Pavitra Rishta 28th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 28th March 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 28th March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Sunanda worrying about Naren. She says, someone might have taken Naren forcibly. Shekhar comes and says he took Naren out of the house through the back door. Sunanda asks, why you took Naren out? Shekhar says, for the experiment. Doctor said that this experiment will get him back to normal and he will realize that Ahana is Ankita. Sunanda asks, where is Naren now? Shekhar says, I don’t know. Naren took Ankita in his car and drove off. Shirish asks, how can you be so casual. Shekhar says, Naren is reacting normal now. Rushaali asks, why you didn’t follow him? Shekhar says, he drives fastly. He says, Naren might be fine with Ankita. Shekhar says, I have full faith on them. They leaves to search Naren at the experiment place.

Naren and Ankita are walking

in the jungle. Ankita says, are you sure we are going on the right road. Naren asks her to be careful as animals might be in the jungle. They are seen walking……Pavitra Rishta Music plays………They look at the moon and Ankita falls in the small pond. Naren laughs on Ankita. Ankita asks, why you are laughing? Naren jokes. He takes her in his arms and says now you won’t fall. He starts walking with Ankita in his arms. He sees a house and goes to seek their help. He tells Ankita there is no one inside. He asks her to change her clothes as her clothes are wet. Ankita says, I don’t have any extra clothes. He removes his shirt and asks her to change her saree with shirt. He says, I won’t allow anyone to enter.

He comes inside and asks her, whether she wore his shirt? Ankita says yes. He gets wood and lits the fire. Ankita gets scared as he light the fire. He says, when you are with me, I am not scared. I am happy that I saved my Ahana. Ankita hugs him. Naren says, I got worried to see you in fire. I thought I will lose you but I got strength and saved you. Ankita is standing wearing shirt alone and feels shy. Naren gets close to her. Mere Khud Ko Dediya Hain Tujhko…………………………….plays…………..They get closer.

They get romantic while the song continues to play. Naren takes her in his arms and kisses Ankita. Shirish, Sunanda, Rushaali and Shekhar are seen searching for Naren and Ankita on the road. Savita tells Pia that nobody knows about the festival except her. She says, I am going to make Marathi dish. Pia says, I will cook it. Savita asks her the dishes recipe. Pia tells the recipe about Puran Poli. Savita gets impressed with her. She asks, who taught you? Pia says, my Aayi taught me. She says, I will prepare everything.

In the morning, Ankita and Naren are seen sleeping closely with each other. Ankita wakes up and admires him. She wipes the lipstick marks from his chest and face. Naren wakes up and hugs her. Ankita gets shy. He asks her to count the kisses. Ankita counts the lipstick marks. Naren says only 8.

Pia asks Pari to help her. Pari says, I don’t listen to anyone. What do you want to do by celebrating? She says, I don’t want to talk to you. Pia asks her to tell, what is her problem? Sunanda returns home with Shirish and Rushaali. Sunanda says, don’t know where is Naren? Shirish says, I think we have to inform the police. Shekhar comes and says Ankita’s call is also not connecting. Ankita walks in confidently. Rushaali asks, how dare you take my son? We have searched for him entire night? Naren comes and asks everyone not to scold Ahana. He says, we spent a night in the jungle. He goes to change his clothes. Sunanda thanks Ankita and says, you deserves to be Naren’s wife. Shirish thanks Ankita and admits that she is the best lifepartner for Naren. Rushaali is still angry with her. Shekhar tells Ankita that Naren can live a normal life now although he is not well completely. He thanks Ankita for Naren’s recovery. Ankita thanks him.

Naren informs the viewers about the Pavitra Rishta’s time slot changes from 15th April. It will air at 6:30 IST.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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