Pavitra Rishta 28th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Pavitra Rishta 28th May 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 28th May 2013 Written Update

Part One:
Episode starts with outside.. arjun is in car. He comes to meet detective.. he says I m late due to meeting.. detective says we come closure to onir’s truth.. he give pics to him.. arjun confused to see that pic.. arjun says she is not kinshuk.. detective tells him that in caf onir met shalini.. he tells arjun, i stand far away so i could not able to listen their conversation.. detective says we will soon find out truth.
In Hospital manav asks about any news bout archu.. doc says everything under control.. he says her body giving good response. Manav looks happy.
Outside arjun is thinking about onir-shalini, arjun stops the car & calls onir. Arjun says I want to meet pari 2day so can I meet her? Onir says no.. Sorry me & purvi going outside 2day so

we can’t meet you.
In punir house door bell rings.. purvi goes to open door.. shalini is working in kitchen. Purvi sees arjun outside. Purvi says arjun you should not come here.. onir is also not here.. arjun sees shalini in kitchen & remembering about onir-shalini pic.. purvi introduce arjun as onir’s friend.. onir comes there & says hi.. arjun. Arjun wonders why he lied to him? Arjun says you told me that you & purvi has gone outside.. but at same time onir says yes.. our plan gets cancelled. Arjun is wonders that before 2 mins he talked with him. Then arjun enter insde & meet pari.. when he leaves he is looking at onir…
Part Two:
In hospital.. sunny asks savita to eat something.. but savita refuse to eat. Soham comes along with varsha. varsha stops … soham asks what happen.. varsha is looking at deshmukh family.. soham says archana is your sister.. so you can come with me.. but varsha refuse .. she tells you go na.. soham comes.. savita stops soham.. savita asks why are you come here? manav tells truth about soham to savita.. sulochana also truth.. manav says I don’t have any problem if any one will help me to come out archana from coma..
Soham is standing near temple(in hospital). Teju comes there.. she says sorry.. & says thanks.. soham wonders how manav’s behavior suddenly changed for him.. teju tells bcoz of whatever you did that day.. she says he is not bad person.. soham says I will not go..
In arjun’s office arjun is talking with detective in his cabin.. detective says I could not able to find out that lady.. but arjun says shalini is staying in purvi’s house.. he tells detective to know about what shalini want to do in purvi’s house. Arjun calls purvi.. purvi says arjun I don’t want to talk with you but arjun tells her that he wants to meet her outside. I want to talk about onir..
Outside.. purvi comes.. arjun asks her about pari.. purvi says if I will come with pari then I will be late. Arjun tells do you know shalini? Arjun tells that onir knows personally with shalini & kinshuk.. but purvi refused.. she tells I know onir is working as accountant in kinshuk company. Purvi says if I know that you want to talk about this then I will not come here.. purvi tells that onir is good person.. I don’t suspect him.. he is good husband.. arjun says if you think I m wrong then I will prove myself.. but purvi says no.. arjun I don’t want to talk about this.. she leaves. Arjun says to himself that I will know about this shalini-onir-kinshuk truth for pari & purvi’s safety.
In hospital Doc agarwal on phone.. some one informs him that marium is no more.. she is dead.. Doc is on shocked & asks how.. it’s impossible.. but due to some complications they are fails in marium’s experiment. Doc cuts the call. gauri hears everything & shocked.. Doc is looking at gauri.
Part Three
In Hospital gauri says marium.. Doc says you don’t tell any thing to any one.. doc gauri is tensed & worried.. doc agarwal give hopes to gauri.. gauri is thinking negatively but doc agarwal calms her & tells you don’t tell marium case truths to any one. he tells gauri we have one successful experiment as well as fail experiment. he tells he will not fail this experiment.
In autorickshaw… purvi is thinking about shalini-onir-kinshuk. She is remembering everything & says to her self purvi you don’t suspect on onir.. you should think about archana…
In punir house onir says what are you doing here? he says to kinshuk & shalini that if purvi sees both are here then more problems will create for him. He tells if we don’t follow our plan proper then purvi will know about this truth. Purvi enters in house & shocked.

Precap: In hospital archana can’t able to take breath. so gauri & doc Agarwal comes there. Gauri is giving cardiac shock to archana. archana moves ups & down.. then suddenly she falls down.. everyone is worried & shocked.….

Update Credit to: Naresh

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