Pavitra Rishta 28th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Pavitra Rishta 28th October 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 28th October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Ankita telling Prashant that she did a mistake by not telling him about Shashank. She tells him sorry and says Shashank loves me since 2 years. He wanted to marry me. Prashant says, why you didn’t want to marry him. He is such a nice guy. He says he will be very happy if she marries him. He asks her to think about Shashank. Shashank comes and says he loves her because she is caring towards her family. He wants her as she is. He says he wants to become a part of his life. He says, he wanted to marry her and thought to talk to his aayi and baba. He says he will bring them to talk to Prashant. Prashant says how can I talk to them? Shashank says because you are Ankita parents. And also says I wants to take up Ankita’s responsibility after marriage. He says he

will bring his parents. Prashant smiles and asks Ankita if she is happy? Prashant says please don’t say no. Ankita agrees finally and tells Prashant not to tell anyone at home, including Mansi. She says she will go to office and will meet Shashank in the evening. She leaves.

Meanwhile Arjun is calling Purvi’s number. Pari tells her to pick the call. Purvi says it is not important. Pari tells Purvi that you still have his number. She picks the call and says Mr. Arjun Kirloskar. Don’t call again to my Pihu. Be happy with your wife and daughter. Why you are troubling my aayi. Arjun is shocked and sad. She tells they are happy without him. And asks him not to trouble them.

Pari calls her assistant and asks her to book the tickets to Mumbai. She says she is going tomorrow and leaves.

Purvi calls Arjun. Arjun thinks she is pari and says I love you. He says he didn’t have any right on her. He didn’t talk to her all these years but…. Purvi speaks up now and says Pari left from here. She then asks about Ankita. Arjun says yes and says Ankita is not Soham’s daughter. Purvi asks Arjun to cut the call. Arjun says you can cut the call too. Both of them gets tears in their eyes and Arjun disconnects the call.

Ankita comes to office and tells herself that she is late. Shashank calls her, Ankita says she have to work. She tells peon that she wants to go home early today as groom’s parents are coming. She asks, from whom to take the permission. Peon says you should talk to Rashmi but since she is not here, you shall talk to Arjun sir to seek his permission.

Ankita is on the way to Arjun’s cabin. Meanwhile Arjun is looking at Pari’s photo. Ankita thinks how to tell Arjun sir that she needs to go home. Arjun sees her and comes out of his cabin. He asks her what is the problem? Ankita says she wants to talk to him. Arjun asks her to do the work and not to roam in the office.

Prashant is cutting the vegetables, Mansi asks him about the reason. Prashant tells her that Shashank is coming for dinner with his parents. Mansi asks, why? Prashant says, as a thank you gesture. Mansi says she will do the work and smiles. She asks Prashant to get ready and smiles. Sonu asks, why you are happy? Mansi says she isn’t happy but is in hurry to cook the food as Shashank and his parents are coming for dinner. she take out Shashank photo and thinks she will win his parents hearts. She thinks to get ready.

Ankita is stuck in the office as she is assigned the work by Arjun. she thinks how will she manage. She type Manav Deshumkh name and gets info about him. Then she takes the printout of Manav, Purvi and Pari. She types Archana’s name but just then her colleague interrupts her. She didn’t see Archana’s photo. She gets Shashank’s call, she tells him that she is busy with work. She has to get the info about the company. Shashank asks, then when you will come. She asks him to manage. Shashank asks her to come. Ankita says she will come. Her colleague asks, did you talk with Arjun sir. Ankita says he seems to be angry. Her colleague asks her to go and offers to do her work. Ankita thanks her and leaves. Suddenly it starts raining, Ankita thinks how to go home. She wonders how to go. Some guy( may be Naren, Shirish’s elder son) makes the entry in the car, Ankita looks at him and thinks who is he? Ankita looks at him as she crosses him. He glances at her and goes inside the office.

Archana tells Purvi that it is good thing that Pari is going to India, why you are stopping him? Purvi fears what will happen if they face each other. Archana suggests Purvi to inform Arjun that Pari is coming. Archana says she didn’t want her or Arjun to do the mistake which she and Manav did. she says she thought her kids had forgot her but she was wrong. She says Arjun is related to Pari and she has the right to know him. Once they come face to face then everything will be fine. Purvi is in thoughts.


Shashank tells his mum that she will like her if she sees her personally. Shashank’s mum tells him that she is seeing her since their arrival. Shashank is shocked and turns around to see Mansi.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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