulo ajee catch her in her act n pull her legs…
every1 sittin at d table for food, archana on d phone n states that she has called d hospital for purvi’s preg duplicate reports.. purvi worried..
all d food items prepard are of punni’s liking n savita says punni will live like a queen at mittal’s place.. manju gets annoyed, she interprets that savita is hinting that punni is getting married to mittal for d money, n gets into a argument.. both ladies are annoyed and savita says she knows manju very well n doesn’t want to carry this discussion any longer… archana tells evry1 to calm down, there is wedding in d house n d atmosphere must be a haapy one..

door bell rings, arjun opens it n recieves purvi’s reports n hands it to archana.. she announces that purvi’s reports have come… onir n purvi are shocked..

PART 3:purvi worried, archana opens d reports, purvi walks towards archana to grab d paper but archana reads it n says” 6months” purvi perplexed n turns towards onir who gives her a reassuring look..
later at night, purvi discussed with onir that some sort of solution has to be there for her situation.. onir says d wise thing to do is to leave the house n the city…episode freezes on purvi’s worried face!

PRECAP: Punni saying that onir is too simple to be true n she wishes that he comes ‘saj dhaj ke’ to her wedding, much to purvi’s annoyance.

Update Credit to: ArVi

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